Little Fish - Recap

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The episode begins at the Savoy with Savino and Tommy discussing about a bunch of girls, who are performing at the casino, when they see Violet storming out and Silver trying to convince her to stop. They ask her why she is leaving and she says that she is tired of living in a hotel, which is why she is renting a house. Ralph and Jack bust into a motel room and arrest a man, who is about to have sex with a minor. Ralph figures out that Patricia Edwards, the minor, is a prostitute and asks her, who her pimp is, but she refuses to reveal anything, so he arrests her.

Back at the sheriff’s office, Jack is told that Katherine and the D.A. are waiting for him. Ralph urges Jack to simply tell them the truth, but Jack isn’t too sure that will help. Jack truthfully recounts to the two how Johnny Rizzo was killed. Along with Ralph they all discuss, what story they should tell the press and after they have gotten their stories straight, the D.A. tells Jack that he won’t be going to prison after all. Jack is greatly relieved to hear that. Violet invites Dixon to the house she has newly rented and after he arrives there, she strips down to a bikini and invites him into the pool. Dixon is more than happy to oblige. At the sheriff’s office, Ralph is questioning Frank, the guy who was arrested at the motel.

Ralphs asks Frank, who the pimp was that set up him and Patricia. Frank reluctantly reveals the name Jimmy, but before he can reveal anything else, FBI Agent Burn barges into the room. He asks Frank if he was working at the Savoy as a dealer and after Frank replies in the affirmative, Burn offers him a deal. He says all charges against Frank will be dropped if he testifies against Savino about the skim. Frank accepts Burn’s deal and refuses to tell Ralph anything more. Ralph isn’t happy about this and tells Burns that Frank is a child molester. Burn doesn’t care and says taking down the mob is a bigger deal than convicting a child molester.

The next day, Violet and Dixon wake up in bed together and have a heart to heart. Dixon asks her to dump Silver, but she says she can’t because he will then ensure that her Hollywood career is jeopardized. She says she is stuck being his girlfriend and although Dixon is not happy to hear this, he says nothing. At the Savoy, Jack enters the elevator Mia is in and after stopping it halfway, he tells her that it was Savino, who riled her father up, so he would try to kill him. He also reveals that the FBI is planning to take down the Savoy and has found a guy who will spill the beans about the skim. She asks him, why she should trust him and he says because he still loves her. At the sheriff’s office, Ralph asks Patricia, who is still detained, about Jimmy, but she refuses to reveal anything. At the Savoy, Mia figures out that Frank is the one, who has agreed to talk to the FBI.

She arrives at the sheriff’s office with her lawyer to change his mind, but Burns stops her from meeting Frank, saying as per his advice Frank has opted for outside counsel. Tommy, who has found out about Dixon and Violet, arrives at the sheriff’s office. Dixon tells him that Violet doesn’t want to be with Silver, but is worried he will torpedo her career. He wants Tommy to hook Silver up with a hot girl, so when they are getting intimate Violet walks in on them, which would in turn give her a reason to dump Silver. Tommy agrees to do it, but says that in return he wants Dixon to do him a favor. At the Savoy, Jack storms into Savino’s office and attacks him, which leads to a fistfight.

Eventually, Red arrives and restrains Jack. Savino allows Jack to leaves, but warns him to never pull such a stunt again. Before leaving, Jack tells Savino that Mia will eventually find out the truth. At the sheriff’s office, Tommy says that he wants a liquor license. He and Dixon talk to Yvonne, who has contacts at the city planner’s office. She agrees to help, but wants something in return. Savino calls the D.A. to his office and orders him to handle the Feds, reminding him that is what he gets paid for. Ralph manages to make a little headway with Patricia, but all she is willing to say is that Jimmy is a really dangerous man. He notices a bruise on her arm and offers to call the doctor, but she stops him, saying the doctors at the hospital told her it was only a bruise.

Ralph arrives at the hospital to see if he can find out anything about Jimmy. A nurse tells him that a number of girls have come in with similar injuries in the last few months. She says that a guy always accompanies these girls and describes the guy to Ralph. She also gives him the address of one of the girls that’s on their record. Jack and Ralph stakeout outside the girl’s house and arrest one of her customer’s, while he is leaving her house. He agrees to tell them everything he knows. Yvonne signs the boys a song and tells Tommy that she has always wanted to sing on onstage. Tommy, who has loved her signing, says that he will talk to a couple of producers he knows and Yvonne is overjoyed.

In return, she gets Tommy the liquor license and Tommy proceeds to do, what Dixon has asked of him. Things go as planned and Dixon is glad that Violet is free from Silver’s clutches. At the sheriff’s office, a woman pretending to be Patricia’s mother arrives and Katherine is forced to let Patricia go with her. She is the same woman, who Mia was talking to at the Savoy earlier and had asked to do her a favor in return for increasing her gambling credit line. Violet with tears in her eyes tells Dixon that she has gotten a new movie and has to leave for L.A.

She promises him that she will be back. The woman brings Patricia to Mia, who hands Patricia $3K and tells her to get into a car that will take her to Chicago, where she will be staying in a home for girls and will be enrolled into a secretarial course. Mia is doing this, so Patricia gets away from a life of prostitution. She thanks Mia and before leaving requests Mia to do something for her. Ralph isn’t happy that Katherine let Patricia go. Katherine says it was legally impossible to detain her, so she was forced to let her go. While Ralph and Jack are searching for her, Burns arrives and says all thanks to the girl being allowed to go, he lost his leverage against Frank and now he is refusing to talk. Jack later reveals to Ralph that he hid a wire in Savino’s phone and going to his office to fight him was just an excuse to do this.

Jack finds Dixon brooding at the diner and Dixon tells him the reason. Jack urges him to not give up so easily and tells him to try and get Violet back. Dixon seems to like the suggestion and rushes out. Mia meets Frank, who is restrained to a chair in an abandoned warehouse. She reprimands him for thinking about testifying against her. She decides against killing him, but Red gives him a beating, so he remembers what will happen to him if he ever decides to talk. Mia later arrives at the sheriff’s office and hands Jack a letter from Patricia. In it she has not only told Ralph that she is fine, but has also revealed all the details about Jimmy.

The letter helps them nab Jimmy and free all the girls he had forced into prostitution. Tommy has arranged for Yvonne to meet a couple of producers in LA and Dixon tags along, so he can bring Violet back. The D.A. helps Savino send the skim to Chicago and calls up Savino to confirm it’s been sent. Jack overhears this. The episode ends at this point.