Hollywood Ending - Recap

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The episode begins with Dixon and Yvonne arriving in Hollywood. Yvonne is really excited about her first audition, while Dixon is excited about meeting Violet. At the Savoy, DA Reynolds arrives and while he is partaking in the entertainment there, Mia and gang take his vehicle to the back and load it up with the skim money. The DA isn’t comfortable with being a part of Savino’s con, but Savino says the feds are sniffing around, so there isn’t any other way to smuggle out the money. He reminds the DA that he is on his payroll and he better act like it.

At the sheriff’s office, Jack plays Ralph and Katherine the recording of Savino’s phone tap. In it, he is heard talking about the skim, but they can’t figure out, who was the person on the other side. Katherine wants to bring the feds in on this, but Jack is reluctant because he feels he won’t be able to protect Mia if they do. Katherine is adamant, so he has no other option, but to agree. At the Savoy, Savino sees a woman flirting around with one of his customers. He is curious because he has never seen her before, so he walks up to her for a chat. She tells him that her name is Lina. They flirt around a bit and eventually end up having sex in his room. At the sheriff’s office, Jack urges Katherine to help Mia in any way she can, so Mia doesn’t get into trouble after the feds get involved in the case.

At the Savoy, after they are done having sex, Savino is shocked to learn that Lina is Mia’s mother and has come there to meet her daughter. At the DA’s office, Reynolds is stunned when he learns about the evidence Katherine has gathered against Savino and how the feds are being brought in to handle this case. She reveals that during the call Savino addressed the person ferrying the skim as “Avocado” and they need to find out the true identity of this person. Katherine notices, how worried Reynolds is, but she assumes that’s because Eddie Bait, a notorious armed robber, who Reynolds had convicted, is out on parole. In Hollywood, Dixon and Yvonne aren’t allowed to enter the studio, where Violet’s movie is being shot, so they dress up as extras and get in.

Outside the Savoy, Katherine stops Mia, while she is heading home and tries to talk her into testifying against Savino, but she refuses, saying she isn’t a rat. In Hollywood, Dixon finds Violet’s dressing room and goes in to talk to her and convince her to spend the evening with him. She looks more worried than happy to see him and refuses to go out with him in the night, saying she has other plans. While she is walking Dixon out, Silver arrives and is surprised to see him there. Violet lies to Silver that Dixon is in town with his girlfriend Yvonne, who is acting in a movie. Silver buys it and invites the duo to a party at his house in the night. Dixon accepts the invitation, much to Violet’s surprise. At the sheriff’s office, Ralph gets a call about a break-in at DA Reynolds’ house. He arrives at the DA’s house with Katherine and Jack and sees signs of a struggle and traces of blood on the stuff scattered in the house.

The neighbors also inform them that they saw a blue car with no plates that was parked outside the DA’s house, drive away right after there was a commotion. Katherine concludes Reynolds has been kidnapped by Eddie Bait. At the Savoy, Savino introduces Mia to her mother and quickly leaves the room. Mia isn’t too happy with the news because Lila had left when Mia was two and her father had told her she was dead. Mia can’t understand why Lina didn’t get in touch with her all these years. Lina claims Johnny thought she was cheating on him, so he sent her packing and threatened to kill her if she ever tried to contact Mia. She cuts the conversation short by asking Lila why she is here. Before walking out, Lila says she just wanted Mia to know that she has a family and isn’t alone. At Silver’s party, while Yvonne is busy singing for the guests, Dixon is busy making out with Violet in a secluded part of the house.

Silver is impressed with her performance and says he wants her to audition for his new musical. She asks her to come by his office the next day for the auditions. Their conversation is interrupted by one of Silver’s men, who informs him that an undercover reporter has been caught taking pictures at the party. Yvonne spies the reporter being badly beaten up by Silver’s men and is terrified. At the sheriff’s office, Ralph and Jack learn that Eddie, after recently getting out of jail, bought himself a blue car. They both conclude that Katherine was right about the kidnapping and alert the cops across the state to keep a lookout for Bait. At the Savoy, Savino and gang are worried when they see on the news that the DA has been kidnapped.

Savino feels they will be in trouble if Chicago doesn’t get the skim money, which was loaded in the DA’s vehicle. Mia suggests that for the time being they arrange for the skim money from somewhere else. She even volunteers to personally take it to those, who are supposed to receive it. Savino likes the idea and hands her a diary containing the names of the people, who the money has to be given to. He then tells Red to find out where Reynolds and the actual skim money is. After Bait is arrested at a motel where he was about to have sex with a prostitute at, he at the sheriff’s office, reveals that the DA paid him to take off after buying a blue car and parking it outside the DA’s house. On hearing this, Katherine and Ralph are convinced that DA Reynolds set Bait up.

Burn comes in and reveals that from Savino’s call records and from the fact that the DA was seen frequenting the Savoy recently, it has been ascertained that the DA is Avocado. Ralph figures out that the DA might try to hide the stolen skim money in some large bank. Next, the DA comes out of a bank and finds Ralph standing outside waiting for him. At the sheriff’s office, Burn offers Reynolds a deal, saying he won’t be sent to jail if he continues pretending to work for Savino and gives them all the names and details of the people involved in his business. Despite the risk, Reynolds agrees to the deal. At Silver’s office, Yvonne arrives for the audition, but turns out he is interested in something else. He comes on to her and when she tries to push him away and walk out, he tries to sexually assault her, so she hits him on the head with an ashtray.

At the Savoy, Mia sees a guest complaining that his chips have been stolen. After compensating the guest, she checks her mother’s room and finds the chips hidden under her clothes. While she is at it, Lina arrives and admits to stealing the chips, but argues that she is only looking out for herself. She reminds Mia that she steals as well, but the only difference is that she does it for gangsters. Mia sees the logic in her argument and soon after when Savino arrives at Lina’s room, she tells him nothing about the stealing and quietly walks away. While he is spending some time with Lina, Red arrives and cryptically hints that the DA has been found. He and Red arrive at a motel room, where they see Reynolds gagged and restrained to a chair. Reynolds lies to them that he wired Bait some money as ransom, which is why he let him live and escaped. He says the skim money is still safely stashed in the trunk of his car that is sitting in his driveway. Savino apparently believes him.

In Hollywood, Dixon is really angry on learning what Silver tried to do to Yvonne after he sees bruises on her face and she is forced to reveal everything. Yvonne warns him to not do anything foolish because she has seen how dangerous Silver can be. At the sheriff’s office, Reynolds informs the team that the skim will be picked up in the night at a mausoleum. Burn wants names and details of everyone the skim will be going to and in return, Reynolds will get his deal. At the Savoy, Mia sneaks into Savino’s empty office and after opening his safe, notes down all details from the diary, which has names and other details about the people, who the skim is sent to. At the mausoleum, Reynolds arrives with the skim and is shocked to see Red hauling in a gagged Bait with him.

Savino, who is already there, hands Reynolds a gun and in order to prove he was telling the truth, asks him to shoot Bait. Instead of shooting Bait, Reynolds points the gun at Savino and pulls the trigger, but is shocked to learn that it’s empty. In Hollywood, Silver is alone at home and is humming a tune, when he sees Dixon hiding in the living room. On seeing him, Silver tries to run, but Dixon grabs him and gives him a beating. At the sheriff’s office, via the phone tap Ralph and team are shocked to learn that the skim has made it out and Reynolds has been taken care of. The episode ends at this point.