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Season 6

106 :06x01 - The Fighting McLains

When an undercover agent is killed, Walker tries to track the killer with a convict with inside connections. But the plan goes wrong when the murdered agent's brother, an AWOL Marine, tries to take justice into his own hands. Walker must get to the killer before the Marine and his other siblings take the law into their own hands.
Guest Stars: James Pickens, Jr. as Staff Sergeant Luther Parrish | David Caprita as Max Savalo | Keri Jo Chapman as Belle Starr McLain | Antoni Corone as Sid Jarvis | Bart Johnson as Wyatt McLain | Stephen Quadros as Corporal John Wesley 'J.W' McLain | Tava Smiley as Jessie McLain | Patrick St. Esprit as Jack Garrett | Hank Stone as Jake Reed | Grady McGardel as U.S. Marshall
Director: Tony Mordente

107 :06x02 - Iceman

When Walker busts an explosives expert who is in town to work a big job, he is surprised to find that he looks just like Charlie Brooks, the accountant Walker arrested awhile back. To make up for his community service, Walker sends Charlie in to try to help the Rangers bust the job before it strikes somewhere in the city.
Guest Stars: Carmen Argenziano as George Vickers | Christine Brent as Erica Sloan | Jackson Burns as Mechanic | Vince Deadrick, Jr. as Flynn | Diamond Farnsworth as Kyle | Billy Gallo as Ortiz | Tanner Gill as Nash | Charles Homet as Agent Doug Foster | Richard Jackson (4) as Guard #1 | Terry Kiser as Charlie Brooks / Maxwell 'Iceman' Cronert | Steven Lambert as Tough #1 | Carl Savering as Bartender | Brandon Smith (2) as Theodore 'Ted' Magill | Jacob Smith as Ross Sloan | Todd Terry as Dr. Brown | Reina Rhodes as Nurse |
Uncredited: LynNita Puma as Police

108 :06x03 - Lucas (1)

When Walker finds a young malnourished boy during a meth lab raid, he grows extremely close to the boy. Walker and the boy have a lot of similarities in their childhood and the boy's mother has been taken hostage by her meth addicted boyfriend. Walker decides to keep the boy with him and teach him many of the things he knows of life while he and Trivette search for the boy's mother.
Guest Stars: Patrick Amos as DPS Officer McKay | Justin Chapman as Young Cordell Walker | Brion James as Rafer Cobb | Michael Johnson (9) as Cy Davis | Constance Jones as Sharon Stafford | Jonathan Joss as Young Raymond 'Ray' Firewalker | Melissa McBride as Dr. Rachel Woods | Haley Joel Osment as Lucas Simms | Diane Perella as Kate Martin | Mackenzie Phillips as Ellen Simms | Brent Brokeshoulder as Young Sam Coyote | Johnny Brokeshoulder as Young Johnny Red Bear

109 :06x04 - Lucas (2)

After Lucas' mother passes away, Walker struggles with how to tell Lucas of his condition. However, with a trip to the reservation for some soul searching, and the toughness of the young boy, they face the problem together. But all the while, the meth dealer who left Lucas' mom for dead is still after the boy who holds the key to his riches and freedom.
Guest Stars: Eloy Casados as Sheriff Sam Coyote | Justin Chapman as Young Cordell Walker | Brion James as Rafer Cobb | Jonathan Joss as Young Raymond Firewalker | Robert Lott as Herb Cantrell | Sonny Mascar as Young White Eagle | Melissa McBride as Dr. Rachel Woods | Haley Joel Osment as Lucas Simms | Diane Perella as Kate Martin | Mackenzie Phillips as Ellen Simms | Frank Sotonoma Salsedo as White Eagle | Kara Jenkins as Lisa Cantrell
Songs: Gino Vanelli & Anton Vanelli -- Rose In December

110 :06x05 - Forgotten People

When a friend of Trivette's has an issue with her father at a nursing home, Trivette gets an uneasy feeling about the establishment. After further investigation, things seem fishy. Suspecting that the doctors at the nursing home are experimenting on patients with Alzheimer's, Walker and Trivette send in C.D. undercover to try to get to the bottom of the issue before any other patients turn up deceased.
Guest Stars: Gail Strickland as Dr. Janet Monroe | John Swasey as Derrick | Mark Hankla as Fisher | Melody Jones as Woman | Michael Krawic as Dr. John Daniels | Elbert Lewis as Joshua Patrick Leonard | Lou Michaels as M.E. Kim | Peyton Park as Old Man | Vanessa Paul as Paula Leonard | Charlie Rogers as Sam Wilson | Harold Suggs as Mr. Collinswood | Gwen Verdon as Maisie Whitman | Carlos Machado as Orderly
Director: Tony Mordente

111 :06x06 - Last of a Breed (1)

While visiting the Texas Ranger Hall of Fame, Walker begins the legendary story of Hayes Cooper for a group of school children. An outlaw with a soft spot, Cooper rides into a small Texas town and comes to the aid of a struggling rancher, whom a local tycoon is trying to get rid of. With his first real friends in a long time, Cooper fights to save their ranch, but the consequences could be deadly.
Guest Stars: Lucien Douglas as Charles | Ed Lauter as Silas 'Si' Bedoe | Rhonda Aldrich as Mary Wilson | Joseph Bottoms as Tom Wilson | Forrest Broadley as Sheriff Arthur Rivers | Lee De Broux as Thaddeus | Jesse James (1) as Jeb Wilson | Wayne Pére as Cuadroza | Jamie Rose as Sarah Rose | Boots Southerland as Nick Coleman | Marshall Teague as Rudd Kilgore | Charles Young (1) as Cole Hawkins | Zachary Wagstaff-smith as Mike

112 :06x07 - Last of a Breed (2)

After the quiet life Hayes Cooper had hoped for is ruined, he goes on the trail of the outlaws who wrecked it. It leads him all across Texas, and eventually to a badge as a Texas Ranger. But the man he is after is known for his draw - and Cooper has to be quick or he will wind up like another famous ranger who faced this outlaw...
Guest Stars: Lucien Douglas as Charles | Ed Lauter as Silas Bedoe | Rhonda Aldrich as Mary Wilson | Joseph Bottoms as Tom Wilson | Forrest Broadley as Sheriff Arthur Rivers | Jack Caffrey as Ortiz | Lee De Broux as Thaddeus | Douglas Doran as Businessman | Robert Fuller as Ranger Cabe Wallace | Bob Green as Longcoat #1 | Jesse James (1) as Jeb Wilson | Wayne Pére as Cuadroza | Jamie Rose as Sarah Rose | Boots Southerland as Nick Coleman | James Tarwater as Groat | Marshall Teague as Rudd Kilgore | Ivan Brutsche as Purvis | Fredrick Lopez as Ringboned Wolf | Zachary Wagstaff-smith as Mike | Charles Young (1) as Cole Hawkins | Greg Surdukan as Slim Dragon | Richard Dunn as Longcoat #2

113 :06x08 - Brainchild

When Walker is contacted by a young boy who says he is in danger, he and Trivette run into a wall trying to find information about the place the boy says he escaped from. Once found, the boy and his super computer help Walker and Trivette to track down multiple cover-ups the company has taken in its attempt to keep the boy and his special powers under their control.
Guest Stars: Cam Clarke as A.R.T. | Anne Lockhart as Linda Morgan | Paul Gleason as Dr. Harold Payton | Sharon Bunn as Nurse Stuart | Craig Erickson as Mack Sloan | David Gallagher as Chad Morgan | Ken Greaves as Lieutenant Fowler | Billy Maddox as J.J. Garson | Joe Nemmers as Security Guard | Penny Peyser as Dr. Vera Haines | Spencer Prokop as Morton J. Wilkens | James Van Harper as Police Officer | Marvin Maxwell as Driver

114 :06x09 - Mr. Justice

Walker and Trivette begin a camp for felons to try to turn their lives around as the Texas prison system is getting full. Walker's program, run like a boot camp, comes under pressure from legislators who feel it is a bad idea. When some things at the camp don't go as planned, Walker must show everyone that the camp can change lives before it is closed down for good.
Guest Stars: Rainbow Borden as Mickey Mattucci | Lombardo Boyar as Luis 'Flaco' Lopez | Brett Brock as Troy Peretti | Erick Carrillo as Jesus Rainbow | Phyllis Cicero as Kimberly Johnson | Richard Folmer as Commissioner Mark Simpson | Grant Garrison as William 'Billy Boy' Cody | Frank Harvey as Darryl 'Cool' Waters | Brian Holechek as Mike | Kay Bailey Hutchison as Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison | Manning Mpinduzi-Mott as Sergeant Blake Lewis | Matthew Smith (4) as Miguel | Zack Ward as Jerry 'Mad Dog' Sullivan | Clarence Williams III as Deputy Commissioner Luther Dobbs | Rugg Williams as Clifton Harris | Ramjasha Rhodes as Mohammed Black | J.R. Loredo as KJ Jones
Director: Eric Norris

115 :06x10 - Rainbow's End

When some friends of Walker's enter into a thoroughbred match race, they pick the wrong owner to race against. With an evil streak, he will stop at nothing to prevent Walker's friends from winning the race - even if that means killing. Walker must find a way to help them before they lose everything they have.
Guest Stars: John Beck as Max Elson | Troy Grant as Clocker | Nik Hagler as Red Armstrong | Constance Jones as Sharon Stafford | Marc MacAulay as Holt | Randolph Mantooth as James Lee Crown | Molly McClure as Sally Calhoun | Miles Mutchler as Wes Calhoun | Bryan Rasmussen as Barber | Steve Shearer as Lee Kincaid | Jeff Smolek as Reese | Russell Towery as Hall | Wally Welch as Track Worker | Lea Moreno Young as Jo Elson | Scott Shattuck as Security | Franklin Turner as Jockey
Director: Eric Norris

116 :06x11 - A Woman's Place

When one of Walker's old friends begins to work construction in Dallas, she comes across some fishy construction from the Super and the Foreman. Fellow co-workers advise her to keep her mouth shut because the site has been known to have "accidents." When Walker's friend refuses to keep quiet, Walker must help her take down the crooked builders before they get to her and her family.
Guest Stars: Alan Ackles as Alan Steele | Ed Amatrudo as Lloyd Becker | Carl Ciarfalio as Riley | Blue Deckert as Tim Carson | Peter Paul DeLeo as Michael Paine | Gil Glasgow as Nash | Jim Henry as Joseph Milch | Dennis Letts as Paul Gellis | Andy McAvin as Desk Clerk | Mozelle Moses-Felder as Florence Grimes | Chris Mulkey as Foreman Cox | Bob Reed as Paramedic | Jack Watkins as Bob Hanson | Silvia Moore as Alfre LaTiesha Grimes | Ken Esther as Hard Hat | Kasha Sterling as Keesha Grimes
Director: Gregg Champion

117 :06x12 - Small Blessings

When two recently adopted children Walker knows run away from their new home, the Rangers go to work finding them. The children end up tied up in another Ranger investigation into illegal sweat shops. Walker must find the kids before they end up like others associated with the shops.
Guest Stars: Myrna Cabello as Maria Ramirez | Christopher Carlos as Paul | Charles Homet as Agent Doug Foster | Mercedes Kastner as Cathy Jones | Leo Lee as Tony Chan | Jeremy Lelliott as Derek Jones | Suzi McLaughlin as Dina Lawrence | Willie Minor as Stu | Mike Mireles as Hector Garcia | Brett Rice as Danny Barnes | Morgana Shaw as Amy Barnes | Burt Young as Jack 'Soldier' Belmont | Delores Herron as Elderly Lady |
Uncredited: Jackson Burns as Thug #2
Director: Eric Norris
Writer: Bob Gookin

118 :06x13 - Tribe

A research dig is going on at the Reservation and a friend of Walker's is mesmerized by the woman running the show. When she shows up dead after rejecting his proposal for marriage, Walker must find a way to prove his innocence while uncovering the deeper activities occuring at the research site.
Guest Stars: Brent Anderson as Agent Bill Coopersmith | Tomas Arana as Jack Mandell | Eloy Casados as Sheriff Samuel 'Sam' Coyote | Rutherford Cravens as Dick Corman | Mark Dalton as Webb | Kerrie Keane as Dr. Nora Shannon | Branscombe Richmond as Deputy George Black Fox | Ned Romero as Judge Henry Fivekills | Paul Pender as Garson |
Uncredited: John M. Jackson as Bad Guy | George Marshall Ruge as Jones
Director: Jerry Jameson

119 :06x14 - Saving Grace

When a group of dangerous prisoners escapes while being transported, they escape to a church that has significance to their leader. The problem is compounded when it turns out Alex and her battered women group are meeting at the church. With Alex and others hostage, Walker has to find a way to save them all before hostages start being killed.
Guest Stars: Barbara Bain as Mother Superior | Thomas Wilson Brown as Matthew 'Matt' 'Preacher' Walsh | Margaret Bush as Cora | Ousaun Elam as Fred Corley | J.D. Evermore as Kyle Finley | Tanner Gill as Bus Driver | Stuart Greer as Ted Macy | Tim Parati as Tanner | Gina Stewart as Mallory | Nance Watkins as Julie Haskins | Amanda Welles as Bonnie Sutherland | Lisa Wilcox (1) as Sister Mary Grace (Canfield nee Walsh) | Tom Young as Floyd | Will Zahrn as Brady Reese | Lou Perryman as Prison Guard | Howard Jackson, Jr. as Hardcase | Roderick Pearson as Police Officer |
Uncredited: LynNita Puma as Police
Director: Jerry Jameson

120 :06x15 - Money Talks

C.D. is hired as the interim security director at a posh resort. When the resort is prepping to host a party featuring some of the richest men in the region, the governor calls on the Rangers to provide some extra security, which turns out to be timely when an inside plot to extort millions from the party patrons is put into full effect.
Guest Stars: Kevin Cooney as David Bracken | Michael Costello as Morgan Daniels | Richard Dillard as Charles Sanderson | Ken Farmer as Howard Barclay | Tony Hugghins as Tony Ash | Jonny Mars as Parking Attendant | Gary Moody as Walt Kimber | Holly Pelham as Tiffany Mills | Mitch Pileggi as Paul Grady | Lee Ritchey as Commissioner Johnson | Mark Stefanich as Chet Porter | Rheagan Wallace as Kelly Sanderson | Ryan Wickerham as Jerry | Marilyn Dodds Frank as Sheriff Annie Wilkins | Alan Kopischke as Benjamin 'Ben' Davis |
Uncredited: LynNita Puma as Police | George Marshall Ruge as Mercenary
Director: Tony Mordente

121 :06x16 - Crusader

A woman and her son have fled to Dallas after she witnesses a murder. But the killer is on her tail and its up to Walker and her husband, a pro wrestler, to protect their son and stop the killer before he gets to anyone of them.
Guest Stars: George DelHoyo as Antonio 'Tony' Ernesto Ramos | Katherine Bongfeldt as Jane Grover | Vinnie Curto as Goon #1 | Ike Gingrich as Goon #2 | Marty Ingels as Murray | Clay Jeter as Jake Conway | Clay M. Lindley as Transit Cop | Carlos May as Joe Cortino | Don Pike as Passing Motorist | Roddy Piper as Cody 'The Crusader' Conway | Linda Purl as Barbara Cortino | Randy Tallman as Dr. Aaron Markham | Chris Brown (5) as Officer Franco
Director: Rich Thorne

122 :06x17 - In God's Hands

During a chase for a group of robbers, Trivette mistakenly shoots a little boy, putting him in critical condition. Faced with the impending investigation consequences and guilt, Trivette is unreachable by anyone, including Walker. Walker has to find a way to comfort his friend or overcome this issue before it brings down his partner.
Guest Stars: Rodger Boyce as Commander Williams | Rhonda Dotson as Mrs. McGee | Kaj-Erik Eriksen as Ted McGee | Bill Jenkins as Sergeant Ben Rodgers | Jackson Kane as Clerk | Paul Kirby as Dr. Greene | Sal Landi as Kroeger | Brian Mathis as Mike McGee | David New as Lieutenant Moffett | Jeff Peaden as Molten | Robert Treveiler as Chip Webster | Laura Lee Coorpender as Nurse |
Uncredited: Jackson Burns as Militiaman

123 :06x18 - Undercover

Walker takes on a case with old friend and Detective, Carlos Sandoval requiring Carlos to go undercover with a dangerous drug king. But when the cartel finds out his true identity before the Rangers decide to bust the operation, Carlos may find himself six feet under before anyone can take down the operation
Guest Stars: Jackson Burns as Bodyguard #2 | Grover Coulson, Jr. as Daniel | Danny Lopez as Juan Ortez | Shane Meier as Tommy Malloy | Jimmy Ortega as Paco Montalvo | Michael E. Perry as Prisoner on Bus | Marco Sanchez as Detective Carlos Sandoval | David Sheldon as Joe, the Bouncer | Brent Smiga as Butch | Joe Stevens as Charlie Clark | Matthew Stephen Tompkins as Jake Lyons | John Vargas as Johnny Primo / El Vaquero | Jason Wall as Buddy | James Wlcek as Trent Malloy | Ashley Akin as Nicole | Kevin Ayvar as Trent's Student | Victor Macfarlane as Ricky Lopez | Guillermo Neach as Hector Sandoval | Genaro Perez as Young Carlos Sandoval | Matthew Rupe as Scott Baker |
Uncredited: Eddie Sanez as Karate Instructor
Writer: Bob Gookin

124 :06x19 - Everyday Heroes

With Trent Malloy's personal protection business growing, he gets a new client who has been abused by her husband. But her husband is more dangerous than the average wife-beater and Trent will need help from the Rangers to take him down before he can hurt Trent's client again. But after some help from Alex, the Rangers run into a problem of their own...
Guest Stars: Wil Darwin Adams as Robber | Connie Cooper as Mrs. Lewis | Jamie Dickerson as Sheila Lewis | Andrew Divoff as Rudy Mendoza | David Efron as Drug Thug | David Alan Graf as Kevin Richards | Catherine Lazo as Maria Mendoza | Robert Madrid as Leon | Chad Mitchell as Ralph | Rick Prieto as José | Marco Sanchez as Detective Carlos Sandoval | Tracy Spaulding as Donna Richards | The Greg Wilson as Mikey | James Wlcek as Trent Malloy | Felix Eckhard as Crime Reporter |
Uncredited: Thomas Rosales, Jr. as Mendoza's Goon
Writer: Bob Gookin

125 :06x20 - Warriors

The Rangers go on a search for a friend gone missing, only to have the case take a turn for the worst when her son is kidnapped. High stakes are at risk with major corporations and new biotechnology that could change the world and Walker must find a way to save his friend and her son before the technology can be put into use by those who want to use it for their own gains.
Guest Stars: Barry Bell as Dr. Harold Grass | Cynthia Dorn as M.E. Mary Williams | R. Bruce Elliot as Neighbor | John Fujioka as Master Rin | William Katt as Keith Portman | Curtis Lupo as Boris | Wolf Muser as Klaus Markham | Julia Nickson as Dr. Susan Lee | Woody Watson as Tom Harkness | George Wyner as Dr. Jarred Buckler | Sean Carberry as David 'Davey' Lee
Director: Joao Fernandes
Writer: Bob Gookin

126 :06x21 - Angel

Trivette helps out an old friend in a quest to find her dad, only to find himself double crossed by a woman gone bad. When she makes a mistake and lets Trivette live, he vows to stop at nothing to bring her to justice, along with the gang she worked for.
Guest Stars: Grand L. Bush as Andros | Ousaun Elam as Andros' Man | Marcus M. Mauldin as Luke Henson | Valarie Pettiford as Angel Blake | Marco Sanchez as Detective Carlos Sandoval | J.C. Shakespeare as Hardcase #1 | Billy "Sly" Williams as Dread | Brazos McDonald as Gus Colby |
Uncredited: Robin Arcuri as Go Go Dancer
Director: Jerry Jameson

127 :06x22 - The Soul of Winter

When a group of Neo-Nazis headed by a leader with an old grudge, focuses on Trent's father's old church, things get ugly. The congregation is faced with numerous racial battles as the hate group gets more and more violent. The Rangers must find a way to stop their disgusting actions before the end up as the downfall of the entire church.
Guest Stars: Paul Winfield as Roscoe Jones | R.D. Call as Stan Gorman | Grover Coulson, Jr. as Reverend Ben Sloan | Gail Cronauer as Principal | Shane Hendrix as Sonny Kline | David Kirkwood as Deacon Rivers | Jordan Marder as Gorman's Goon | Shane Meier as Tommy Malloy | TJ Myers as Tammy | Collin Raye as Himself | Marco Sanchez as Detective Carlos Sandoval | Jan Michael Shultz as Brown | James Wlcek as Trent Malloy | Carlis Belson as Adam Jones
Songs: Collin Raye -- Little Red Rodeo

128 :06x23 - Circle of Life

When an old friend of Walker's reunites with her husband who is released from jail into a halfway house, it causes some tension with her bitter son. But while the family tries to make things right, they are drug back into a bank heist by a crooked parole officer and Walker has to help them get away from the wrong people before their family ends up broken again.
Guest Stars: Stephen Macht as Buck Coburn | Boris Cabrera as Tommy Lopez | George Fisher (1) as Manager | Brad Leland as Carl Wade | Myke Michaels (1) as Little John Mulkey | Melinda Renna as Marta Lopez | Danny Trejo as Joe Lopez | William Wise (1) as J.T. Hopkins | Ed Saenz as Karate Instructor Saenz | Jeremy Schwartz as Daly | Meagan Derringer as Hooker #1 | John Fant as Horner | Gary Schnitzer as Customer

129 :06x24 - Test of Faith

A local middle school in East Dallas is increasingly affected by warring gangs. After a pair of students and a beloved teacher are gunned down over the tension, the Rangers are called in to put a stop to the violence. With Walker leading the way and the help of some students, they try to turn the school around before it becomes "gang territory."
Guest Stars: Rachel Crane as Faith Hollister | Corey Lopez as Chato Gomez | Cynthia Dorn as M.E. Mary Williams | Chamblee Ferguson as Mr. Watkins | James Fields (1) as David Hollister | Billy Gallo as Ricardo Lopez | Grayson Jim Helms as Pilot | Jonathan Hernandez as Malcolm | Constance Jones as Sharon Stafford | Paul Kirby as Dr. Greene | Emilio Rivera as Juan 'Loco' Morales | Kerry Rossall as Bad Guy | Rafael Tamayo as Manuel Vega | Abraham Verduzco as Carlos Delgado | James Wlcek as Trent Malloy | Nate Green as Security Guard #1 | Sally Vahle as Sheila Hollister | Chris Gloria as Hector | Symone Redwine as Chantelle | Vanessa Tate-goodrich as Ms. Douglas
Director: Eric Norris
Writer: Bob Gookin

130 :06x25 - The Wedding (1)

Some fellow law enforcement and friends of Walker's are to be married in the highest profile wedding of the year. But amidst the planning, they are both instrumental in trying to take down one of the largest car jacking rings in the country. As their wedding day finally arrives, they and their guests are in for a surprise as the leaders of the ring attempt to exact their revenge.
Guest Stars: Todd Allen as Phil Holland | Lauralee Bell as Detective Kim Rivers | Tobin Bell as Karl Storm | Mark Blankfield as Corey Mimms | Les Brandt as Detective Ron Parnell | Kathleen McClaine as Carla | Mike Melugin as Minister | Robert Prentiss as Steve Drell | Garrett Schenck as Carter Holland |
Uncredited: Laurel Whitsett as Jasmine Keefe | Jennifer Wilkerson as Wedding Guest
Classification: Scripted
Genre: Drama
Status: Canceled/Ended
Network: CBS ( USA)
Airs: Saturdays at 10:00 pm
Runtime: 60 Minutes
Premiere: April 21, 1993
Ended: May 19, 2001
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