The New Guy - Recap

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In Jersey City, lightning shoots out from the history of rock exhibit at an auditorium. The ATF ushers out an employee who says that he took a Jimi Hendrix fan in there after hours on a date. They figure that terrorists are involved but the man says he was just trying to get lucky. One of the ATF agents, Steve Jinks, “senses” that the man is telling the truth. As he discusses his ability with his skeptical partner Chuck, Steve sees Pete Lattimer enter the exhibit hall and goes in after him.

Pete meets up with Artie and Claudia, who have pinpointed the trouble to Jimi Hendrix’s guitar. The employee’s date is trapped in a British phone booth that is on fire. The ATF sends a squad in and Claudia uses a Tesla grenade that she’s built to knock them out. Steve comes up behind them and orders them to surrender. Each time they try to give him a cover story, he knows that they’re lying. Artie finally tells him the truth that they have to use Hendrix’s tremolo bar to bend the pitch and stop the lightning. Steve thanks Artie for the truth and tells them to go to work. Claudia dons a pair of neutralizer gloves, grabs the guitar, and attaches the tremolo bar. Meanwhile, Pete sprays the fire with a special freezing agent.

After stopping the guitar, Claudia plays a few notes and then reluctantly turns it over to Artie so they can swap in a replica. As Pete gets the girl out, Artie stuns Steve with a Tesla gun. When the woman mistakes Pete for a fireman and wonders how to thank him, he simply gives her a coat and sends her to the exit. Claudia and Artie point out that he’s uncharacteristically restrained despite the temptation. Pete says that he’s just doing his job and leaves, and they realize they have to get Myka back.

Later, Steve returns home and finds Mrs. Frederic waiting for him. She explains that she’s with the government and has a position for him, and wants Steve to fill it.

Steve drives to Warehouse 13. Meanwhile, the team is unpacking the artifacts from Warehouse 2 in the ovoid quarantine area. Pete is unhappy that he’s been given a new partner but Artie says that they need a new field agent. When Pete says they need Myka back, Artie points out that they’ve already tried, but Pete doesn’t buy it.

Claudia greets Steve and admires his Prius, and then brings him to the office. Pete doesn’t think someone who can tell when somebody is lying would be particular useful in the field but Artie overrides him. When Pete says that he’s looking forward to working with Steve, Steve knows that he’s lying.

In Denver, reporter Monica Hopper is talking to her editor Bob on her Bluetooth. She’s working on a banker’s meeting story at the Regalton Hotel. A deliveryman drops off a basket of figs and leaves, and Monica finds a page attached as a note. She looks at it briefly and throws it in the garbage, and then opens the basket. Suddenly a pair of puncture wounds appear on the back of her hand and then on her chest. She says “Oh, Antony” on her Bluetooth and then dies.

As Steve has one of Artie’s cookies, Claudia and Pete both try to convince Artie that Claudia should go out in the field with Pete. Artie disagrees and explains their procedure to Steve. He shows Steve the Warehouse floor very briefly and starts to send him out into the field. However, a lightning storm forms at the end of the warehouse and they confirm that it’s coming from the pyramid in the ancient artifact section. Before they can deal with it, Leena calls to tell Artie that they have a situation in ovoid quarantine. As they rush to deal with both situations, they get a ping from Denver.

Pete and Steve check out Hopper's apartment and read the report showing that she died of snakebite poison from a Russell’s Viper, but there’s no sign of the viper. Artie suggest that it might be the Bible belonging to a snake-handler. When he arrives in the ovoid section, he discovers that a statue of Zeus is shooting lightning off.

As Pete discusses Steve’s Buddhist beliefs, they find ash in the wastebasket. Pete figures the artifact kills and covers its own traces.

Artie goes to find Claudia and Leena and discover that they’re trying to move an artifact that is somehow reacting with the Zeus statue and generating lightning of its own.

FBI agent Sally Stukowski arrives at Monica’s apartment and insists that Pete and Steve have no authority there. She explains that they believe Monica died in a terrorist attack and orders them out.

Artie confirms that the new delivery is a statue of Hera. Neutralizer fluid just burns off of the statues without effect, and Artie goes back to the office to study up on Greek mythology.

A mailman drops off a flier for a man named Charlie, calling him by name. As the mailman leaves, Charlie is stabbed repeatedly with invisible blades. The flier burst into flame and Charlie drops to the floor. A woman comes by and hears him say, “Kai su teknon” before he dies. Pete and Steve get to the crime scene and talk to the woman, who confirms that Charlie was an actor by day and worked at the Regalton Hotel as a waiter by night. They figure that the two deaths are connected. When Sally arrives, Pete insists that they can help because they deal in the weird. He says that something is going on at the Regalton, and Sally lies and says that she doesn’t know about a banker’s meeting. Steve knows that she’s lying and calls her on it, and she has her men escort them out.

Artie, Claudia, and Leena go through the files and confirm that the statues of Hera and Zeus were at the Battle of Corpendium in 306 B.C. When Zeus cheated on Hera, she found out about it and they’ve been at war ever since. As more lightning strikes the office, they figure they have to get the statues to a safe place.

At the Regalton, Pete bribes the bellboy to let them in and ignore Sally’s orders. Steve confirms that Charlie’s dying words were “Et tu, Brute” in Greek: his last line from Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar. He wants to do research on Shakespeare but Pete say that he knows an expert. He goes to see… Myka at her family bookstore.

Pete wants to get expert advice from Myka but she insists that she’s no longer involved or interested. Steve comes in from parking the car and Pete introduces him. Myka gives in and Steve explains what they’ve discovered. She recognizes the poses of the victims from the photos and tells them about the Lost Folio. Myka shows them a reproduction and explains the original disappeared 400 years ago. It was cursed by an actor who was never hired by Shakespeare because he kept improvising. Pete thanks her and takes the book. As he leaves, Steve tells Myka that Pete was lying and he does want her help.

Artie and Claudia take the Zeus statue to the Univille Garden Conservatory and get a report from Pete. Once he brings them up to speed, he heads back to Denver and they lock the statue down and attach an alarm in case anyone tries to move it.

Pete and Steve go to the Regalton and figure that the bad guy took out Monica so her story wouldn’t scare away the bankers. He killed Charlie so he could take his credentials and get in as a waiter. Pete gets a bad feeling and looks around. The bellboy gives a message to Steve. He opens it and finds a picture from the Lost Folio. Steve collapses, unable to breathe. Myka arrives and tells Steve to recite a line of Shakespeare. He does so and revives while Pete puts the page in a nullification page and it bursts into flame.

Pete is eager to track down the killer, and Myka explains that the picture Steve received was from Othello She did research on the Lost Folio and learned that the first person who touches the pictures dies in the same manner. However, if the victim speaks the last line before the page bursts into flame, they live. Steve figures the bankers are the targets, and Pete asks if Myka is back in. He refuses her help but she points out that Steve would be dead without her. They argue until Steve tells them to put aside their repressed sexual tension until later. They go to the security room to check the tapes and find the man who dropped of the envelope. They figure he plans to profit when the financial markets are shaken up and decide to use Sally to their advantage.

That night at the meeting, Pete and Steve watch the crowd as Myka poses as a waitress. They spot the killer dropping off folders at the table. As Pete and Steve move to intercept him, Sally and her people intercept them. The three bankers at the table open the folders and Pete attacks Sally and her men while Myka goes to each banker and has him recite the proper lines before the pages burst into flame.

Afterward, Pete watches as Myka drives away. He then meets with Steve and Sally, who have found the killer’s room in the Regalton. He left the last pages behind and disappeared. Sally reluctantly thanks Pete for his help and then tells him that she’ll have him shot on sight the next time she’s in Denver.

At the warehouse, Artie and the others confirm the Hera statue is inactive again.

At her family bookstore, Myka is working when Mrs. Frederic comes in and thanks her for her help on their mission. Helena comes out and Mrs. Frederic says she wants Myka to speak to her. Helena says that they became friends because they’re so similar, and regrets that what she did drove Myka away from the warehouse. She admits that she gave into hate and tells Myka not to walk away. When Myka wonders how she got there, Helena explains that Mrs. Frederic has a way to transmit her consciousness there while she’s held in an undisclosed location. Mrs. Frederic shuts down the transmission as Helena tells Myka to think about what she’s said.

Claudia and Leena find Myka in the warehouse office and welcome her back. Pete and Steve come in and Pete coolly greets her. Artie finally shows up and simply says, “Good.” He then tells them to get back to work because they have to track down the mystery man in Denver.

At an undisclosed location, the killer tells his shadowy superior that he had to leave the Folio behind. He tells his superior that Myka may be back at the warehouse, and is informed that he should disappear for a while. Sally Stukowski steps out of the shadows and suffocates the killer from behind.