Season 4

45 :04x01 - Wanko's Warehouse

Trina finds out about a 80% off sale at Wanko's Warehouse. However, when they get there that night they find it actually starts the next morning. To get the advantage, they stay in after closing.
Guest Stars: Alex Miller as Billy Triplet | Graham Miller as Barney Triplet | Mikey Reid as Sinjin |
Co-Guest Stars: Darsan Jordean Solomon as Burf | Jeremy Radin as Travis |
Featuring: Darryl Reeves as Andre's Stunt Double | Brandon Weaver as Security Guard #1 | Boni Yanagisawa as Tori's Stunt Double
Director: Adam Weissman

46 :04x02 - The Hambone King

Robbie becomes a celebrity for his hamboning. However, his skills are challenged and is left defeated. Tori then reveals that she was once a hamboning champion when she was younger and offers to help Robbie reclaim his status.
Guest Stars: Andrew Caldwell as Merl | Susan Chuang as Mrs. Lee | Troy Doherty as Jarold | Mikey Reid as Sinjin |
Co-Guest Stars: Née Léau as Kwakoo (credited as Ne'e Le'au) | Rodney To as Sushi Chef |
Featuring: Megan Barajas as Young Tori | Augie Isaac as Young Jarold
Director: Russ Reinsel

47 :04x03 - Opposite Date

Tori, Beck, Andre, and Robbie make plans to go to a museum, but Robbie and Andre have to film a video to win a free PearPad 3, leaving Tori and Beck. Not wanting to make it seem like they're going on a date, they arrange it as an "opposite date". However, Jade gets wind of this and uses Cat to help her keep tabs on the two.
Guest Stars: Mikey Reid as Sinjin |
Co-Guest Stars: Cecelia Antoinette as Carol | Mando Alvarado as Miguel | Sage Nichole Boatright as Melissa (credited as Sage Boatright) | Janet Cao as Maurine | David Reynolds (2) as Dennis (credited as David Louis Reynolds) |
Featuring: Mason Charles as Krech | Jasper Cole as Oswald | David Haag as Greg | Sven Holmberg as Charles
Director: Steve Hoefer

48 :04x04 - Three Girls and a Moose

Tori, Jade, and Cat are set to help the guys to put on a show to raise money for another boys bathroom. However, they soon get distracted when they meet Moose, Beck's friend from Canada, and try to each win his affections.
Guest Stars: Brandon Jones as Moose | Mikey Reid as Sinjin |
Co-Guest Stars: Darsan Jordean Solomon as Burf |
Featuring: Aiden Cardei as Surly Waiter | Rosalie McIntire as Heidi | Lindy Robbins as Backup Vocalist | Niki Watkins as Backup Vocalist
Director: David Kendall

49 :04x05 - Cell Block

Fed up with the kids' digital distractions, Sikowitz promises them A's if they can go a week without using any modern technology - including their cell phones which he confiscates. However, when it appears Cat could crack and ruin it for them all, Sikowitz amends the challenge to pit the boys against the girls.
Guest Stars: Eric Lange as Sikowitz | Jennifer Carta as Mom | Mikey Reid as Sinjin |
Co-Guest Stars: Darsan Jordean Solomon as Burf | Charlotte Wolf as Charlotte |
Uncredited: Jake Farrow as Rex
Director: Adam Weissman

50 :04x06 - Tori Fixes Beck & Jade

When Beck is reluctant to ask a girl out because of Jade, Tori gets the idea that it'd be easier for him if she fixes Jade up with another guy.

Meanwhile, Robbie is watching his sister's butterfly when it flies in Cat's ear and has to coax it out.
Guest Stars: Mikey Reid as Sinjin |
Co-Guest Stars: Britney Bailey as Meredith | Jarrod Bailey as Braden | Marilyn Harris as Andre's Grandmother | Cameron Jebo as Gilbert |
Featuring: Austin Anderson (2) as Pete | Drew Baker as Guy #1 | Perry Brown as Luther | Kellen McGee as Georgie | Aylya Marzolf as Backup Singer #2 | Veno Miller as Paul | Whitney Rose Pynn as Backup Singer #1 | Lucas Ross as John
Director: David Kendall

51 :04x07 - One Thousand Berry Balls

When Tori is in need of some money, Andre gets her a job at the yogurt shop he works at. There she is tasked with handing out 1,000 Berry Balls to receive $100. The problem is she literally can't give them away.

Meanwhile, Cat tries to avoid Robbie because she knows he'll ask her to the Cow Wow. However, when she finds out that he's asked another girl, she becomes extremely jealous.
Guest Stars: Lane Napper as Lane | John O'Brien as Mr. Mooney | Mikey Reid as Sinjin |
Co-Guest Stars: Darsan Jordean Solomon as Burf |
Featuring: Sam Adler as Yates | Austin Anderson (2) as Pete (Drums) | Jazmine Rose Antico as Dancer #2 | Dan Brown (2) as Sinjin's Stunt Double | David Burrus as Kirby | Casey Cano as Dancer #3 | Peter Castellotti as Dancer #1 | Mason Davis as Ernie | Joe DiGiovanni as Sherman | Kelli Erdmann as Backup Singer #1 | Britney Hall as Backup Singer #2 | Cassie Hernandez as Gabriella | Kayla Kolker as Milly | Khameron Lawrence as Dancer #5 | Ryan Lee (2) as Callie | Megan Littler as Dancer #4 | Kellen McGee as Georgie (Guitar) | Onyay Pheori as Mom #1 | Naomi Rivera as Dancer #6 | Lucas Ross as John (Keyboards) | Jesse Willhite as Boy
Director: David Kendall

52 :04x08 - Robbie Sells Rex

Mason Thornesmith's spoiled son offers to buy Rex from Robbie for big money.

Meanwhile, a mystery man is going around school flour-bombing individuals.
Guest Stars: Eric Lange as Sikowitz | Mikey Reid as Sinjin | Charles Shaughnessy as Mason Thornesmith |
Co-Guest Stars: Jarrod Bailey as Braden | Valerie Hinkle as Amanda | Cole Jensen as Francis | Jill Matson-Sachoff as Mrs. Hellebrt | Mackenzie Brooke Smith as Rhoda (credited as MacKenzie Smith) |
Uncredited: Jake Farrow as Rex | Dan Schneider as Goonter |
Featuring: Brian Avery (3) as Tom's Stunt Double | Gary Bierend as Puppeteer | David Michael Paul as Tom
Director: Adam Weissman

53 :04x09 - The Bad Roommate

With the prospect of a songwriter coming to Hollywood Arts to listen to students play and potentially buy and produce one, Andre tries to write a song. However, he can't concentrate because of his loony grandmother and abruptly moves in with Tori, where he soon begins to drive her insane.

Meanwhile, Jade is humiliated and enraged when PearMaps has a satellite picture of her that makes it appears as if she's picking her nose.
Guest Stars: Jennifer Carta as Mom | Kool Kojak as Kojeezy | Mikey Reid as Sinjin |
Co-Guest Stars: Marilyn Harris as Andre's Grandmother | Jamie Renee Smith as Violet |
Featuring: Brian Abraham as Bodyguard | Kelly Bellini as Tori's Stunt Double | Elijah Cook as Hemrald (credited as Elijah L. Cook) | Sawyer Johnson as Baby #1 | Slate Johnson as Baby #2
Director: Steve Hoefer

54 :04x10 - Brain Squeezers

When Tori is chosen as a team leader on an upcoming game show, the others vie to be her picks. When she finally gets fed up and picks her players, she finds Jade has gotten the upper hand. However, the game show itself proves that no one is going away unscathed.
Guest Stars: Mikey Reid as Sinjin | Jonathan Chase as Dave | Malcolm Foster Smith as Dorian |
Co-Guest Stars: John Brickner as Joey | Solofa Fatu Jr as Sumo Wrestler |
Featuring: Derrick Neikirk as Big Man | Adam Tait as Stage Manager V.O. | Kevin Thompson as Little Person
Director: Clayton Boen

55 :04x11 - The Slap Fight

After Tori bemoans Trina having more followers on the Slap than her, she inadvertently inspires the others to make great and even ridiculous efforts to obtain the most followers.
Guest Stars: Mikey Reid as Sinjin |
Co-Guest Stars: Darsan Jordean Solomon as Burf
Director: Steve Hoefer

56 :04x12 - Star-Spangled Tori

Tori prepares to sing the national anthem at a college basketball game, but everyone prepares her for the embarrassment of forgetting the lyrics. These fears are alleviated when she is dragged across the floor by the team's dog.

Meanwhile, Jade and Robbie notice Cat being specifically odd and discover that she's hiding something.
Guest Stars: Jennifer Carta as Mom | Eric Lange as Sikowitz | Mikey Reid as Sinjin | Nathan Anderson as Chris Burm |
Co-Guest Stars: Joe Camareno as Carl |
Uncredited: Jake Farrow as Rex |
Featuring: Austin Anderson (2) as Pete (Drums) | Kelly Bellini as Tori's Stunt Double | Shawn Crowder as Chris' Stunt Double | Keonna Evans as Backup Singer #1 | Alex Lowery as Cheerleader | Aylya Marzolf as Backup Singer #2 | Kellen McGee as Georgia (Guitar) | Veno Miller as Paul (Bass) | Lucas Ross as John (Keyboards) | Shannon Stacey as Stagehand #1 | Dan Schneider as V.O. | Brandon Weaver as Man in Dog Costume | Fahara Zamorano as Stagehand #2
Director: Adam Weissman

57 :04x13 - Victori-Yes

Feeling that his class are no longer thrilled by challenges, he has them agree to anything asked of them for a whole day. This puts the kids in some uncomfortable and unique situations.
Guest Stars: Eric Lange as Sikowitz | Mikey Reid as Sinjin | Hayley Holmes as Posey |
Co-Guest Stars: Terence J. Rotolo as Mr. Delgato (credited as Terence J. Rotolo) |
Uncredited: Jake Farrow as Rex |
Featuring: Samuel Caruana as Hector | Edward Hong as Eddie | Adam Leiva as Manuel | Shelby Malone as Pretty Girl #1 | Katie Peterson as Pretty Girl #2 | Matias Ponce as Mick | Sarah Rhoades as Pretty Girl #3 | Justin Rigoli as Dooj | Jack Salvatore, Jr. as Bill | Dan Schneider as V.O. | Lindsay Taylor as Pretty Girl #4
Director: David Kendall
Classification: Scripted
Genre: Comedy | Family | Music | Romance/Dating | Teens
Status: Canceled/Ended
Network: nickelodeon ( USA)
Airs: Saturdays at 08:00 pm
Runtime: 30 Minutes
Premiere: March 27, 2010
Ended: February 02, 2013
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