Unfinished Business - Recap

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The episode begins at the Savoy with Tommy and Mia watching a bunch of showgirls performing onstage. Savino comes with the Gaming Commissioner and asks Tommy to give the commissioner a front row seat. Savino tells Mia that the commissioner for a $25,000 bribe is renewing the gaming license of the Tumbleweed much faster than the time it would have normally taken. At a hospital, Burn, who has survived despite being shot, is being taken care of by Katherine. Burn tells Katherine that they could pressure Gainsley with what they have on him to turn against Savino.

At Savino’s office, he manages to convince Gainsley to sell his shares in the Tumbleweed to him (Savino) for a throwaway price. Savino does this by reminding Gainsley that the FBI is on his ass, which is why it would be better for him to walk away with the money than nothing at all. While Jack is heading for lunch with Mia, they run into Lena, who tells Mia that she is heading for Lake Tahoe. Dixon comes and tells Jack that he needs to see something. Outside the Savoy a car is parked and in its trunk is the dead body of Milton Krill, a famous lawyer. Ralph, Jack and Dixon see a dead canary stuffed in his mouth. Ralph concludes this is to symbolize that Krill sang like a canary and spilled someone’s secret. At the sheriff’s office, Katherine informs Ralph and Jack that Krill was Gainsley’s lawyer.

Krill was trying to get the injunction against the Tumbleweed shutdown, removed. She also tells the duo that Savino for some reason had paid off Krill’s $50,000 debt two days ago. She feels that Savino used this as a leverage to get Krill to do what he wanted. Jack concludes it was Savino, who got the Tumbleweed shutdown, using the information he got from Krill. Katherine figures that Savino then killed Krill because he was no more useful. Ralph isn’t so sure Savino did it because it would be too obvious. While they are chatting, Gainsley arrives to meet Ralph. Gainsley tells Ralph to arrest Savino because evidence points to him being the killer. After telling Gainsley to let him do his job, Ralph shows him the door.

At Krill’s office, while looking around, Ralph learns from Krill’s secretary that a man had a few days ago stormed into Krill’s office and threatened him for some reason. On learning that this man was Calvin Sprouse, Ralph is shocked because Calvin is his dead wife’s brother. Ralph has a talk with Calvin, who says Krill’s company bought his family ranch and had agreed to pay him every month for 25 years, but one day the checks stopped coming. This was the reason why Calvin threatened Krill. He says that a day after he had a fight with Krill a couple of guys showed up and threatened him. They wanted him to stop asking about the money and about the company Krill was working for. Calvin assures the duo that he knows nothing more about this issue.

At the sheriff’s office, Yvonne shows Dixon paperwork, which reveals that NLC, the company Krill was working for, wanted Calvin and his mother to sell the ranch for moths before she died, but she kept saying no. Dixon realizes that there was foul play involved in his mother’s death. In the night, Dixon arrives at Calvin’s and points a shotgun at him while he’s sleeping. Calvin wakes up and Dixon accuses him of killing his own sister, so he could sell off the land. Calvin manages to snatch the gun from Dixon and renders him unconscious using it. After Dixon regains consciousness, Calvin and he have a chat over some coffee. Calvin admits that he desperately needed the money, so he tried to convince his sister to sell, but she wouldn’t budge.

He adds that he didn’t lay a finger on her and only sold the land after she passed away because NLC made another offer. Dixon feels NLC might have had something to do with his mother’s death. Calvin warns Dixon to stay away from NLC, saying they are trouble, but Dixon has made up his mind to get to the bottom of this issue. At the hospital, Burn tells Katherine that he been promoted and will for this reason have to move to Washington. She collects the box of files on Gainsley from Burn, saying she will continue her investigation. At the sheriff’s office, after Dixon shares his doubts and apprehensions with Ralph, he agrees to help Dixon investigate the issue. At the Savoy, Savino, who seems to have feelings for Lena, tells her that he has cancelled her reservations for Lake Tahoe, so she can be with him.

Savino brings Lena into an empty Tumbleweed, which is yet to reopen. He has arranged everything including some romantic music, so they can spend some time romancing each other. While the duo is slow dancing to a romantic number, there is a huge explosion, which throws them off their feet. Savino picks himself up and rushes out of the Tumbleweed with Lena, before the place catches fire. While the fire department deals with the Tumbleweed, Ralph and Katherine have a talk with Savino. They tell Savino that Gainsley was possibly behind this explosion, so he should help them take Gainsley down. Savino refuses and walks away. While walking back to the car, Katherine tells Ralph that if Savino isn’t willing to work with them to take down Gainsely, maybe they should use Gainsley to take down Savino.

Ralph likes the idea. The next day at her office, Katherine calls Gainsley for a chat. She tells him that she feels he had Krill killed because Krill ratted about him to the FBI. She even accuses him of making the whole thing look like Savino did it. Gainsley isn’t too pleased with these accusations being leveled at him and storms out. At a retirement home, Katherine meets Victor Farris, the man who according official documents is the President of NLC. She on talking to him realizes that Farris is suffering from dementia. At the Savoy, Tommy flirts with Mia and even kisses her. She pushes him away, saying she is with Jack. Tommy counters; asking if that’s the case, why is it that she didn’t pull away from the kiss sooner.

While she is driving back to town, Katherine sees a pickup trailing her vehicle. Eventually, the pickup bangs into her from behind and sends her car spinning out of control and into a ditch. Next, Ralph is shown pacing outside an E.R. The doctor comes and tells Ralph that Katherine has been hurt real bad and has even suffered cerebral hemorrhage. The doc says a specialist has been called in to see her. Ralph sees Burn there. Burn says he changed his mind about going to DC because he has some unfinished business. Jack hands Ralph a file found in Katherine’s car. It’s a file from the retirement home and Ralph sees that the documents in it are in the name of Victor Farris. Ralph immediately recalls that Farris is the President of NLC.

At the Savoy, after being told over the phone that he can’t make a move on Gainsley just yet, Savino angrily hangs up. This dismantles a part of the receiver and Savino notices that his phone is wired. Savino recalls Jack coming into his office a month ago and knocking him out. He therefore concludes this is Jack’s doing and tells Mia who is there that her boyfriend will put them all in prison. At the sheriff’s office, Ralph is told by Jack that he has learnt Gainsley was paying the bills for Farris’ retirement home for the past 12 years. They figure that this means Gainsley was using Farris as a front to run NLC. Jack says Katherine had figured this out before she was run off the road. Before Ralph can take any sort of action against Gainsley, he using his influence gets Ralph suspended, on the charges of harassing him on Savino’s behalf.

Later, Jack goes into jewelry store to buy a diamond ring. At Savino’s office, Ralph arrives and after informing him that he has been suspended, he offers to join hands with Savino to take down Gainsley. After Savino accepts his offer, the two pour themselves a drink and seal the deal. The episode ends at this point.