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SummerSlam 1991 - New York City, NY - Recap

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Dark Match:

1.Koko B. Ware defeated Kato by pinfall with a missile dropkick (07:15).

Pay-Per-View Matches:

1.Ricky Steamboat, Kerry Von Erich, & Davey Boy Smith defeated The Warlord & Power & Glory (Hercules & Paul Roma) (with Slick) when Steamboat pinned Roma with the top-rope crossbody (10:42).

2.Intercontinental Championship Match:
Bret Hart defeated Mr. Perfect [champion] (with Coach) by submission with the Sharpshooter to win the title (18:02). During the match, Bret's parents Stu and Helen and older brother Bruce were seen in the audience. After the match, Bret hugged his parents.

3.The Natural Disasters (Earthquake & Typhoon) (with Jimmy Hart) defeated The Bushwhackers (Butch & Luke) (with Andre the Giant) when Earthquake pinned Luke with the Earthquake Splash (06:27). During the match, Bobby Heenan left the commentary table to go backstage and challenge Hulk Hogan to a title match against Ric Flair. After the match, the Disasters were about to attack Andre until the Legion of Doom came down and scared them off, with Andre hitting both Disasters with his crutch.

4.Million Dollar Championship Match:
Virgil defeated Ted DiBiase [champion] (with Sensational Sherri) by pinfall to win the title after Virgil hit DiBiase's head on an exposed turnbuckle (10:53). Virgil originally won the match by disqualification when Sherri hit him in the back of the head with her loaded purse as Virgil has DiBiase in the Million Dollar Dream, but referee Earl Hebner decided to continue the match and order Sherri to go backstage or she would be suspended for life, and road agents Tony Garea and Rene Goulet then escorted Sherri back to the dressing room.

5.Jailhouse Match:
The Big Boss Man defeated The Mountie (with Jimmy Hart) by pinfall by reversing a piledriver into a throw-down slam (08:38). Pre-match stipulations stated that the loser would spend the night in the NYPD jail. After the match, Boss Man and two police officers handcuffed Mountie and took him to an NYPD vehicle backstage. Through the rest of the pay-per-view, Mountie arrived at the police station, got his mug-shot and fingerprints taken, and was thrown into a cell.

6.Street Fight for the Tag-Team Championship:
The Legion of Doom (Hawk & Animal) defeated The Nasty Boys (Brian Knobbs & Jerry Sags) [champions] (with Jimmy Hart) when Animal pinned Sags with the Doomsday Device to win the titles after both Nasties were hit with Jimmy's motorcycle helmet (07:44).

7.Irwin R. Schyster defeated Greg Valentine by pinfall with an inside cradle and grabbing Valentine's hair for leverage as Valentine attempted the Figure-4 Leg-Lock (07:07).

8.WWF Champion Hulk Hogan & The Ultimate Warrior defeated Sgt. Slaughter, Col. Mustafa, & Gen. Adnan when Hogan pinned Slaughter with the Leg Drop after throwing powder in his face, while Warrior chased both Mustafa and Adnan backstage with a steel chair (12:38). Sid Justice was the guest referee. After the match, Hogan invited Sid back into the ring where the two men posed for the fans.