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WKRP in Cincinnati: The Creation of Venus

A slip of the lip reveals the lie Andy told about Venus' past job experience when he first convinced Mama Carlson to hire him.

Episode Info  

Episode number: 4x19
Production Number: 087
Airdate: Wednesday March 31st, 1982

Director: Gordon Jump
Writer: Blake Hunter

Guest Stars
Carol BruceCarol Bruce
As Lillian "Mama" Carlson
Nora BolandNora Boland
As Mrs. Murphy
Main Cast
Gordon JumpGordon Jump
As Arthur "Big Guy" Carlson
Episode Quotes
Momma Carlson: (to Andy) If you're going to grab me, do it nicely: in the back seat of my Rolls.

Andy: Let me show you how things work around here.
Momma: I think I've just seen how things work.

Momma: Knock it off, Andrew, I have a sense of humour! In fact, I'm known for my hearty guffaw. You know, I haven't had an amusing experience like this since, well, since I fired your predecessor.
(Andy and Venus laugh nervously)
Andy: Just a little horseplay here, that's all.
Venus: Just two guys playing horse, boogedy boogedy!

Andy: You see Mrs Carlson, when I first came to Cincinnati, I had gotten kind of tired of packing and unpacking, town to town, up and down the dial.

Andy: "Gordon Sims and the Sounds of the Night."
Venus: Hold it. I don't use my real name.
Andy: That's right, of course, nobody does, you shouldn't. What was the name you used in New Orleans?
Venus: The Duke of Funk.
Andy: The Duke of Funk. No, you need something a little more cosmic than that. Let me ask you. What's your sign?
Venus: Who wants to know?
Andy: What is your sign?
Venus: Libra.
Andy: Libra. No, that stinks.
Venus: It does not! It's a love sign, ruled by Venus.
Andy: That's it. That's perfect. Your new name is Venus.
Venus: Andy! I don't know how to tell you this, but Venus is a girl's name! You know that real white lady with no arms?
Andy: It has that cosmic feel to it.
Venus: Couldn't I have a cosmic name for a boy, like Pluto!
Andy: That's a dog's name.
Venus: Mercury.
Andy: That guy brings flowers. Now listen. What do you think of when you hear the name "Venus"?
Venus: Flytrap.
Andy: The plant that eats bugs? Don't be an idiot.

Jennifer: (answering the phone) WKRP, soothing sounds for senior citizens.

Bailey: You were right Jennifer, he didn't even last till noon.
Jennifer: Oh Bailey, I hate to take your money...
Bailey: Okay. Boy, we finally get a chance to turn this mortuary around. I don't know why everybody is so scared of a little old lady. If she were my mother, I'd duke her out.
Momma: (entering) Turn that off.
Bailey: Yes ma'am. (To Jennifer) She's not my mother.

Jennifer: (to Venus) You're probably looking for the dance studio upstairs.
Venus: I need to see my man.
Jennifer: Which man is yours?

Venus: I'm cool.
Jennifer: I'm sure you are.
Venus: I'm the new night-time DJ.
Jennifer: Oh dear.
Venus: I beg your pardon? I mean, say what?

Venus: But I don't know any of those people! How can I help?
Bailey: Oh, you'll scare the hell out of her!

Johnny: I changed my name this morning on the air. Now I'm ...
Herb: (pointing to Venus) Foetus Claptrap!
Johnny: No, that's not it.
Les: Venus Flytrap!
Johnny: No, no... Professor something, I think!

Johnny: Brother Vibe? (reading his mug) Sunshine, Duke, Style, Cool, Midnight, No... Officer...? No, I would never do that!
Venus: It was Doctor Johnny Fever. I heard you this morning. You were great, man!
Johnny: Fever! I'd better write that down!

Andy: I just got through talking with Carlson, he is fully committed!
Venus: He should be - all of you should be!

Johnny: I'm Johnny... (forgetting his name again) I'll be right back.
Venus: Now that guy's great. He doesn't know his name, but he's still great.

Momma: You taught chemistry full-time. You worked at a radio station part-time. You love the classics, you've never been married. Your parents divorced when you were young, you were raised by your grandmother, and you play the accordian.
Andy: (bursting out laughing) C'mon, you play the accordian?
Momma: And you, Mr Travis, collect baseball cards.
Andy: Well, there's nothing funny about that.
Momma: And you wet the bed until you were seven.

Venus: That is a mean little momma. Until you were seven!!!

Episode Goofs
Andy knows Venus' real name as Gordon Sims in this episode, which looks back to their first meeting. Yet in "Who Is Gordon Sims" from season one, no one knew what his real name was.

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