Season 1

1 :01x01 - The Pilot

Free-spirited businessman Ripley Holden tries to open a casino in Laughlin, Nevada. But he soon runs into several obstacles that he must overcome, including money issues and the murder of his ex-business partner.
Guest Stars: Hugh Jackman as Nicky Fontana | Melanie Griffith as Bunny | Wings Hauser as Buddy Baxter | Missy Doty as Diane | Patrick Fabian as Steve | Keisuke Hoashi as Felix Wang | Herbert Hess as Helicopter Pilot | Nicolas Jerome Baga as Construction Dancer | Dante Corde as Construction Dancer | Paul Dew III as Construction Dancer | Craig Hollamon as Construction Dancer | Anthony Lofendo as Construction Dancer | Harry Shum, Jr. as Construction Dancer | Lucas Raumaid as Construction Dancer | Nick Drago as Construction Dancer | Kevin Connelly as Construction Dancer | Mykal Anthony Bean as Construction Dancer | Arike Rice as Casino Dancer | Shelby Rabara as Casino Dancer | Sandra Colton as Casino Dancer | Victoria Parsons as Casino Dancer | Lesley Lewis as Casino Dancer | Au-Harehoe Vaitiare as Casino Dancer | Jessica Cropper as Casino Dancer | Allysa Shorte as Casino Dancer | Ashley Godby as Casino Dancer | Hannah Feldner-Shaw as Casino Dancer | Liana Blackburn as Casino Dancer | Anika Berhang as Casino Dancer | Loriel Hennington as Casino Dancer | Shirlene Quigley as Casino Dancer | Allison Kyler as Casino Dancer

2 :01x02 - What A Whale Wants

After the disaster-prone opening, the public thinks the Viva is cursed. Ripley must convince a high-roller, Sweet Lenny, to leave rival casino owner Nicky in order to get people coming back to the casino.
Guest Stars: Missy Doty as Diane | Taryn Manning as Geneva | Anna Kendrick as Holly | Max Adler as Chuck | A. Martinez as Armando Castile | William Mapother as Sweet Lenny Collins | Dion DeRizzo as Luis | Angela Gots as Carla | Jonathan Parks Jordan as Greg | Kimberly Brooks (1) as Marilyn | Kevin Stea as Security Guard | Brandon Henschel as Security Guard | Carlton Wilborn as Security Guard | Matt Sergott as Security Guard | Jillian Schmitz as Waitress | Dan Domenech as Viva Guy | Melanie Griffith as Bunny
Director: John Showalter

3 :01x03 - Takin' Care of Business

Ripley finds out that the Viva is being scammed by cheaters. To try to stop them, Ripley hires better security guards to catch the culprits and make an example of them.
Guest Stars: Sebastian Tillinger as Mick | Missy Doty as Diane | Taryn Manning as Geneva | Anna Kendrick as Holly | Tasha Tae as Desiree | James Madio as Fingers Sutigato | Dan Domenech as Gambler | Bruno Amato as Bruiser #1 | Joe Sabatino as Man | Vincent Ward as Security Guard | M.C. Gainey as Commissioner Miller | Jonathan Fraser as Bartender | Joe Ochman as Phil | Katelynn Tilley as Marisa | Nicky Vallee as Newscaster | Jozef Fahey as Calvin | Danny Stiles as Singing Doorman | John Ciccolini as Stickman | Becca Sweitzer as Hot Girl | Candice Coke as Hot Girl | Staci B. Flood as Hot Girl | Mandy Coulton as Hot Girl | Christine Sarah Smith as Hot Girl | Micki Duran as Hot Girl | Holly Cruikshank as Casino Waitress | Kevin Shea as Dealer Craps Table | Wilkie Ferguson III as Valet Dancer | Mike Cassidy as Utility Stunt | Sonny Tipton as Stunt Performer | Josh Kemble as Stunt Performer | Toby Holguin as Stunt Performer | Hugh Jackman as Nicky Fontana | Melanie Griffith as Bunny

4 :01x04 - Magic Carpet Ride

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5 :01x05 - Bad Moon Rising

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