For the Team - Recap

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When her ferret is ill, Myka calls Dr. Kelly Hernandez in for a house call. Peter comes in and they exchange a round of insults before Kelly leaves. Artie and Claudia arrive with news of a newly discovered artifact, but Artie informs Pete that he won't be going because of his recent bout with paranoid. They've found a case of wrestlers on a California team that have started winning after seven years. One of the team members died alone in a campfire accident. Artie sends Claudia as backup and suggests she enroll and get a degree while she's there.

At Tamalpais University, one of the wrestlers, Phillip, watches his muscles bulge in the mirror and then goes out to compete. Myka and Claudia arrive, and Claudia nervously takes notes on everything that Myka says. Myka explains that they need to interview people and Claudia vows to work as her apprentice. After the match, they talk to Coach Tappon in the locker room. He has them talk to one of the wrestlers, Garry, who explains that Tappon encouraged them to get what they want. A clearly embarrassed Claudia has trouble with the nearly naked wrestlers and Myka sends her back to the gym. She sees Phillip, who is on the ground convulsing. He complains that his muscles hurt, and then spontaneously combusts.

After the police have cleaned up, Tappon addresses his team. Claudia blames herself for freaking out and not doing anything, despite Myka's assurances that she couldn't do anything. She's checked the police records and learned that the first dead wrestler, Teddy Benson, died from a fire that started inside of his sleeping bag. They watch as Tappon has the team grasp a gold medal and figure that's the artifact. Myka goes to see Tappon and tells Claudia to interview the wrestlers.

At the warehouse, a bored Pete is playing with Timothy Leary's glasses when Artie comes in to take them away from him. However, Artie suddenly clutches at his side and informs Pete that due to artifact exposure, his appendix is growing back again. Artie calls the warehouse staff doctor.

Myka talks to Tappon, who dismisses her suspicions that he's involved in the deaths. However, he refuses to show her the medal and meets with a team benefactor, Jeff Russell. Before he goes, Tappon warns her that if she scares the wrestlers, he'll have her thrown off the campus.

Claudia goes to talk to Garry at his dorm room and awkwardly questions him. Garry insists that Tappon has done great things for the team and the pressure he puts on them helps them win. He takes offense at her insinuations and points out that she seems new at the job.

Dr. Vanessa Calder arrives to treat Artie while Peter hangs around and aggravates both of them. She reminds him to continue working with his acupuncture techniques, and suggests that they remove it again. Once she goes to prepare the procedure room, Pete suggests that Artie has feelings for her and Artie tells him to drop it.

Myka and Claudia get neutralization goo and go to Tappon's office. When Claudia wonders how Myka knows that Tappon is lying, she admits that she has an instinct for it from thousands of interviews, and people rarely have any surprises. They enter the office and find a woman going through Tappon's cabinet: Helena G. Wells. Myka grabs her and starts choking, and reluctantly lets her go to speak. Helena insists that McPherson was a danger and had no problem killing him. She has the medal and offers it to them, and notes that if Myka didn’t believe she was working with them, Myka would have shot her. Helena distracts Tappon while Claudia and Myka get out. Myka calls Artie, but doesn't get a chance to tell him about Helena before he's called away by Dr. Calder to the operation. However, after he disconnects the Farnsworth, Dr. Calder is called away by a phone call. Pete finds P.T. Barnum's top and realizes that Artie is using it to regrow his appendix and get Dr. Calder to visit him. Pete suggests that Artie just ask her on a date. Dr. Calder returns to tell them she has to leave for Budapest to deal with an emergency. Artie just says goodbye and lets her go.

When Myka neutralizes the medal, nothing happens. She figures that Helena knew that, which is why she easily gave it up. Claudia confirms that Tappon recently bought an expensive house that he can't afford on his salary. Myka goes look for a connection and sends Claudia to interview the wrestling team. When Claudia insists she's not good with people, Myka tells her to be herself instead of trying to be Myka. When Claudia doesn't believe she can, Myka tells her to go back to the warehouse and her computers. Claudia takes offense and insists on handling the interrogations.

Back at Garry's dorm, Claudia tells the wrestler that Tappon got a payoff. Garry reluctantly tells her that the main bottling plant in town is closing down, and Tappon is giving the wrestlers another option. When Claudia points out that people are dying, Garry admits that Tappon has been acting guilty.

Tappon calls someone and tells them he's ending the deal. A driver hit him with a SUV, takes the dead coach's cellphone, and leaves.

Pete tells Artie to set something up with Dr. Calder before she leaves. Artie freezes and only manages to stutter out a goodbye.

As Tappon's body is taken away, Claudia and Myka figure someone else knows about the artifact. Myka spots Helena in the crowd and runs off to confront it. Helena insists that she's innocent, and notes that women were held to a different standard and that's why the Regent had her bronzed. She knows that Myka was rumored to have gotten her partner killed. When Myka asks what she stole from the Escher Vault, Helena tells her that she recovered her locket with a photo of her daughter. The only thing she has left is the warehouse, and she wants to come back and work as an agent. She's investigating the deaths to prove she's still a good agent. Myka admits she's sorry but it can't be done, but Helena insists the warehouse is the only remaining tether. A SUV comes at them and Helena uses a grappler gun to lift them both out of the way, impressing Myka. Once it goes past and Helena drops them back down, she explains that she designed it herself. Myka admits that she still wonders if she set the thing up, but agrees to work together for now.

Pete discovers Artie suffering from more appendix pain, worse than before.

Myka and Helena break into one of the wrestler's dorm rooms. As they search, Myka asks why Helena was bronzed, but she merely claims it was an injustice. They check the wrestler's laptop and determine that Philip bulked up in only three weeks.

Since the Univille doctor is out of town, Pete takes Artie to Kelly. She protests, warning that she's only a veterinarian, but she's all they have. Kelly reluctantly agrees and tells Pete to help out as a prep nurse.

Claudia reports that the rest of the wrestlers are getting sick. They check out the gym and find a locked refrigerator. Inside is bottles of Boiling Point energy drink, and Claudia remembers that Garry was drinking the liquid. Myka sends Claudia to warn Garry while she and Helena go to the bottling plant and talk to Dr. Gerald Mahoney. He insists that the drink is harmless and Jeff shows up to explain that he's the founder of the company, and got Tappon to distribute the drink to his wrestlers. Russell was a wrestler and wanted to give something back, and regrets that Tappon is dead. He offers to show them that the process is harmless.

After the operation, Kelly and Pete take Artie to the B&B to recover. Kelly puts Pete in charge of making sure Artie gets his rest. Once she goes to get some soup, Artie tells Pete to ask her out. He figures Pete wanted to get Artie on a date because he's realized he might die alone. Since then, Pete has felt uprooted and imagined reconnecting with his old girlfriend in Illinois. Artie tells Pete that he can have a real life, and that he should try to have a little more.

Claudia finds Garry suffering from burnout and asks about the bottling plant he mentioned earlier. Garry explains that it's being closed and sold off.

When Kelly comes back, Pete asks her out on a date. She refuses and explains that her ex was a jerk and she tried to go some place where there were no cute men. Kelly walks away.

Russell shows Helena and Myka around the plant, and they notice a ladle used for collecting samples. Helena recognizes it as Godfrid's Spoon. Godfrid was a Viking prince who forged the ladle from fallen warriors. His men would drink from it for strength. Claudia arrives and tells them that the plant is moving to Naperville where Omnico busy the plant. They figure that Russell is hushing up the deaths. However, Dr. Mahoney comes in and takes the ladle, and they realize that Mahoney has major stock options. Russell struggles with Mahoney for the ladle, and Claudia falls into a vat of the drink. Helena forces Mahoney to explain that if the deaths become public, the sale will fall through. Claudia absorbs the liquid into her skin and Mahoney warns that there's nothing that can be done for her. Helena figures that Claudia only has an hour or two. Myka suggests that amino acids made contact with the ladle and amplified its powers. Helena knows about amino acids from her work on The Island of Dr. Moreau and suggests she can come up with a cure. When Mahoney tries to escape, Helena stops him and says that he'll have to help.

Russell and Myka place Claudia in a tub filled with ice. Helena comes up with a cure and administers it to Claudia, who recovers. Helena asks Myka to keep an open mind about her, and slips away, leaving her grappler as a loan.

Later, Myka and Claudia return and tell Artie what happened. He doesn't believe that Helena is trustworthy, and tells them to report anything. As they go, Myka gives Claudia an application for college and notes she needs a degree to apply for the Secret Service. Claudia considers it and thanks Myka for being hard on her. Pete then tells his partner that sometimes people can surprise, and he plans to go ask Kelly for a date again. Myka admits he might be right.

At the warehouse, Artie is writing music when Dr. Calder returns to check on him. When she turns to go, Artie asks her to stay a minute.

Myka goes to the warehouse and gets out a case.

Pete goes to Kelly's office and notes that she called him cute.

Claudia considers the college applications.

Artie invites Dr. Calder to go out with her and she agrees.

Myka considers Helena's grappler.

Pete admits he likes Kelly and suggests they have dinner together.

Claudia files her application.

Kelly accepts Pete's offer of a meal, but tells him not to get any ideas.

Myka puts the grappler away and considers Helena's note saying she owes her one.