Scoundrels - Recap

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The episode begins and Ralph with Jack and Dixon’s help brings under control a raging bull that had escaped from an overturned trailer. On the way back to his office, Ralph stops over at the Savoy and has a talk with Savino. During their conversation, Savino gets a call from Lena, who asks him to immediately come to a suite. At the sheriff’s office, Violet arrives and urges Dixon to come to her hotel room in the night, so they can sort things out. At the Savoy in the suite, Savino arrives and sees a man lying dead on the floor. Lena says the man’s name is Martin and she and he had spent a great night together.

The next day at the sheriff’s office, Dixon arrives and sees Violet sitting there with a bruised eye and a bleeding lip. He asks Jack, who hurt her and is shocked, when Jack says that Violet is claiming he (Dixon) did. After Katherine informs him that Violet is claiming he assaulted her last night in her hotel room because she broke up with him, Dixon tells her and Ralph that he is innocent. He says he did not even go to her hotel room last night, but Katherine tells him that she has to at least investigate the matter, so it doesn’t look like she is favoring him. At the Savoy in the suite, Lena reveals that she spent the night gambling with Martin and while at it, he came to his suite for a break.

When he didn’t return for a long time, she came to his suite looking for him and found him lying dead on the floor. Red arrives a while later and informs them that Teddy Brown, a high roller, is looking for Martin because he thinks Martin stole from him. Savino and gang wonder, how they should deal with this situation. At the sheriff’s office, Yvonne tells Ralph and Katherine all that happened in LA. On hearing all of it, Ralph comes to the conclusion that it’s Silver, who is framing Dixon using Violet. Katherine agrees with Ralph, but says that she as a DA is obligated to investigate and adds that Ralph should stay away from the investigation, so it doesn’t look like he is trying to protect his son.

At the Savoy, Savino tries to reason with an agitated Teddy Brown, who claims that besides money, Martin Purcell also stole his grandfather’s watch. Savino tries to calm him down, but instead, Brown rushes to Purcell’s room to talk to him, while Savino whispers to Red to quickly ask Coda to get rid of Purcell’s body from the room. Soon after, Brown arrives at Purcell’s room, sees he isn’t there and tells Savino he has 24 hrs to find his grandfather’s watch. He warns Savino that if the watch isn’t found he will shout from the rooftops that high rollers are fleeced at the Savoy.

At the DA’s office, Katherine confronts Dixon about the fact that he was seen at the Savoy last night and was also photographed by someone. She urges him to tell her the truth if he really wants her to protect him and also tells him that based on the evidence; she has to for now arrest him. Ralph isn’t too happy to hear this and forbids Dixon from telling her anything, saying she has a job to do and it’s not in his (Dixon) best interests. Ralph then brings Dixon back to the sheriff’s office and puts him in a cell, after carrying out all the procedures. At the Savoy, Mia informs Savino about Purcell’s banker based on whose recommendation she approved a $20,000 credit line for Purcell. They decide to talk to the banker to see if they can learn something more about Purcell because no one else seems to know anything about him.

Ralph arrives with Jack to meet Silver, who is staying at the Savoy. Silver pisses off Ralph by saying his son will rot in jail just like he deserves to and Silver’s bodyguards, who work for the LAPD intervene, so Ralph doesn’t hurt Silver. Jack asks at the concierge desk about the honeymoon couple, who saw Dixon at the Savoy, the night of the incident. At Purcell’s bank, Mia and Lena learn that Odis Beacon, the banker who endorsed Purcell, is only a teller, who pretended to be the manager. They also learn that there is only $184 in Purcell’s account. Odis realizes his game is up and tries to make a run for it, but Mia manages to apprehend him. At the DA’s office, Jack and Ralph tell Katherine that they have investigated and learnt that the honeymooners were actually actors.

She believes them, but adds that the state has decided to move forward with this case, so they should hire Dixon a good defense attorney. She says she is recusing herself from this case and another DA from a different county will be handling it. Upon questioning Odis, Savino learns that he and Purcell were working together to rob high rollers and also that Odis killed Purcell because they had a falling out. Savino asks him about the watch and he reveals that Purcell used to hide his loot in the heel of his shoe and must have hidden the watch there. At the sheriff’s office, Mia meets Jack and offers to have pressure applied on Silver from Chicago, but Jack refuses, saying the truth will be the best solution to Dixon’s predicament.

While talking about the issue with Yvonne, Dixon reveals that he went to Violet’s room the night of the incident to end it with her and tell her that she likes someone else. Yvonne figures out, who that someone else is, and tells Dixon with a smile, that she feels the same way. While looking at a picture of Violet’s bruised face in a newspaper, Ralph suddenly figures our something and asks his deputies to stop Silver from leaving town. Silver, Violet and his men, who were about to leave town, are then brought in on the charges of carrying weapons, which are only registered in California. At the sheriff’s office, Katherine informs Ralph that Silver’s mean and powerful lawyer will be there is 15 minutes.

Ralph tells her that’s all the time he needs and proceeds to have a talk with Violet. Ralph manages to reason with her and eventually gets her to confess that it was Silver, who assaulted her. He gives Dixon the news that Violet recanted and Dixon is greatly relieved to hear that. After Odis digs up Purcell’s body, which was buried by Coda, and recovers the watch from the heel of Purcell’s shoe, Coda and Red leave Odis in Purcell’s grave and drive away, taking the watch with them.

At the Savoy, the watch is returned to Brown and all is well again. Over a few glasses of cocktail, Mia and her mother have a heart to heart. At the diner, Dixon meets Yvonne and they share a few laughs. The episode ends at this point.