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When Tori was 6, where did she say that she would live by the time she was 16 Hard DeathIsARight• A magic sugar castle
• Wonderland
• Disneyland
• Camalot
In Ice Cream for Kesha, why is Cat mad at Robbie Medium DeathIsARight• Farted
• Lied to her
• Stole something in a dream
Where do Tori and Andre work Medium DeathIsARight• Yo Yogurt Barn
• Yo Yo Yogurt
• Yotally Togurt
What did the Janitor give to Tori and nobody else Easy DeathIsARight• Chocolate Mop
• Chocolate Broom
• Keys
What is Tori's secret talent Medium DeathIsARight• Can talk backwards
• Good at Hambone
• Karate
• Belch the alphabet
What producer does Andre want to perform for in Andre's Horrible Girl Medium DeathIsARight• Rich Quincy
• Adam Quincy
• Will Quincy
What is SinJin's game show Easy DeathIsARight• Queries for Teens
• The Couples Show
• Queries for Couples
What club does Beck take Tori to so she can learn to take risks Medium DeathIsARight• Tiger Club
• Gorilla Fight
• Gorilla Club
• Shark Club
How do Andre and Robbie have to dance after losing at poker to Jade Medium DeathIsARight• Like MC Hammer
• Like Michael Jackson
• Like Vanilla Ice
• Like Kesha
Who takes over as the new principal Medium DeathIsARight• Sikowitz
• Helen Lakes
• Helen Carter
• Helen Dubois
Who used to own Beck's RV Hard DeathIsARight• Fat Biscuit
• Fat Tony
• His Dad
What did Jade claim Tori hit her with Medium DeathIsARight• Brick
• Chair
• Her fist
• Cane
Who did Tori replace in the showcase that got her in school Easy DeathIsARight• Trina
• Jade
• Beck
• Cat
Who did Trina steal a cell phone from Medium DeathIsARight• Tori
• Dale Squires
• Beck
• Perez Hilton
What did Robbie buy that put them over their budget at the restraunt Medium DeathIsARight• Caviar
• Lobster
What kids group did the cast form for money Easy DeathIsARight• The Diddly Tops
• The Diddly Bops
• Food 4 Thought
• The Diddly's
What happened to the previous stunt double in Tori's movie Medium DeathIsARight• quit
• Missed the air sack
• fired
• never showed up
Who is holding the Kesha contest Medium DeathIsARight• Kesha
• Candy's Ice Cream
• Lichter's Movies
• Lichter's Ice Cream
What electronic item does Andre break in Terror on Cupcake street Medium DeathIsARight• Pear Phone
• Pear Pad
• Camera
• Car
Where do they buy the ice cream in Ice cream for Kesha Medium DeathIsARight• Supermart
• 7-11
• 5-24
How much blood did Tori give Robbie Medium DeathIsARight• 3 pints
• 2 Pints
• 4 pints
• 5 pints
What is the first play Tori wanted to try out for Medium DeathIsARight• The Birds
• Steamboat Suzy
• Moonlight Magic
What song did Tori write for Trina Easy DeathIsARight• You're the reason
• I Love you
• Be mine
• I can't do it without you
What reality show is being filmed at their school Medium DeathIsARight• The Wood
• The Life
• The Trials
• Teenage Life
What song do Tori and Jade sing in spanish Easy DeathIsARight• Forever Baby
• Make it Shine
• You're the reason
• Give it Up
What country do the class get locked up in Medium DeathIsARight• Yerba
• Cuba
• Romania
What movie is Tori a stunt double in Medium DeathIsARight• Love me, Hold me
• Catch me, Kiss me
• Take me home
• Tonight we dance
What flavor of ice cream does Cat's mom buy Medium DeathIsARight• Funky Nut Blast
• Crazy Peanuts
• Lucky Cookie and Creme
• Vanilla
What does Andre think "chiz" is Medium DeathIsARight• Italian Meatball
• Hot Dog
• German Sausage
• Mexican Pepperoni
When Andre was pretending to be a pregnant marathon runner, what was the number on his shirt Hard DeathIsARight• 5642
• 5762
• 5892
• 5542
What is Tori's dad's job Hard DeathIsARight• A Cop
• Lawyer
• Janitor
Where was the singing competition in freak the freak out Easy DeathIsARight• Wok Star
• School
• Prom
• Karaoke Dokie
What song did Jade and Cat sing in Freak the Freak out Medium DeathIsARight• Shut up
• Give it up
What scene did Tori need to do before she could try out for any play Medium DeathIsARight• The Bird Scene
• The Cat Scene
• The Dog Scene
• The Fish Scene
What was Cats favorite TV show Medium DeathIsARight• I married my dad
• I married my mom
• I married my brother
• I married my sister
What was in Cat's brothers car trunk Medium DeathIsARight• Plastic Ears
• Plastic Feet
• Plastic Heads
• Rope
What item left by cat burned down the actresses house Easy DeathIsARight• Candle
• Reef
• Camera
• Phone
What actress got her house burned down by cat Medium DeathIsARight• Mona Anderson
• Mona Carter
• Mona Peterson
• Mona Patterson
In the Dale Squires short film, what character did Jade play Medium DeathIsARight• Mary
• Janice
Where was the film Dale Squire stole shot Easy DeathIsARight• Tori's House
• Cat's House
• Jade's House
• School
Why did Trina pee on Santa Claus at the mall when she was six Hard DeathIsARight• Drank too much
Which celebrity was starring in Dale Squires's new movie Medium DeathIsARight• Johnny Depp
• Daniel Day Lewis
• Will Smith
Who is sinjins best friend Medium DeathIsARight• Derf
• Berf
• Fred
• Ted
What is the name of the school they go to Easy DeathIsARight• Hollywood Arts
• New Arts
• LA Arts
• California School of the Arts
Network: nickelodeon ( USA)
Type: Scripted
Genres: Comedy, Family, Music, Romance/Dating, Teens
Status: Canceled/Ended
Airs: Saturdays at 08:00 pm
Runtime: 30 Minutes
Premiere: March 27, 2010
Ended: February 02, 2013
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