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When Tori was 6, where did she say that she would live by the time she was 16 Hard DeathIsARight• A magic sugar castle
• Wonderland
• Disneyland
• Camalot
In Ice Cream for Kesha, why is Cat mad at Robbie Medium DeathIsARight• Farted
• Lied to her
• He didn't help her in a dream
• Stole something in a dream
In a Thousand Berry Balls, what does Tori choke on Medium DeathIsARight• Yogurt
• Counter Cleanser
• Chips
• Spit
Where do Tori and Andre work Medium DeathIsARight• Yo Yogurt Barn
• Yo Yo Yogurt
• Yogurt Hut
• Yotally Togurt
What did the Janitor give to Tori and nobody else Easy DeathIsARight• Chocolate Mop
• Chocolate Broom
• Keys
• Hug
What is Tori's secret talent Medium DeathIsARight• Can talk backwards
• Good at Hambone
• Karate
• Belch the alphabet
What producer does Andre want to perform for in Andre's Horrible Girl Medium DeathIsARight• Rich Quincy
• Adam Quincy
• Shawn Quincy
• Will Quincy
What is SinJin's game show Easy DeathIsARight• Queries for Teens
• The Couples Show
• Queries for Couples
• Boys vs. Girls
What club does Beck take Tori to so she can learn to take risks Medium DeathIsARight• Tiger Club
• Gorilla Fight
• Gorilla Club
• Shark Club
How do Andre and Robbie have to dance after losing at poker to Jade Medium DeathIsARight• Like MC Hammer
• Like Michael Jackson
• Like Vanilla Ice
• Like Kesha
Who takes over as the new principal Medium DeathIsARight• Sikowitz
• Helen Lakes
• Helen Carter
• Helen Dubois
Who used to own Beck's RV Hard DeathIsARight• Fat Biscuit
• Fat Tony
• Chubby Bucket
• His Dad
What did Robbie tell his grandmother they did to the Internet Medium DeathIsARight• Delayed It
• Cancelled It
• Moved It
• Charge for it
What did Jade claim Tori hit her with Medium DeathIsARight• Brick
• Chair
• Her fist
• Cane
Who did Tori replace in the showcase that got her in school Easy DeathIsARight• Trina
• Jade
• Beck
• Cat
Who did Trina steal a cell phone from Medium DeathIsARight• Tori
• Dale Squires
• Beck
• Perez Hilton
What did Robbie buy that put them over their budget at the restraunt Medium DeathIsARight• Caviar
• Lobster
• Fish
• Pie
What kids group did the cast form for money Easy DeathIsARight• The Diddly Tops
• The Diddly Bops
• Food 4 Thought
• The Diddly's
What happened to the previous stunt double in Tori's movie Medium DeathIsARight• quit
• Missed the air sack
• fired
• never showed up
Who is holding the Kesha contest Medium DeathIsARight• Kesha
• Candy's Ice Cream
• Lichter's Movies
• Lichter's Ice Cream
What electronic item does Andre break in Terror on Cupcake street Medium DeathIsARight• Pear Phone
• Pear Pad
• Camera
• Car
Where do they buy the ice cream in Ice cream for Kesha Medium DeathIsARight• Supermart
• Handy Quick
• 7-11
• 5-24
What does Cat describe her hair color as Hard DeathIsARight• A velvet cupcake
• strawberries
• Cherries
• Cherry poptart
How much blood did Tori give Robbie Medium DeathIsARight• 3 pints
• 2 Pints
• 4 pints
• 5 pints
What is the first play Tori wanted to try out for Medium DeathIsARight• The Heights
• The Birds
• Steamboat Suzy
• Moonlight Magic
What song did Tori write for Trina Easy DeathIsARight• You're the reason
• I Love you
• Be mine
• I can't do it without you
Who is starring in the movie Beck gets a small role in Medium DeathIsARight• Melinda Cherry
• Melinda Murray
• Yolanda Watts
• Macy Murray
What reality show is being filmed at their school Medium DeathIsARight• The Wood
• The Life
• The Trials
• Teenage Life
What song do Tori and Jade sing in spanish Easy DeathIsARight• Forever Baby
• Make it Shine
• You're the reason
• Give it Up
What country do the class get locked up in Medium DeathIsARight• Yerba
• Cuba
• Yanda
• Romania
What movie is Tori a stunt double in Medium DeathIsARight• Love me, Hold me
• Catch me, Kiss me
• Take me home
• Tonight we dance
What flavor of ice cream does Cat's mom buy Medium DeathIsARight• Funky Nut Blast
• Crazy Peanuts
• Lucky Cookie and Creme
• Vanilla
What does Andre think "chiz" is Medium DeathIsARight• Italian Meatball
• Hot Dog
• German Sausage
• Mexican Pepperoni
When Andre was pretending to be a pregnant marathon runner, what was the number on his shirt Hard DeathIsARight• 5642
• 5762
• 5892
• 5542
What grade did Andre get for his Christmas song Medium DeathIsARight• C
• D
• F
• A
What is Tori's dad's job Hard DeathIsARight• A Cop
• Lawyer
• Doctor
• Janitor
Where was the singing competition in freak the freak out Easy DeathIsARight• Wok Star
• School
• Prom
• Karaoke Dokie
What song did Jade and Cat sing in Freak the Freak out Medium DeathIsARight• Shut up
• Give it up
• Get back
• Freak the freak out
What scene did Tori need to do before she could try out for any play Medium DeathIsARight• The Bird Scene
• The Cat Scene
• The Dog Scene
• The Fish Scene
What was Cats favorite TV show Medium DeathIsARight• I married my dad
• I married my mom
• I married my brother
• I married my sister
What was in Cat's brothers car trunk Medium DeathIsARight• Plastic Ears
• Plastic Feet
• Plastic Heads
• Rope
What item left by cat burned down the actresses house Easy DeathIsARight• Candle
• Reef
• Camera
• Phone
What actress got her house burned down by cat Medium DeathIsARight• Mona Anderson
• Mona Carter
• Mona Peterson
• Mona Patterson
What is Andre's cousins name Medium DeathIsARight• Michelle
• Yevette
• Yolanda
• Kendra
In the Dale Squires short film, what character did Jade play Medium DeathIsARight• Mary
• Olivia
• Janice
• Mandy
Where was the film Dale Squire stole shot Easy DeathIsARight• Tori's House
• Cat's House
• Jade's House
• School
Why did Trina pee on Santa Claus at the mall when she was six Hard DeathIsARight• Flu
• She got mad at him
• Bladder infection
• Drank too much
Which celebrity was starring in Dale Squires's new movie Medium DeathIsARight• Tom Cruise
• Johnny Depp
• Daniel Day Lewis
• Will Smith
Who is sinjins best friend Medium DeathIsARight• Derf
• Berf
• Fred
• Ted
What is the name of the school they go to Easy DeathIsARight• Hollywood Arts
• New Arts
• LA Arts
• California School of the Arts
Classification: Scripted
Genre: Comedy | Family | Music | Romance/Dating | Teens
Status: Canceled/Ended
Network: nickelodeon ( USA)
Airs: Saturdays at 08:00 pm
Runtime: 30 Minutes
Premiere: March 27, 2010
Ended: February 02, 2013
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