Sons of Nevada - Recap

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The episode begins with Ralph arriving at the scene of Katherine’s accident. He suddenly sees an apparition of his dead wife nearby and is stunned. At the Savoy, Savino tells Lena that he is unsure whether he should help Ralph take down Gainsley. Lena gives him a pep talk, saying he will eventually know what to do and will come out a winner. In Lake Tahoe, Gainsley, with the help of the Attorney General, is making plans to take down all the casinos in Vegas like they took down Savino’s, so they can eventually take over the casino business in Vegas. At Mia’s, Jack arrives ring in hand, but before he can tell her why he is there, she confronts him about hiding a bug in Savino’s phone.

He tries to explain himself, but she is really pissed and tells him they are through. At Savino’s office, Ralph strikes a deal with him; Savino kills Gainsley and in return he gets back all the tapes, which could implicate him. Savino is curious why Ralph wants Gainsley killed. Ralph reveals that Gainsley killed his wife, which is reason enough. At the Savoy, Tommy continues flirting with Mia. He invites her to lunch and despite her reluctance, he insists that she come. At their ranch, Ralph tells Jack about the deal he has struck with Savino. Jack isn’t too happy to hear about it and even tries to stop Ralph from doing anything crazy, but Ralph has made up his mind. Ralph then picks Savino up from the Savoy.

The duo stakes out, outside Gainsely’s home, to keep a watch on his movements. Ralph concludes they can take down Gainsley, when he shows up for a cattle auction. They decide to hide near the venue and wait for Gainsley. At the sheriff’s office, Jack tells Dixon about Ralph’s plan. He tells Dixon that Ralph might end up dead, while trying to kill Gainsley, so they have to find some way to try and stop him. Dixon sees an ad in the papers about a cattle auction and figures, that is the place where Ralph and Savino will try to take down Ganisley. At the auction, before Ralph and Savino can take Gainsley down, Dixon arrives and points a gun at Gainsley, threatening to kill him.

Ralph is shocked to see this and rushes to rescue Dixon before he is shot down. He and Dixon somehow make it out of there, before Gainsley’s men can shoot them down. Later, Gainsely is informed that Ralph and Savino have joined hands to take him down. Gainsley decides to call for extra hands in preparation of a war. At Lake Tahoe, Burn has a talk with the Attorney General, warning him against blindly helping a man like Gainsely. At the sheriff’s office, a bunch of men arrive. Their leader tells Jack that he is the new sheriff and adds that he has been ordered to take him and Dixon into protective custody. Jack knows these are Gainsley’s men, so he refuses to comply.

Before things get out of hand, Burn arrives with other FBI agents and takes Jack and Dixon in custody. Before hauling them away, Burn whispers in Jack’s ear that he is doing this to save his lives. At the Savoy, after bidding Lena a goodbye, Savino plans to leave town for a few days, to get away from Gainsley and his men. Before he can drive off, Ralph arrives. While they are chatting, Burn comes there with Dixon and Jack. Burn asks Savino and Ralph to come with him, so he can protect them from Gainsley. Savino turns down Burn’s offer and is about to drive away, when Ralph reminds him that he kept his word and gave him the tapes. Savino seems unaffected by the reminder, but stops his car after driving a few hundred meters.

He then gets out and walks towards Ralph, yelling that he too would have kept his word if Ralph had kept his son in a leash. While he is at it, Savino’s vehicle is blown to smithereens. After lunch, on the way to the Savoy, Tommy flirts with Mia and she seems to like it. They arrive outside the Savoy and are shocked to see Vincent’s car lying there in pieces. Savino brings Ralph, Jack and Dixon to meet Mr. Jones. Savino tells them that Mr. Jones can help them take down Gainsley. Jack isn’t too keen to take help from a professional assassin, but Ralph convinces him, saying Mr. Jones is the best at what he does.

In the night, Savino and Ralph drop Jones near Gainsley’s house, so he can do his thing. Savino tells him that they will be waiting for him at the slaughterhouse. Jones walks up to Gainsley’s gate and when stopped by his men, tells them that he was sent by Savino to kill Gainsley. He says he works for the highest bidder and asks to talk to Gainsley, so he can make a deal. At the Savoy, Mia tells Lena about her breakup and she gives her some relationship advice, saying she (Mia) did a good thing breaking up with him because she and Jack are on the opposite sides of the law. At the slaughterhouse Ralph, Savino and gang, arm themselves and wait for Jones’ return.

At Gainsley’s, Jones tells him and his men, where Savino and Ralph are. He for $20,000 also offers to help Gainsley kill them. At the slaughterhouse, Gainsley and his men arrive with Jones. The moment they enter, they are surrounded by Savino, Ralph and gang. Gainsley and his men are ordered to lay down their gun. They reluctantly comply. Ralph keeps his end of the bargain and allows Jones to leave town, in return for him doing as he was told. At the last moment, Ralph changes his mind about killing Gainsley and handcuffs him instead. Savino is not too happy on seeing this and is even more shocked, when Ralph hands over Gansley to Burn, who has arrived there with his team.

Savino even chides Ralph for letting the man, who killed his wife, live, but Ralph is unmoved. Later, Jack lands up at Mia’s and the moment she opens the door, he gets down on one knee and proposes, ring in hand. Before she can react, Tommy walks out of her bedroom, wearing only a towel. Jack is shocked to see him there and quietly leaves. While he is organizing things for the reopening of the Tumbleweed, Savino sees Ralph walk by. He stops Ralph and asks Ralph, to work for him, as head of security.

After telling Savino that he really appreciates the offer, Ralph reveals that he has been reappointed as the sheriff, now that Gainsley is out of the way. The two have a laugh about the whole thing and go their different ways. The episode ends at this point.