Dennis Quaid and Michael Chiklis star in VEGAS, a drama inspired by the true story of former Las Vegas Sheriff Ralph Lamb, a fourth-generation rancher tasked with bringing order to Las Vegas in the 1960s, a gambling and entertainment mecca emerging from the tumbleweeds. Ralph Lamb (Quaid) wants to be left in peace to run his ranch, but Las Vegas is now swelling with outsiders and corruption which are intruding on his simple life. Recalling Lamb's command as a military police officer during World War II, the Mayor appeals to his sense of duty to look into a murder of a casino worker – and so begins Lamb’s clash with Vincent Savino (Chiklis), a ruthless Chicago gangster who plans to make Vegas his own. Assisting Lamb in keeping Law And Order are his two deputies: his diplomatic, even-keeled brother Jack (Jason O'Mara) and his charming but impulsive son, Dixon (Taylor Handley). Ambitious Assistant District Attorney Katherine O'Connell (Carrie-Anne Moss), who grew up on the ranch next to the Lambs, also lends a hand in preserving justice. In Vegas, two powerful men – Lamb and Savino – are engaged in a fierce battle for control of the budding oasis, and for both of them, folding is not an option. (Source: CBS)

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Prev: 1x21 -- Sons of Nevada (May/10/2013)

Sheriff Lamb and Savino join forces to take out Porter Gainsley, the man responsible for putting Katherine in the hospital and who Lamb believes killed his wife. Meanwhile, Jack plans to propose to Mia

Dennis QuaidDennis Quaid
As Ralph Lamb
Michael ChiklisMichael Chiklis
As Vincent Savino
Carrie-Anne MossCarrie-Anne Moss
As Katherine O'Connell
Carrie-Anne MossCarrie-Anne Moss
As Katherine O'Connell
Jason OJason O'Mara
As Jack Lamb
Taylor HandleyTaylor Handley
As Dixon Lamb
Taylor HandleyTaylor Handley
As Dixon Lamb
Sarah Jones (1)Sarah Jones (1)
As Mia Rizzo
Sarah Jones (1)Sarah Jones (1)
As Mia Rizzo

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1x21: Sons of Nevada recap: The episode begins with Ralph arriving at the scene of Katherine’s accident. He suddenly sees an apparition of his dead wife nearby and is stunned. At the Savoy, Savino tells Lena that he is unsure whether he should help Ralph take down Gainsley. Lena gives him a pep talk, saying he will eventually know what to do and will come out a winner. In Lake Tahoe, Gainsley, with the help of the Attorney General, is making plans to take down all the casinos in Vegas like they took down Savino’s, so they can eventually take over the casino business in Vegas. At Mia’s, Jack arrives ring in hand, but before he can tell her why he is there, she confronts him about hiding a bug in Savino’s phone... read more.

1x20: Unfinished Business recap: The episode begins at the Savoy with Tommy and Mia watching a bunch of showgirls performing onstage. Savino comes with the Gaming Commissioner and asks Tommy to give the commissioner a front row seat. Savino tells Mia that the commissioner for a $25,000 bribe is renewing the gaming license of the Tumbleweed much faster than the time it would have normally taken. At a hospital, Burn, who has survived despite being shot, is being taken care of by Katherine. Burn tells Katherine that they could pressure Gainsley with what they have on him to turn against Savino... read more.

1x19: Past Lives recap: The episode begins with the opening of the Tumbleweed Club. Savino and his men talk about Gainsley, who is a partner of theirs in the club and is set to get the lion’s share of the profits because Chicago is backing him. Dixon and Yvonne are out on a date and seem to be having a good time. At the DA’s office, Ralph sees a number of Savoy’s employees and is curious. Katherine tells him they are there because Burn wants to trap them for tax evasion, so he can get them to turn against Savino and become FBI informers. Ralph is unhappy that Burn is bothering the working folk just to trap Savino... read more.

1x18: Scoundrels recap: The episode begins and Ralph with Jack and Dixon’s help brings under control a raging bull that had escaped from an overturned trailer. On the way back to his office, Ralph stops over at the Savoy and has a talk with Savino. During their conversation, Savino gets a call from Lena, who asks him to immediately come to a suite. At the sheriff’s office, Violet arrives and urges Dixon to come to her hotel room in the night, so they can sort things out. At the Savoy in the suite, Savino arrives and sees a man lying dead on the floor. Lena says the man’s name is Martin and she and he had spent a great night together... read more.

1x17: Hollywood Ending recap: The episode begins with Dixon and Yvonne arriving in Hollywood. Yvonne is really excited about her first audition, while Dixon is excited about meeting Violet. At the Savoy, DA Reynolds arrives and while he is partaking in the entertainment there, Mia and gang take his vehicle to the back and load it up with the skim money. The DA isn’t comfortable with being a part of Savino’s con, but Savino says the feds are sniffing around, so there isn’t any other way to smuggle out the money. He reminds the DA that he is on his payroll and he better act like it... read more.
Recurring Guests

Aimee Garcia as Yvonne Sanchez (25 eps)
James Russo as Anthony 'Red' Cervelli (22 eps)
Sonny Marinelli as Cota (19 eps)
Michael Wiseman as Johnny Rizzo (16 eps)
Michael Reilly Burke as Rich Reynolds (15 eps)
Joe Sabatino as Vic Borelli (13 eps)
Shawn Doyle as Patrick Byrne (11 eps)
Dustin Seavey as Deputy Roberts (10 eps)
Vinessa Shaw as Laura Savino (9 eps)
Michael O'Neill as Mayor Ted Bennett (7 eps)

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