Nevermore - Recap

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At the Bering & Sons bookstore in Colorado City, Colorado, Warren Bering receives a package. Inside is a silver-foil envelope containing an old notebook.

Pete and Myka have split up to search Montreal and Berlin, respectively, for James MacPherson. Myka turns up nothing at MacPherson's apartment but Pete corners MacPherson in an alley as the Montreal police close in on both of them. Artie runs interference by pretending to be a RCMP coordinator while Pete closes in on MacPherson. However, Myka finds an empty container in the apartment and warns Artie that MacPherson has the cymbals. Artie warns Pete to cover his ears just in time as MacPherson claps the finger cymbals together, sending out a shockwave that kills two policemen and stuns Pete.

In Colorado City, Warren screams in agony as the writing from the notebook he's reading climbs up his hand and under his skin.

Pete recovers consciousness and checks in with Artie. Myka gets a call from her mother Jean: her father is dying and they need her to come home.

At the Kingford Academy in Portland, Oregon, Bobby Busecki is a nerd student picked on by bullies like Greg Permut. Greg trips Bobby and sees him drop a photo of a classmate, Tamara Resnick. Greg taunts Bobby about it and rips up the photo.

Artie goes to the bed & breakfast to update Leena only to find Mrs. Frederic there. She complains that Artie went beyond their agreement and went after MacPherson, but didn't have a plan. She demands to know where Pete and Myka are and Artie says that they're "out." She warns him to properly manage her assets or she'll take control herself, and tells Artie not to do anything else against MacPherson without consulting her first.

Bobby and Tamara are among the students in Mr. Ives' class taking a test when Bobby hears an odd whispering noise. He looks up and sees a case full of the memorabilia of Edgar Allen Poe, including a quill pen. As the students finish the test and leave, Ives calls Bobby over and asks how he's doing with Tamara. Bobby admits it isn't going well and Ives goes to get a book of poetry. While he's gone, Bobby hears the whispering again and realizes where it's coming from. Tamara is cleaning up after the test but doesn't hear anything. Tamara leaves and Ives gives him a book of poetry and suggests he try it out.

Myka arrives at her father's bookstore but Jean insists that Warren is doing fine now. Warren complains about all the tests although Jean notes that they took him to the hospital for tests after his collapse. However, Pete comes out of the next room, eating hot wings, and explains that he came there to provide support in Myka's time of need. She says she doesn’t need any help but thanks him for the thought. Pete wonders why she hasn't told he parents that she's no longer in D.C. and Myka admits that she didn't want to disappoint her father again.

As Warren sits down to read from the notebook again, Bobby hears the whispering and begins having visions of the notebook. He breaks the glass and takes the book.

Warren sits down to read from the notebook. Meanwhile, Bobby steals the pen from the case and at the same time, the words from the notebook crawl under Warren's arm again. He collapses, screaming, and the others find him lying on the floor. Pete dons a pair of neutralizer gloves and takes the book, and the agents realize that someone has sent Warren an artifact.

Pete and Myka call in Claudia, who brings neutralizer fluid with her. While she goes to help Warren, Jean demands answers from her daughter. Myka finally admits that she's no longer protecting the President but she can't explain what she now does for the government. Meanwhile, Pete puts the notebook in the fluid but it simply turns to ink and the notebook is unaffected. They check in with Artie via Farnsworth and he concludes that the artifact is a bifurcated piece and it has two parts. Both parts needs to be put together to be neutralized. Given that ink and writing are involved, Artie believes the second object is a pen. He has also tracked the shipping address of the package and discovered it's a phony address. Myka figures that MacPherson is involved and Artie orders protection for Joshua Donovan and Pete's family. However, he tells the agents to focus on Warren and warns that the book is using his love of books as a focus for its energy. He has only a day or two left, and Artie suggests that Myka read Warren's favorite books to him to keep him connected to reality before the notebook kills him.

Greg goes to see Tamara and warn her about Bobby, but she insists that he's okay. Bobby secretly follows the two of them. When Greg opens his locker, the comatose Warren mutters "tiger" and then "fire." At Kingford, Greg opens his locker and a wall of flame shoots out, burning him.

Artie learns about the incident and passes the information on to the agents. It turns out that Greg is a football player for the school team, the Tigers. Pete prepares to leave for Kingford and Myka plans to go with her. He insists that she stay with her father and that he'll take Claudia with him. Myka reluctantly agrees and asks him to watch out for the girl.

Ives calls Bobby to his study and asks about his relationship with Tamara. The teacher then asks if Bobby might have taken the pen. He says he'll leave and hopes that Bobby will put the pen back by the time he returns. In response, Bobby hands Ives a piece of paper with the word "wall" written on it. The wall of the office opens and Ives is pulled in. The wall then bricks itself back up, sealing the teacher within.

At the bookstore, Warren can see what Bobby is doing.

Pete and Claudia arrive at Kingford and talk to Principal Hendricks. Hendricks believes the incident with Greg was a simple prank but the agents aren't convinced. They investigate Greg's luck and find a piece of paper with the word "fire" written on it. Pete asks Hendricks if the school has Poe's pen on display and the principal admits that Ives keeps it in a case in his office. As they go to get it, Bobby secretly watches them.

As Myka and Jean watch over Warren, he recovers consciousness and apologizes to Myka for not being a poor father. He passes out again and Jean admits that Warren has regrets about much of his life. His treatment of Myka is one of his regrets: the fact the tried to write a novel but could never publish it because he loved it too much is another. Eventually he asked his wife to burn the book and has never written anything.

Pete and Claudia go to Ives' office but the teacher isn't there. Pete hears something scratching at the wall and the two of them break down the wall. Inside they find Ives, who tells them that Bobby took the pen.

Tamara is studying in the dining room when she hears a noise and goes to investigate. She finds Bobby waiting for her. He tells her that he's written a poem for her and demands that she read it. When she refuses, he thrusts it into her face. It has the word "mine" on it. In Colorado, Warren has another attack where he can see what Bobby is doing. Myka calls Artie, who suggests that she find the one book that meant more than anything to her father and read it to him.

Pete and Claudia go to the main hall and find Bobby with a mesmerized Tamara. Pete tries to get through to him but Pete drops a piece of paper with the word "pendulum" on that. Pete and Claudia see it and it becomes real as a giant blade swings down from the ceiling. They throw themselves to the floor to avoid it and straps pin them down.

Myka asks Jean where her father's book is, and Jean admits she didn't burn it. She tells Myka where it is and the agent starts reading it.

In Colorado, the blade drops lower with each swing. Pete and Claudia try to get through to Bobby, insisting that he's hurting other people. Bobby insists that he needs the pen to show everyone that words have power and can hurt. Pete insists that the pen's creations aren't real but Bobby argues that they're more real than anything he's experienced.

Myka reads her father's story, about a daughter and father torn apart and reunited. Warren starts to shake off the notebook's influence.

At Kingford, Bobby wavers as the other half of the pen's power is cut off. He drops the pen and the straps holding Claudia disappear. She grabs the pen and stuffs it in a neutralizer bag just before the blade cuts Pete in half.

To cure Warren, Artie tells them to reunite the notebook with the pen. Pete returns to Colorado and carefully places the two items together. There's a surge of energy and the words return to the notebook. Warren recovers with no memory of what happened and realizes that Jean didn't burn his book after all.

Later, Myka is packing to leave. Jean and Warren say that they're proud of her in whatever her new job is, and Warren promises that they'll talk some day about something other than books.

At the warehouse, Mrs. Frederic arrives to tell Artie that she's located MacPherson: he's in Colorado Springs.

As they prepare to leave, Pete and Myka get a garbled signal from Artie. Pete realizes something is wrong and they race back into the bookstore. MacPherson is there, using Jack the Ripper's lantern to immobilize the Berings. He warns that if he shuts off the light, the couple will die. He forces Myka to turn over the pen and notebook and then flashes the light, blinding them momentarily so he can make his escape. Artie and the agents realize that MacPherson set up the whole thing to steal the artifacts from them.