Road Trip - Recap

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The episode begins with Dixon flirting with a girl near a swimming pool. Just then he hears someone yelling that a girl is drowning. He rushes to rescue the girl. The girl is taken out of the pool and Dixon tries to revive her. At the station Katherine questions a handcuffed Jones. She tells him he is sure to go to the gas chamber for his crimes, but she can instead offer him “life” if he talks. She wants to know who he has worked with and what he was told and has heard “especially about Vincent Savino”. Jones tells her he had his teeth broken and loosened while fighting with inmates and he wants proper dental care in return for what Katherine wants.

They then shake on it. Mia and Jack are still dating. She tells him how she lost her job at the Savoy because she is seeing him. She leaves for an interview at a casino which is the Savoy’s rival. Savino sees Jack leave the Savoy and approaches him to warn him about Johnny, who is out for his blood. Jack is baffled as to why Savino is helping him. Savino explains that “dead cops are bad for business”. Savino then leaves with his men to collect a bunch of smuggled slot machines he has ordered in the middle of the desert, so no one notices. At the hospital, Dixon meets the father of the girl Fey whose life he saved. The father’s name is Connie Bender and he introduces Dixon to the rest of his family. Turns out, they are a family of famous musicians and Dixon is a fan.

The doctor arrives and tells Dixon and the family that Fey is now out of danger and adds that Fey was actually poisoned, but the water saved her life as it diluted the poison in her body. Savino’s car breaks down in the middle of the desert and he and his men have no option but to walk. Ralph and Dixon talk to Fey, who says she was by the pool right before the incident and had eaten something before diving into the pool. The next thing she remembers is waking up in the hospital. Jack informs Ralph and Dixon that a chemical test revealed, rat poison in the food Fey ate. The manager has revealed that a “sketchy looking fellow” was looking for a job the day the incident took place. “Husky, brown hair, glasses” is how the manager descried the fellow. Fey and Dixon later get better acquainted and then get hot and heavy. At the prison Jones’s teeth are taken care of. Basically, he gets braces.

Jones uses those braces to un-cuff himself. He then shoots the guard escorting him back to his cell and drives off in a prison van. Savino and his men on the other hand hitch a ride from a local. Dixon finds out that a comic named Robbie is a huge fan of Fey’s and has been following her around for years. Dixon asks her if he is husky, with brown hair and glasses. “He is” Fey says visibly surprised. Dixon makes some inquires and finds out Robbie, is in Vegas. Katherine tells Ralph they have to find Jones “come heaven or high-water”. Savino and his guys are at the shop owned by the local and his daughter. Just then a bunch of bikers arrive and bother the man for money. Savino and his men intervene and point guns at the bikers. They shoot in the air and scare the bikers off. At the station Dixon questions Robbie.

He says he was there at the kitchen during the day of the incident but didn’t poison the food. He simply wanted to collect the order ticket for the food she and her family had ordered. He then shows Dixon how he has over the years collected stuff related to Fey. He even shows Dixon the copy of Fey and her family’s most recent music contract. Dixon sees that there is no signature line for Fey. Robbie feels that it means Fey is about to begin her solo career. Dixon locks up Robbie till he can get to the bottom of things. Jack on the hand is set up and finds a gun pointed at his neck from behind, by Johnny. Katherine and Ralph conclude that Jones is on his way to Mexico and try following his trail. Jack in the meantime is tied to a chair and Johnny asks him what he got Mia “to spill to the ADA”.

Jack is surprised to hear this and denies doing any such thing. Johnny doesn’t believe him and basically says that Jack is a dead man. Jack maintains that he is telling him the truth. Johnny decides to use a different method to persuade Jack to blurt out the truth. He is basically planning to torture Jack. Dixon confronts Mr. Bender with the copy of the contract. Mia is shocked to find out that her name isn’t on the contract. Her father tells her theirs is a family act hence there is no place for a girl in it that smokes pot and drinks. Fey is livid and lashes out at her parents. Her father makes it clear to Fey that she is out of the band. Dixon asks Fey to grab her food so he and she can sit together and talk. She says the meal that has been ordered is a chef’s salad which has eggs in it, which she doesn’t like.

She decides to not have it and retires to her room alone. Savino and his men at long last make it to the location where the truck with the smuggled slot machines is hidden. They discover the slot machines are in French and the plugs are different. They don’t pay the guy who brought them and instead take his car and leave. Ralph and Katherine in the meantime catch up with Jones, who makes a getaway in a car after he points a gun at the driver. Jones then turns around and sees there is a little boy sitting in the backseat of the car. Jones in the end abandons the car and runs of foot. Katherine and Ralph rescue the child from the abandoned vehicle. Johnny is busy torturing Jack to get information out of him, but to no avail. Jack tells Johnny, he has been “lied to and set up”.

Jack is confident about this, because Johnny mentions a date and time when Mia supposedly met the ADA, but at that time he and Mia were together in a hotel. He asks Johnny to call up the manager of the hotel and confirm what he is saying. Dixon in the meantime figures out that Mia is the one who tried to poison her sister Ginny. Basically, mayo was found in Mia’s system but she doesn’t like mayo, so in other words she mistakenly had the poisoned sandwich she had ordered for Ginny. Basically, both the sandwiches the one she ordered for herself and Ginny looked the same, which confused her. She in the end admits her crime and says she wanted to make Ginny sick so she would miss the tour and then people could see how talented she (Fey) was. Dixon is unmoved and arrests her.

Savino and his guys on the way back see Jones trying to hitch a ride. Savino stops the car, gets down and points a gun at him. Savino’s men beat up Jones, but Savino spares his life and tells him “you work for me now”. Johnny figures out that Savino lied to him. Jack in the meantime frees himself and overpowers Johnny, Jack then points a gun at him. Johnny too gets his hands on a gun, but before he can make his move, Jack shoots him. Johnny drops to the ground dead. The episode ends at this point.