Episode 1047 (Richmond, VA) - Recap

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We open with a recap video of HHH’s concussion storyline, set to his wife Stephanie McMahon’s explanation from last week. Stephanie made an executive decision to disallow HHH to compete in-ring. She’s joined by the Chairman of the Board and he concurs with the decision. We’re reminded of HHH’s collapse and his confrontation with Vince backstage. HHH leaves the arena last week, promising he’ll wrestle Curtis Axel tonight...

Now we’re live in Richmond, VA and it’s "TIME TO PLAY THE GAME". HHH’s music hits and out comes the Cerebral Assassin, in his trunks, ready to wrestle. Justin Roberts introduces The Game and tells us the match is scheduled for one fall... looks like we’re opening with in-ring action right off the bat! Cole and Lawler remind us that the McMahon family is against HHH’s decision to wrestle here, tonight.

Curtis Axel’s music hits (an awesome remix of his father’s) and out comes the third-generation superstar, accompanied by Paul Heyman. Axel looks confident, he’s grinning as he approaches the ring; Heyman looks pleased. Axel’s beard is full and luxurious... just for the record. Lawler reminds us that Axel holds a victory over HHH.

MATCH ONE: HHH vs Curtis Axel

Hunter is eager to get going and charges him into the corner right off the bat. HHH suplexes Axel and goes for an early cover. Seconds into the match and Axel is reeling... and then Mr. McMahon’s music hits, interrupting the ongoing match.
Vince approaches the ring, distracting HHH, allowing Axel to gain the upper hand. Axel tosses HHH to the floor hard and suddenly, Vince rings the bell and orders Roberts to declare Axel the winner of the match via disqualification.

The referee is confused, Roberts is confused, HHH is confused... and Axel and Heyman are ecstatic. McMahon’s music hits as Heyman and Axel taunt HHH. Helmsley heads out of the ring, gets in Roberts’ face and orders the bell be rung and the match restarted.

HHH and Axel hook up again and HHH levels his opponent... and Vince makes his way back down the ramp to a chorus of “YOU SUCK” from the crowd. McMahon forces Roberts to announce that Axel has won the match as a result of a forfeit. HHH is livid and heads back out to threaten Roberts once again.

Roberts is forced to his feet and restarts the match again, this time as a 60 minute Iron Man Match! HHH forces Roberts to call Hunter the COO... and McMahon is marching back to the ring once again.

McMahon grabs a mic and announces that Axel has won the match twice and that he is ordered to leave the ring. McMahon then steals Roberts’ microphone and the ring bell and marches to the back, once again to his music. HHH is furious in the ring as “No Chance” plays through the arena. JBL declares the McMahons the most dysfunctional family in the world.

WINNER...sort of: Curtis Axel, twice.

Hype time for the night! We’ll see Cena and Ryback go face to face in a match tonight! We’ll find out who Kaitlyn’s admirer is, and we’ll see The Big Red Monster, Kane go one-on-one with the United States Champion, Dean Ambrose! And that match is NEXT.

We’re back from commercial and a furious HHH is backstage arguing with Stephanie. Stephanie admits that her father was wrong but begs Paul (HHH’s real name) not to hurt Vince. She begins to cry, asking Paul to think of that man as the grandfather to their children. HHH agrees but tells Stephanie that she has to talk to Vince. She agrees.

Back in the arena, hellfire breaks loose and Kane makes his way to the ring. Roberts announces Kane as the first opponent in this non-title match. Cole reminds us of the issues between Kane and his tag team partner Daniel Bryan and we go to a recap from Smackdown.
In the recap, Bryan and Kane scream at each other in front of a frustrated Randy Orton.
Back in the ring, The Shield’s music hits and the three champions make their way down to the ring from the crowd. Ambrose, the United States Champion is introduced, and he gestures for the Tag Team Champions to leave and head to the back, leaving Ambrose and Kane alone in the ring.

MATCH TWO: Kane vs United States Champion Dean Ambrose

The referee calls for the bell, but the bell is missing thanks to Mr. McMahon. The match gets underway sans bell and Kane takes the fight to the US Champion. Kane goes for a quick cover, then follows up with a gunpacket dropkick to a seated Ambrose and tries to cover again. Back up, the Big Red Monster irish whips Ambrose, catches him and hits a huge backbreaker. Kane beats Ambrose into the corner and throws a hard irish whip into the opposing turnbuckle. Ambrose is selling his back when Kane grabs him and bends Ambrose backwards over his knee. A second referee rushes ringside with a new ringbell, to a pop from the crowd.

In the ring, Kane tosses Ambrose outside and follows to continue to work over the Champ. It has been all Kane at this point, even reversing Ambrose’s one attempt at offence--a springboard off of the ring steps. Ambrose is sprawled on the floor and we head to commercial.

We’re back from commercial and now Ambrose is in control, with Kane in a rear chinlock. Ambrose transitions to a dragon sleeper hold and Kane fights his way out. Kane fires away with fists but Ambrose keeps up the pressure, hitting a running dropkick against Kane while on the ropes. The in-picture shows Orton and Bryan watching this match together in the back in the WWE app.

Ambrose has Kane prone on the mat, working on the big man’s knees. He flips Kane to his stomach and tries a submission but Kane powers out. Ambrose heads to the middle rope and goes for a tornado ddt, but Kane tosses him off! Kane shakes out the cobwebs and gives Ambrose time to get back on the attack but he runs into a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker from Kane. A near fall for Kane who then tosses the Champ into the corner... then to the opposing corner. He floors Ambrose and then follows with a signature side-slam. Another near-fall for Kane and he heads to the top rope!

Ambrose cuts Kane off and tries a superplex, but Kane knocks him back and nails his top-rope lariat. Kane calls for a chokeslam... and Rollins & Reins, the tag team champs, charge the ring and cause a DQ. Orton and Bryan hit the ring and even up the odds--the Shield are cleared to the outside and retreat as the crowd chants “YES!” for Bryan. Kane’s music hits, the winner by disqualification.


Kane, Bryan, and Orton eye each other uneasily in the ring as we head to a hype package for the Payback ppv. It’s announced that the digital preshow match will feature Sheamus vs Damien Sandow. That’s on Sunday.

Lawler explains that it’s time to vote whether Seth Rollins or Roman Reigns will face Daniel Bryan here tonight... and the other Tag Champion will face Randy Orton one-on-one! After the commercial, Lawler is in-ring and it’s announced that Bryan will face Rollins tonight, leaving Orton vs. Reigns. Cole informs us that it’s the first time that Bryan and Rollins have faced off one-on-one on Raw. We see a recap from Smackdown where Bryan accidentally kicked Orton and eats an RKO from the Apex Predator after the match.

Backstage, Orton, Kane, and Bryan are arguing over what happened on Smackdown. Kane gets in Bryan’s face and Bryan thinks he’s belittling his ability. Kane screams at both men and tells them to forget about each other and focus on the Shield. Bryan mocks Orton’s tattoos and tells him that he isn’t afraid of The Viper.

Vickie Guerrero arrives and announces that at Payback it’ll be Bryan teaming with Orton challenging for the tag titles, as a result of winning the Smackdown match by disqualification. Kane is angry that he’s left out of the match... and Vickie informs him that he’ll be getting a shot at the United States title at Payback. Kane tells her that he’s always liked her and gives Vickie a big ol’ sweaty hug.

"I CAME TO PLAY" hits the arena and The Miz makes his way to the ring.

We see a recap of Miz scoring the win over the Intercontinental Champion Wade Barrett last week, thanks to a distraction from Fandango.

Back live and Wade Barrett has joined the announce table to watch the upcoming match... which was supposed to be The Miz vs. Fandango. It’s announced that Fandango has suffered a concussion on the road and has been removed from the Triple Threat match for the Intercontinental Title at Payback. Barrett is even more confident now that it’s one-on-one against Miz on Sunday.

MATCH THREE: The Miz vs. Cody Rhodes

In the ring, Miz starts with the upper hand, hitting his diving clothesline in the corner early. He pauses in the ropes to stare down the IC Champion, at ringside. Rhodes takes the upper hand and begins to work on Miz’ knee, quickly twisting Miz into a submission hold. Barrett and JBL mock Michael Cole outside the ring, as Rhodes kicks Miz’ knee and thigh. Back to the mat, Rhodes works the left leg, knee and ankle of Miz. Rhodes goes for a knee-breaker but Miz rolls through and immediately pulls Rhodes into a figure-four leglock for the win.


Rhodes taps quickly and Barrett approaches the ring to pick on a limping and wounded Miz... but none other than Paul Heyman interrupts on the ramp.

Heyman explains that Vickie Guerrero has ordered a Triple Threat match for the Intercontinental Title at Payback, despite the fact that Fandango is injured and unable to compete. Heyman announced that the third competitor in that match for the Intercontinental Championship will be CURTIS AXEL.
Axel comes out and tells Miz and Barrett that the “perfect” ending to the match on Sunday will be with Curtis Axel as the new Intercontinental Champion.

A hype video airs promising the return of The World’s Strongest Man, Mark Henry. The Hall of Pain returns next Monday.

We see Chris Jericho backstage, heading to the ring to discuss his Payback match against CM Punk.

After a recap, we see Stephanie trying to talk to her father backstage but Vince won’t turn around. Stephanie chastises her father for embarrassing Hunter, which finally gets his attention. Vince heard what the pair had to say about him and he’s furious that HHH made his baby girl cry... Stephanie interrupts and explains that no, Vince made her cry. Vince explains that business comes first, even with family. He tells Stephanie to keep HHH away from him.

"BREAK THE WALLS DOWN!" Chris Jericho’s music hits and the man with the finest jacket in North America poses on the entranceway.
We see a recap of Punk’s music distracting Jericho on Smackdown, costing Jericho a pinfall loss to Curtis Axel.

Back live, Y2J is in the ring with a microphone. He welcomes us to Raw is Jericho! He tells us that he’s said that many times over the years... he’s faced some of the greatest performers in the history of the WWE... but the man who takes him to the limit is CM Punk. The crowd chants for Punk.

Jericho puts over Punk’s talents, saying both men believe they are the best in the world. He describes the similarities between himself and Punk, continuing to compliment his opponent. This Sunday at Payback: Punk v Jericho III. Jericho promises that at Payback, Punk will get him at his very best. Jericho needs to beat Punk and promises that after Punk v Jericho III, neither man will EEEEEEVER be the same--

And the World Heavyweight Champion interrupts with AJ Lee and Big E Langston!

Ziggler speaks from the stage, making his return to Raw. He talks about his concussion almost taking his Championship away from him. Ziggler says he earned the title even though no one wanted him to have it and that at Payback he will outclass Alberto del Rio. He does what he does better than anyone else in the business--

“Blah blah blah blah blah” says Jericho, from the ring. He tells Ziggler that Sunday is a long way away and that they’re live on Raw. Jericho suggest a tune-up match for both men RIGHT HERE, RIGHT NOW.

Ziggler agrees... on behalf of Big E Langston. It’s Langston vs. Jericho as the big man makes his way down the ramp with AJ Lee & the World Champion.

MATCH FOUR: Big E Langston vs. Chris Jericho

Back from commercial, the match has been underway and Jericho is already limping outside the ring. Langston tosses Y2J back in the ring and gets a near fall. Langston works Jericho’s trapezius muscle and beats Jericho into the ropes. Jericho low-bridges the big man who spills to the outside and Jericho hypes the crowd. Jericho dives through the ropes feet-first and drops the big man. Langston and Jericho trade shots on the outside as the ref counts. Langston sends Jericho into the steel steps, back into the ring for a near fall. Ziegler watches from the outside as he watches Langston take Jericho apart in the corner.

Jericho tries to turn the tide but is dropped hard once again. Big E works the trapezius again mid-ring. Jericho wills himself back in with kicks and chops but he can’t knock Langston down. Finally, an enzuguiri drops Langston and Jericho gets a near fall. Kicks and punches are traded until Langston catches Y2J and hits three consecutive backbreakers over his knee... but Y2J kicks out!

Langston looks frustrated and Jericho creates separation, heads to the top rope... crossbody!! Jericho gets a near fall and Ziggler distracts on the apron. Langston floors Jericho and drops his tight straps over his fallen prey...

The crowd pops as del Rio rushes the ring and takes out Ziggler on the outside! Langston is distracted, turns around into a CODEBREAKER! Jericho takes the match.

WINNER: Chris Jericho

Jericho celebrates as del Rio taunts Ziggler on the ramp.

After a commercial, Sin Cara’s music hits and we’re ready for another match!
Zeb Coulter has joined the announce team and declares that Cara has no respect for America because he wears a mask.

Antonio Cesaro makes his entrance... this match should be good.

MATCH FIVE: Sin Cara vs. Antonio Cesaro

Cesaro imposes his will immediately and sends Cara out of the ring as Cole and Lawler argue with Coulter. Coulter accuses Cara as being an illegal immigrant as Cara turns the tables on Cesaro with some high flying. Cesaro knocks Cara off the top rope and delivers some vicious stomps.

Cesaro with a huge deadlift gut wrench suplex as Coulter puts over Cesaro’s in-ring ability. Cesaro hits a powerslam and gets a near fall. Cesaro grabs a chin lock but Cara reverses with a jawbreaker. Cara hits a double tilt-a-whirl hurricanrana, followed up by a sunset flip power bomb and Cesaro is on the ropes. Cara dives from the top and Cesaro catches him and hits a tilt-a-whirl slam. An awful lot of tilt-a-whirls being hit, here. Cesaro muscles Cara into the Neutralizer for the three count. Good match between these two--too short, alas.

WINNER: Antonio Cesaro

Cole puts over Cara’s performance and Coulter insults Cara for being Mexican.
We get another vignette for Bray Wyatt and the Wyatt family, promising us that monsters are very real. “We’re comin’.”

Vickie and Brad Maddox are in the back eating Hardee’s burgers. Mr. McMahon interrupts Vickie’s meal. Vince criticizes Vickie for putting Cena and Ryback face-to-face, jeopardizing the Three Stages of Hell match at Payback. Maddox weasels them out of the confrontation and declares it a win for “Team Brickie.” Brad + Vickie. Get it?

Randy Orton’s music hits and the Viper makes his way to the ring to face one half of the Tag Team Champions, Roman Reigns.

Before Reigns enters, Bryan’s music hits and he enters to a huge pop. The crowd chants “YES!” as Bryan joins his new tag partner for Sunday, Orton, in the ring.

Reigns makes his way through the crowd and Rollins joins him at ringside.

[MATCH SIX: Randy Orton vs. WWE Tag Team Champion Roman Reigns

Bryan and Rollins are in their partner’s corners and Orton locks up with his larger opponent. Cole puts over the Viper as a nine-time World Champion as Orton and Reigns trade blows in the corner. Orton takes the upper hand and begins to stop Reigns’ limbs, Ronnie Garvin style. A running knee drop from Orton gets a near fall. Reigns rolls to the outside and Orton pursues his prey. Orton drops Reigns and stares down Rollins on the outside.

Back in the ring, Orton gets a near fall as Reigns is in a rare, defensive position. Orton misses a jumping knee drop and sells the knee. Rollins is barking orders to Reigns, who moves to the attack.

Reigns delivers head-butts to a downed Orton, dazing his opponent. Reigns delivers right hands as JBL puts over The Shield. Orton hits a Lou Thesz Press and pounds Reigns on the mat. Into the corner now, Orton delivers ten right hands from the middle rope and a couple head-butts of his own for good measure. Reigns delivers a stiff punch as Randy was hung on the rope, sending Orton to the floor and us to a commercial break.

Back from commercial and Reigns has a chin lock on Orton mid-ring. Bryan gets the crowd into the match, trying to will his partner to fight out of the lock. Randy gets to his feet with right hands but Reigns hotshots him on the top rope and follows up with a huge shot for a near fall. Reigns is taunting a downed Orton as Rollins shouts from outside. A “Randy!” chant breaks out in the crowd as Reigns returns to a chin lock. After the crowd wills him up, Orton delivers a back suplex and Reigns is on the mat. Both men are selling the effects of the match and Orton begins to pick up the pace. Lariat, lariat, power slam and Orton is rolling. Randy hits his rear chin lock backbreaker and follows with his hanging mid-rope DDT. Vintage Orton, calls Cole! The Richmond crowd is red-hot and Orton prepares for an RKO...

Rollins charges the ring and Orton tosses him out--Bryan hits a huge suicide-plancha through the ropes, taking out the Tag Champions and the referee calls the match a no contest.

WINNER: No Contest.

The ref immediately calls for Bryan vs. Rollins, no time to waste!

MATCH SEVEN: Daniel Bryan vs. WWE Tag Team Champion Seth Rollins

Bryan is rolling and drops Rollins with a throw and some kicks. JBL puts over Bryan as the best he has ever been. Bryan hits a kitchensink kneelift and works Rollins with kicks to the back. At least eight kicks followed by knees and Rollins is helpless, neutralized mid-ring. Nearfall for Bryan as this crowd is very hot for D-Bry.

The fight spills to the outside as Orton and Reigns watch on. Bryan hits a flying knee to the face and gets a nearfall back in the ring. Finally, Rolins tries to fight back but Bryan goes right back to the attack--until Rollins flatlines Bryan facefirst into the bottom turnbuckle!

Nearfall for Rollins, who is now in control.
Rollins mocks Bryan on the mat and then pulls Bryan into a full surfboard stretch! Beautiful move, but Bryan counters out! Rollins is on the mat... and Bryan steps into a beautiful surfboard stretch of his own! Bryan locks in a dragon sleeper from the surfboard position! Rollins is contorted but he manages to break the hold. Both men are exhausted, the crowd is hot, it’s commercial time.

Back live and Rollins has a chinlock on Bryan. The Shield loves chinlocks, I am learning.
Bryan fights out and the crowd loves every blow he lands. Bryan off the ropes into a HUGE shoulderblock from Rollins, catching The Goat right in the jaw. Rollins locks another chinlock and Bryan is on his side.

Bryan fights back again and we get trading Boo/Yay punches... but this crowd makes them No/Yes! punches!! Bryan pulls Rollins into a halfcrab but Rollins makes it to the bottom rope. Bryan is kicking Rollins in the corner and backs up for a beautiful dropkick to the face, followed by a dropkick to a seated Rollins, reeling from the first one. Nearfall and Bryan is on fire. Five kicks to Rollins’ chest but Rollins pops up into an enzuguiri! Nearfall for Rollins as the crowd boos.

Both men are exhausted as Rollins begins to deliver some chest kicks of his own... one... two... third is ducked! Rollins tries a German suplex but Bryan backflips to his feet! Two more counters and both men are down! Rollins is frustrated, tossing Bryan into the corner and beating him down. “Let’s Go Bryan!” chants from the crowd.

Bryan tosses Rollins with a backbody drop to the outside and goes for the suicide plancha--blocked! Rollins dives from the top rope--Bryan reverses! STIFF kick from Bryan to Rollins’ head and it’s a nearfall for Bryan! Bryan’s mouth is bleeding as he heads to the top rope...

Rollins cuts him off and Bryan is hung up!

Cole and JBL put over this match. Rollins sets up for a superplex but Bryan reverses... Bryan tries a toprope back superplex but Rollins turns into a crossbody in mid-air!
Both men are down and pulling themselves to their feet in opposing corners. The crowd chants “This is awesome!” Reigns tries to get involved and Orton pulls him off the apron--Rollins charges and Bryan rolls him up for the 3-count!!

Bryan’s music hits but Rollins attacks out of frustration... and turns into an RKO from Orton! Orton’s music hits and the newly-formed Team RK-No is united mid-ring!

WINNER: Daniel Bryan

We see Kaitlyn backstage, heading to the ring, ready to meet her secret admirer... what could possibly go wrong?

Back from commercial and the Divas Champion is in the ring, asking the Secret Admirer to show themselves.

Big E Langston’s music hits, and out comes the big man in street clothes with a humongous bouquet of flowers!

Langston walks to the ring looking nervous and bashful... a strange mix with his music. Kaitlyn appears stunned and uncertain.

Big E hands the flowers to Kaitlyn and takes the mic. He tells her he knows this is weird and it’s hard for him... people only see him as a big, bad tough guy, they think all he cares about is beating people up, but he cares about more than that--he cares about her.
Kaitlyn is skeptical. Langston trips over his words and tells her that she’s all he can think of, he just didn’t know how to tell her. Big E drops the mic and bends Kaitlyn back for a kiss..... and then tosses her on her back!!
AJ Lee’s music hits and Lee skips to the ring as Langston marches to the back. AJ mocks Kaitlyn as Kaitlyn looks humiliated on the mat. AJ talks about how Daniel Bryan, CM Punk, John Cena all used her for a year and Kaitlyn was too busy chasing the Divas Championship to help. AJ orchestrated the whole thing.

AJ promises that she can beat Kaitlyn mentally and says she’s going to shove Kaitlyn off of her pedestal. AJ calls Kaitlyn trash and the Divas Champion bursts into tears.

AJ says that the only thing Kaitlyn has that is worth anything is the Divas Championship and, come Sunday at Payback, she won’t even have that--AJ is going to get everything she’s ever wanted and Kaitlyn will go back to whatever trailerpark she came from.
Kaitlyn attacks AJ! Screaming, the Champion goes wild, beating AJ to the mat until Lee spills to the outside... and AJ starts to laugh. AJ blows her Payback opponent a kiss and skips to the back as her music plays.

We get another creepy vignette from the Wyatt Family. “We’re Coming--Run.”

Back from commercial and we see a recap of Sheamus destroying Sandow’s supercomputer on Smackdown. Sandow floors the Celtic Warrior.
Back live and Damien Sandow enters to his music with a microphone. Sandow declares himself the winner of the battle of wits with Sheamus. Sandow pledges to defeat Sheamus at the Payback preshow.

R-Truth’s music hits and enters to lock it up with Sandow!

MATCH EIGHT: R-Truth vs Damien Sandow

Truth begins by mocking and infuriating Sandow and an enraged Sandow drops the Suntanned Superman. Sandow beats Truth on the mat and then tosses him hard to the floor outside. Sandow pursues Truth and bashes his spine into the apron and wraps the ring apron over Truth’s head! Truth is dazed and confused, walking into a snapmare takeover by Sandow. Truth tries to fight back and Sandow hits a Russian legsweep. The Elbow of Disdain gets Sandow a nearfall. Sandow grabs a chinlock.
Truth fights out into a huge dropkick, followed by two lariats and a legscissor takedown. Truth calls “What’s Up?” and hits a front face suplex. Sandow chops the leg of Truth and hits The Silencer for the win!

WINNER: Damian Sandow

Sheamus’ music hits as Sandow celebrates and Sheamus is on the ramp. Sheamus has a mic and tells Sandow he wants to congratulate him for a hard fought victory. He tells Sandow that Damian has his attention and says that at Payback Kickoff, Sheamus is going to kick off Sandow’s head.

Backstage, Stephanie tells an assistant she is looking for Mr. McMahon and needs to talk to him about some urgent business... she then sends another aid to look for HHH, claiming she needs to talk to him about something personal! She’s sent both men to the same office... and she looks rather proud of herself.

We’re offered a recap of the Ryback Rampage: putting Cena through the entrance at Extreme Rules and putting Kofi Kingston through three tables and out of action. Ryback declares himself the Devil and he’s taking John Cena to Hell.

Team Brickie leads the locker room out to the ring as Lumberjacks for the upcoming Lumberjack match between Ryback and John Cena.

Back from commercial and Vine and Stephanie are in the back, joined by HHH. Vince and HHH begin arguing. Stephanie shouts them both down and tells them they have to work this out because she’s sick and tired of it. Vince tells HHH he should have been bigger than this... he’s telling him he’s accomplished enough. Vince tells HHH it’s time for him to be the man and take over the reins of the company... it’s time for HHH to hang it up. HHH says he understands what Vince is doing. Vince says he wants to show HHH that he is the bigger man and offers him the match with Curtis Axel next week... but HHH turns it down. He says Vince is right, he doesn’t need it. Now, Vince says he would actually like to see it, so the match is on. HHH says he just said he doesn’t want it. The men begin to argue again and Stephanie returns and asks for a family hug. The men bicker but finally give in and all three share a family hug. So do we get the match next week or not??

Back in the arena, the theme music of the WWE Champion, John Cena, fills the arena. Cena enters looking serious and tells the ramp camera that “Payback’s comin’.”

Cena enters the ring, surrounded by Lumberjacks. Cole reminds us that a Lumberjack match is the first stage of the Three Stages of Hell match for the WWE Championship this Sunday on Payback.

An ambulance siren rings through the arena and an ambulance backs up beside the stage, revealing Ryback entering to his music.
We’re all set for our ninth match of the night until... Ryback starts to back up the ramp?

Cena grabs a mic and tells Ryback that their hyped face-to-face means they actually get in the ring and face each other. Ryback has a mic and begins to argue, but Cena details the three stages of Hell coming up in the WWE Championship match at Payback. Cena claims Ryback is scared to face him.

Ryback assures that he could tear through Cena, he could tear through all of the Lumberjacks, and he’s refusing to come to the ring for Cena’s benefit, not his own.

Cena says Ryback has sent a lot of messages lately and Cena gets the message: Ryback does damage. But he doesn’t deserve to be the WWE Champion.

Ryback tells him that he should have already been the WWE Champion three times over--he bested Punk before the lights went out, he beat Cena down before The Shield attacked, even back at Hell in a Cell--

Cena interrupts: He gave Ryback his own spot in that match!

Ryback says he got too good, too fast and he scared Cena.

Cena tells him to shut up. He’s fired up. He tells Ryback he’s genetically gifted but he spends all of his time blaming everyone else for his own failures. Cena says on Sunday he’s walking into Hell but he’s walking out saying “The Champ is Here!”

Ryback says he can see Cena and Cena’s full of crap. Ryback says he isn’t backing down. The legend of John Cena doesn’t grow anymore--it ends at Payback. It ends when Ryback finally becomes WWE Champion.
Eight months ago, Cena gave him his spot. This Sunday? Ryback takes his spot.
Cena takes off his shirt and gets ready for battle. “This Sunday? Payback’s a bitch!”

Cena tries to charge the ramp but the Lumberjacks push him back. Ryback charges the ring and the Lumberjacks pull the two competitors apart. Ryback and Cena are being held apart by the whole Raw locker room as Monday Night Raw goes off the air!

Color Commentator: Adam J. Langton