Elements - Recap

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In Manhattan 400 years ago, an Indian shaman dons a glowing buckskin coat and performs a mystical ceremony involving the four elements.

In present-day New York, a man dons the same buckskin coat and walks through the walls of an auction house vault. He takes a statue and walks back out through the wall using the coat.

In South Dakota, Artie shows Pete and Myka a photo of the stolen sculpture, made by artist Walter Burleigh. Before Artie can further explain, Claudia and Joshua burst in, arguing about her trying to get him to go out. Artie tells Claudia to get back to filing her report on how she infiltrated the warehouse computer systems, and repairing the warehouse systems. He then tells the agents that how the theft was committed suggests the use of an artifact. When he hints at a previous case, Myka demands more info but Artie refuses. As they leave, Pete asks for tickets to a show as part of their expenses and Artie tells him it’s not going to happen.

In New York City, the agents visit the auction house and talk to the head of security, Jackie. She notes that two interested parties were interested in bidding on the sculpture. Jackie lets them into the vault and Myka suggests that Pete go with Jackie to talk to the potential buyers while she examines the vault.

Pete goes to see Gilbert Radburn, a construction mogul. Radburn claims he has an alibi and was with friends at the time. He offers to get the names but declines to explain why he’s interested in the Burleigh sculpture. As Radburn leaves, a worker watches him carefully. Myka calls and tells Pete she found an odor of fudge behind one of the crates. Pete returns to the vault where Myka shows him a feather embedded partway into the wall. Myka pulls it free in a burst of energy and reluctantly lets Pete touch it. The glow passes down his arm and he’s able to insert it into the solid wall up to the elbow. However, they quickly realize it only works in a limited range and it’s part of a larger artifact They show it to Artie via a Farnsworth and tell him that the second buyer is Jeffrey Weaver. Artie recognizes him as the son of Alexander Weaver, an extortionist and real estate swindler who stole relics from other cultures before his death.

At the warehouse, Leena is trying to work while Claudia works with proofing the security systems. Leena discusses Claudia and wonders why she’s trying to push Joshua so hard. She figures that Claudia has nothing left in her own life and wants to justify her sacrifice by helping Joshua.

Pete and Myka go to see Weaver and spot the sculpture. However, Weaver explains that there four statues, one for each elements. He has the Fire sculpture and the Wind sculpture was the one stolen from the auction house. Weaver claims he was at a charity event in New Orleans and Myka is clearly interested in him. He describes his interest in Amerindian cultures and Pete mentions the feather and the ability to walk through walls. Weaver is extremely interested and calls in his man Lacell. Pete recognizes Lacell as the worker who was at the construction site. Weaver explains that Lacell is a spy and insists that his sculpture is at risk if someone can walk through walls. He believes his sculpture will be the next target. Pete and Myka insist on staying with the sculpture.

At the warehouse, Leena is examining a chess game that Artie is playing against himself to a stalemate. She points out to Artie that Claudia is taking a break. She tries to convince Artie to pull some strings to give Claudia a challenge and put her in with other people. Claudia comes in and helps Artie win his chess game, much to his surprise.

The agents and Lacell transfer the sculpture by truck to the airport. Pete’s in the back. As they stop at a light, the thief slips into the truck using the buckskin coat and attacks Pete. He shoves the agent out onto the street, injuring Pete’s head, and Myka spots her partner in the rear-view mirror. She and Lacell get out and the thief drives away with the truck.

Myka takes the injured Pete to a hospital that Weaver owns where her partner recovers from the aftereffects. They wonder why the thief is going after the sculptures and pass on the description of the thief’s buckskin coat to Artie. Pete notices Weaver outside and figures that Myka is interested in him. She mentions that Weaver asked him out to dinner but she plans to stay with Pete. Pete tells her to stay with Weaver and find out what he knows.

Claudia goes to see Joshua, who is packing to leave. He admits she was right and he has to go. Artie has set him up with a position in Switzerland. Joshua promises that he’ll keep in contact with her.

At the warehouse, Artie identifies the feather as belonging to the Lenape, the tribe that sold Manhattan Island. They realize that the buckskin coat allows the wearer to manipulate Earth, and figure the thief is trying to get the other three sculptures to find the artifacts and gain ultimate power. Artie calls Pete to tell him to search Weaver’s apartment.

Myka and Weaver have a late dinner at the hospital cafeteria and they discuss their respective pasts. Weaver insists that he plans to make up for his father’s sins but Myka isn’t so sure.

At Weaver’s apartment, Artie tells Pete that Radburn worked with Weaver’s father, and that something bad happens when all four sculptures are brought together. Pete finds a secret vault filled with Indian memorabilia and abruptly signs off.

Myka tells Weaver that she’s looking for the buckskin coat. Weaver insists that he simply wants the items to have them in one place, but refuses to tell her what happens when they’re brought together. Pete calls to tell her what he’s found and she pulls her gun on Weaver, saying it’s time for answers.

Pete goes through the files and discovers references to a cave. The directions to the cave are somehow hidden in the sculptures.

Radburn’s security find Lacell lurking on the premises and Radburn realizes Lacell is a spy. He also discovers that Lacell is wearing a wrist bracer that belonged to his uncle Walter Burleigh, a wrist bracer that has the four elements written in order. Radburn realizes that’s the order the sculptures need to be arranged in. He dons the buckskin coat and realizes there’s an inscription on the inside of the bracer referring to the “truth in the dawn.” When Lacell refuses to talk, Radburn threatens to embed him in the wall if he doesn’t answer. When it’s clear Lacell doesn’t know, Radburn leaves him entirely embedded in the wall.

Pete has found similar references to the dawn in Burleigh’s notes. Myka arrives with Weaver, who explains that Radburn has the coat and has been looking for the cave. Weaver doesn’t want Radburn to find the cave, and warns that Lacell hasn’t checked in. Artie and the others go to work.

At his apartment, Radburn tries to assemble the sculptures in the right order. As the sun rises outside, Radburn realizes the sculptures lined up project a map when a light is shown through them. He plots the location of the cave and leaves.

As Artie works with the team from the warehouse, communicating via Farnsworth, Claudia arrives and tells him that she’s leaving. Artie is too distracted to pay attention, but Claudia realizes they relate to magnetic ley lines. They track a major ley line and find an undeveloped area. Artie passes on the location to Pete, Myka, and Weaver, then turns to congratulate Claudia… who has already left. Weaver realizes that Radburn has been digging along the ley line using his construction sites as cover.

At the construction site, Radburn tells his foreman to plant explosives to get as close to the cave as possible without disturbing anything inside. They blast a tunnel near the cave and Radburn uses the coat to pass through the remaining rock wall. Inside the cave are the sacrifices to the four elements. He drinks the water of eternal life, and then takes the arrow that gives him control over nature.

Outside, Pete, Myka, and Weaver arrive and go down to the cave. Radburn blasts open the side of the cave and then takes the rock, which gives him the strength of the earth. The trio arrives and Weaver tries to warn him he doesn’t know what he’s dealing with. Radburn drives the agents back with a strong wind and smashes Weaver aside. He goes to the fourth element to complete the transformation, but Pete grabs the arrow and stabs him in the chest. The fire rages out of control and Radburn is burnt alive.

Later, Artie is working at the warehouse when Claudia sneaks up on him. She tells him she already broke the bank in Las Vegas and figures that college would be boring. Claudia is looking for a challenge… and Artie has a job for her.