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WKRP in Cincinnati: I Want to Keep My Baby

One of Johnny's fans, a single mother, leaves him a very special present. After becoming attached to the baby, Johnny must now find a way to keep it from child services until the mother's return.

Episode Info  

Episode number: 1x16
Production Number: 012
Airdate: Monday March 12th, 1979

Director: Asaad Kelada
Writer: Hugh Wilson

Guest Stars
Danny OpendenDanny Openden
As The Baby
Mary BettenMary Betten
As Mrs. Brown
Michael FlanaganMichael Flanagan
As Chic Hudspeth
Main Cast
Gary SandyGary Sandy
As Andy Travis
Gordon JumpGordon Jump
As Arthur "Big Guy" Carlson
Howard HessemanHoward Hesseman
As Johnny "Fever" Caravella
Episode Quotes
Johnny: "Weisenheidle." Look for the smiling face of the Arch-Duke Ferdinand on every bottle.

Johnny: (to the baby) Have you had breakfast yet? I've got some coffee and nachos. (Searches his pockets) How about a breath mint?

Les: Look what we have here, Mr Carlson. It's a baby!
Mr Carlson: Thanks, Les.
Herb: It's Johnny's. He got some girl in trouble.
Jennifer: We don't know that.
Herb: He's a DJ. You know how those people live.
Mr Carlson: If this is Johnny's baby, what's it doing in my office?
Jennifer: Because this is the quietest room in the station. Nothing ever goes on here.

Herb: I'm very good with children. Oogy boogy boogy boogy!
Baby: WAAAAA!!!
(Herb leaves, the baby stops crying. Herb sticks his head back in.)
Baby: WAAAAA!!!
(Herb leaves, the baby stops crying)
Andy: That's a smart kid!

Johnny: You're the station manager. I guess she's your baby. What do you plan to do about a college education?

Venus: Time to get the funk out your face, Cincinnati!

Jennifer: Hello. (Goes to her desk)
Woman Child Welfare Worker: Where is the child?
Jennifer: The child?
Man Child Welfare Worker: You were going to get the baby!
Jennifer: Oh, the baby. See, you said "the child." There's really quite a difference, you know. Children are much bigger than babies, for one.
Andy: What?
Venus: (entering from Mr Carlson's office, carrying the baby basket covered in a sheet) Laundry man, laundry man, yessir, I'm comin' through! Got to get the laundry now! I knows how you folks like your things fresh and white!
MCWW: What was that?
Andy: What was that all about?
Jennifer: That was de laundry man.

Johnny: I'm so sorry, the baby ... left.

(MCWW finds a drawer full of dirty diapers)
Mr Carlson: (sliding the drawer closed, shamefully) They're mine.

Jennifer: I had my date drive me over. He's down in the car.
Johnny: Well, why don't you invite him on up?
Jennifer: Oh no, give him a chance to cool off a little. Besides, I don't think he's allowed to climb stairs.

Les: (carrying a huge bear) I had to bring this all the way across town on my motor-scooter. By the way, Johnny, there's a long black car outside with a small man in the back seat. He keeps beating on the window with his cane.
Jennifer: Oh. I think I'd better go.

Johnny: That was going out especially for Peggy, who should call the Doctor right away about the Basket Case.

Johnny: (plays a record at the wrong speed, then restarts it) And now, the long version.

Johnny: This next cut is going out especially for Peggy. She's out on the road now, so I don't suppose she can hear my voice, but Peggy left me a little gift, and I never thanked her for it, and I should have, because it made me awfully happy. And I've passed it on to two other people, and it made them even happier. So we all thank you, Peggy, and we worry about you, but don't you worry, because everything is okay back here in Cincinnati.

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