Two of a Kind - Recap

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The episode begins with Jack coming out of the shower and looking at the injuries that were inflicted by Rizzo on his body. Later Jack, Ralph and Dixon arrive at a crime scene. A man was found dead in his car with the engine still running. Turns out, he was shot in the head. Ralph concludes whoever shot the man knew him, because the man pulled his car to the side of the road and rolled down his window for the killer. Also, it doesn’t look like a robbery because the man’s wallet and watch are still on him. The victim’s name according to his license is Burt Ladamer; there are also a series of numbers written on a piece of paper found in his wallet.

The trunk of his car is stacked with crates of health shakes. Savino in the meantime sends the “skim” to Chicago. The skim is hidden underneath some clothes in a suitcase. It changes hands a couple of times before an old woman picks it up and sits in a plane. She is apprehended by the FBI, and the bundles of cash underneath the clothes in the suitcase, is discovered. At the Savoy, Savino chats with a man named Patrick Burn, who is from Washington. Burn reveals that he is from the FBI. Burn informs Savino that his skim money has been apprehended. Burn says from now on not a dime will make it to Chicago and he knows that will make guys in Chicago really unhappy. Savino looks worried on hearing all that Burn had to say.

Later, Barry Silver, a famous Hollywood producer, pays the Savoy a visit. Savino tells Mia, Barry is shooting a Western in the desert and it was Tommy’s idea to host Silver and his production at the Savoy. Ralph and Jack on the other hand have a chat with Burt’s wife. She can’t imagine who would shoot Burt, “because he never had problems with anybody”. Burt was the top salesman for Fairline the diet shake company and traveled all around the country setting up franchises. She says he stopped traveling when it was discovered that she has arrhythmia and would need surgery, or her heart could stop beating altogether. Burt was in Pittsburgh and “wasn’t suppose to get back into town until tomorrow”. Later, Ralph has lunch with Katherine and Agent Burn.

Turns out, Burn has been sent to set up office in Vegas, because it’s the epicenter of mob activity in the country. Burn makes it clear that he wants to take down Savino. At the Savoy, Savino tells Mia they have to find another way to get the skim to Chicago. Ralph and Jack have a chat with Burt’s boss. He says Burt didn’t have to travel at all, because his office was just next door. He reveals “something came over him (Burt)” in the last few months. Turns out, Burt stopped attending meetings and his sales dropped. The boss feels it had something to do with the threatening phone calls Burt used to get every few days, from a man with a thick Russian accent. Burt had told his boss it was simply a customer who wanted his money back and had told his boss he could “handle it”. Ralph and Jack find out that every month Burt used to wire $100 to someone named Nakeesh. The two, pay Nakeesh a visit.

Turns out, Nakeesh is the maiden name of a woman named Nadia Ladamer and she is Burt’s wife. She says Burt would send her money for expenses, because he was traveling around the country for work, half the year. She says her maiden name is Hungarian and she was born in Budapest. She left Hungary with her mother when she was 3 months old. She says her brother Tamas came later. Tamas never liked Burt and recently he and Burt had a big argument during dinner. Nadia says they were probably arguing about money, because money is always an issue for Tamas. Mia finds out that Savino’s car was found near the house where Rizzo was killed. She is now confident Savino was the one who got Rizzo killed. She tells Jack about it, but Jack tries to convince her that it might not be Savino.

She is adamant and Jack reluctantly says “I’ll look into it, I promise. But you gotta keep a cool head around Savino”. Tommy, the Savoy’s entertainment director, makes Dixon the part time personal bodyguard of Violet, one of Silver’s actresses. During the shoot, Violet finds out her lines have been cut. She is livid and makes away on a horse. Dixon is left with no other option but to give chase on another horse. Tamas admits to Ralph and Jack that he was blackmailing Burt. Tamas had basically found out Burt has another wife. Tamas says he saw who killed Burt. He recounts that he was following Burt in his own vehicle the day Burt got killed. He saw Burt pull over and stopped his car at a distance. He saw another car pull up behind Burt’s car.

He couldn’t see who it was, but he heard Burt being shot. “As soon as I heard the shot I got out of there” he says. He says he saw the killer’s car: “white Cadillac with a black top”. Turns out, Burt’s wife Helen owns a car fitting that description. Helen is brought in for questioning. Ralph and Jack are left confused after questioning her, because she didn’t seem to know anything about Burt’s other wife. They can’t fathom if she is pretending or telling the truth. Savino calls Jack for a meeting to his office. Savino wants Jack to distract Burn, while his men transport the skim out of the city. Jack tells Savino to “go to hell”. Savino reminds Jack what he has done and says if Jack doesn’t do his bidding the world will know who killed Johnny Rizzo.

Dixon has caught up with Violet and the two apparently seem to be bonding. Dixon even gets Violet to give him a demonstration of her acting and is impressed with what he sees. Jack in the meantime follows Savino’s instruction and gives Agent Burn a false tip. Jack later informs Ralph that Fairline is a fraud company and is running a Ponzi scheme. Hence, when Burt wanted to get his money back from the company for his wife’s operation his boss Herman Thrain refused. Burt must have as a result gotten suspicious and looked into the company’s bank accounts and found out that the whole thing is “one big pyramid scheme”. Thrain therefore murdered Burt. Next, Tamas is shown having a chat with Thrain, in his office. Tamas says he saw Thrain murder Burt.

Thrain says no one will believe him. “Is that a chance you are willing to take?” Tamas asks. “What do you want?” Thrain says. “Ten thousand dollars” Tamas replies. Thrain reluctantly agrees. Thrain says he didn’t want to kill Burt, but he was “threatening to destroy” everything he (Thrain) built. Thrain suddenly attacks Tamas and discovers he’s wearing a wire. Ralph enters the office and punches Thrain in the face. He is then placed under arrest. Later, Jack helps Ralph and Burn find the real skim, much to Savino’s irritation.

He threatens to reveal the truth but Jack apparently doesn’t care. Jack tells Mia it was he who killed her father. Jack tries to explain why he did it, but Mia who is livid asks him to “get out”. Jack returns to the station and sees that Ralph too has discovered the truth. Jack tells Ralph everything that happened. Ralph promises Jack he will get him out of trouble. The episode ends at this point.