Trials - Recap

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On an airplane, the pilot and co-pilot prepare for descent when the pilot, Adam Ashby, winces and clutches at his head in pain. Silver lines appear on his head and he looks around in confusion and then stumbles out of the cockpit. The co-pilot tries to stabilize and declares an emergency.

Myka wakes up and prepares for the day while considering how she left as an agent when she couldn’t take making life and death decisions every day. Now she’s reconsidered and goes to face her first day back. The others are having breakfast and Myka discovers that there’s no chair for her. Leena sets down a chair right away and Artie tells them about Ashby’s problem. He sends Pete and Myka to Seattle to investigate and Myka asks if Pete is okay with the fact that she’s back. He’s claims that he’s fine with her being back and doesn’t see a reason for concern. Meanwhile, Artie sends Claudia and Steve to Boston to pick up Typhoid Mary’s butcher knife from an auction. Steve objects, particularly when he learns that Claudia will be in charge, but Artie tells him not to complain about having an easy mission until he recovers the artifact. Meanwhile, Artie has to attend the funeral of a Regent in New Hampshire.

At the Seattle hospital, the doctor explains that Ashby is apparently suffering from some kind of accelerated Alzheimer’s even though he’s physically unharmed. He now has the mental acuity of a five-year-old.

In an operating room at the hospital, surgeon Lisa Ward is suddenly stricken with the same symptoms and has no idea what she’s doing or where she is.

In Boston, Steve and Claudia attend the auction. He complains that their current case is too boring. The bidding begins and Claudia discovers that another woman is trying to get it. Claudia finally wins and they go to collect the knife, but are told that it was stolen sometimes before the auction.

Pete and Myka check on Lisa, who has not regressed as far as Ashby. They try to figure out the connection and why only two people are being affected. Pete checks on their backgrounds to see where they meet up while Myka goes to contact Leena. Before she can leave, Pete hesitates and then apologizes, saying he spaced out.

Steve and Claudia check on the other bidder and confirm that she didn’t steal the knife. They return to the auction house and check the time cards of the employees, and discover that one janitor, Owen Larson, quit after a week. They get his address and leave, unaware that someone is watching them.

Leena informs Myka that there’s no record of artifacts causing the particular memory loss involved. She asks how Myka is doing and the agent realizes that she picked up something from Pete’s aura. Myka demands to know what is bothering Pete, but he comes back and she quickly cuts the connection before he can hear anything. He’s confirmed that both victims ate at a restaurant named Jalapeno Harry’s on the night that a waitress named Amy was murdered there on April 6. As he goes to check it out, Myka asks him if everything is really fine. Pete finally comes out and... tosses movie quotes at her.

At the restaurant, Pete is unable to learn anything from the waiter, Ken. Pete figures that he knows more and explains that he’s not a cop. Ken explains that two witnesses were called to testify against the killer, Geoffrey Cedolia. Pete checks in with Myka, who tells him that Adam’s conscious brain functions have stopped and his autonomic functions will soon cease as well.

As Steve and Claudia wait outside Larsen’s apartment waiting for him to return, Steve comments that she seems overly focused on the fact that she’s senior agent and suggests that she relax. Claudia figures that she’s hitting on him and he finally explains that he’s a homosexual. Awkwardness ensues.

At the Seattle Correctional Facility, Pete goes to see Geoffrey and asks him why he thinks the witnesses are getting sick. Geoffrey’s lawyer, Sawyer, suggests that the government tried to intimidate the witnesses against his client. Geoffrey suggests that they protect Eric Bell, his friend who can testify on his behalf. Geoffrey went home that night before Amy was murdered, but his pregnant girlfriend was asleep and can’t corroborate his alibi. Meanwhile, Myka goes to see Amy’s mother, Sarah, who has been getting the press on her side. She insists that she hasn’t done anything to the witnesses and believes that the justice system will help them. Courtney Moore from KTRD News arrives for an interview and Amy’s mother explains that Courtney has been very supportive. Courtney insists that Geoffrey is guilty and her viewers know it, and Myka quickly leaves.

As they wait, Steve suggests that Claudia is putting a lot of pressure on herself. He suggests that she’s insecure about the fact that she’s had no formal training. Steve assures her that Artie trusts her enough to put her out in the field. As they start to loosen up, Larsen comes out and they approach him. He sprays Steve with mace and runs off, but Artie gets out of his car and trips him. When they fight over the knife, Larsen’s knee injury transfers to Artie. Larsen gets away before they can stop him and Claudia demands to know why Artie is there. She realizes that he was spying on her and runs off.

Pete and Myka discover that Eric has been hit by the same regression as the other two witnesses. They talk to Mrs. Bell, who explains that Courtney talked with all the witnesses. As the agents go, Myka figures that Courtney is involved. Pete hesitates and is hit with the same attack as the others, and begins to lose his mental facilities. When Pete wakes up, he finds himself in a bed with Myka standing over him. He has no idea who Myka is and refuses to let her reassure him. When Myka asks why, he talks about how people said the same thing about his father and he never came home. Pete talks about his mother and how she’s trying to bury the pain by staying busy, and Myka mentions his sister. He smiles but admits that she’ll be leaving in a couple of years and everyone eventually leaves him.

Myka goes to the news station to confront Courtney and demand answers. The reporter insists that the witnesses are dropping out because they don’t believe in Geoffrey’s guilt. However, she is then hit by the same regression.

Artie is trying to triangulate Larsen’s cell phone when Claudia returns and does the work correctly. He insists that he came there to judge her first mission and Steve confirms that he’s telling the truth. Artie assures her that he’s still proud of her even though she got thrown a curve ball. Claudia determines where Larsen is and why he wants the knife, and Artie leaves, assuring Claudia that she can handle it.

Myka goes to see Geoffrey, who mentions that Sawyer stood up to Courtney and made her look bad on tape.

Steve and Claudia go to the hospital just as Larsen has put the knife into his son’s hand. Larsen explains that his son has leukemia and couldn’t let him die. He stole the knife and used it to transfer his son’s leukemia to him. When Larsen asks if they’re going to arrest him, Steve tells him they go after artifacts, not bad guys. Larsen’s son wakes up and asks what is happening.

Myka returns to the news station and convinces Courtney’s producer to show her the film of her confrontation with Sawyer. As they talk, Myka sees Sawyer’s tie clip and realizes that it’s the key. She realizes that everyone that Sawyer has grilled has been affected.

At the correctional facility, Myka talks to Sawyer and explains that someone is using him. He explains that someone anonymously gave him the tie clip the same time that Ashby was first affected. When Myka sees the initials W.W. on the tie clip, she realizes that they belonged to famous reporter Walter Winchell. Leena checks photos of Winchell and discovers that the reporter had a matched set of cuff links. They figure that if the tie clip takes away memories, the cufflinks restore them. When she checks the history, Leena discovers that Sarah Bell is the granddaughter of one of Winchell’s fellow reporters. Myka goes to the hospital and discover that Sarah has checked out her son. Pete spots Myka and asks if she’s leaving, and is disappointed when he learns that she is going.

Myka goes to the Bell home and asks Sarah where the cufflinks are. Sarah insists that she can’t help the other people, and Myka concludes that Eric is the one who killed Amy and Sarah is protecting her son. Sarah grabs the cufflinks and threatens to throw them in the garbage disposal if Myka doesn’t surrender. She promises to send them later but Myka warns that the damage could be permanent if they take too long. Eric overhears them talking and comes in. He begs her to give it up. When Sarah hesitates, Myka shoots the garbage disposal switch, shutting it down. Eric hugs his mother and then takes the cufflinks from her and gives them to Myka.

Later, Myka goes to the hospital and uses the cufflinks to restore Pete’s mind.

Courtney interviews Sawyer, who says that he had faith in his principles.

Geoffrey watches as Eric is taken to jail and then meets with his girlfriend.

Larsen plays with his son and grandson as Claudia and Steve look on.

As Pete starts to go, Myka tells him that they’re partners and that she shouldn’t have left without talking to him first. She apologizes and Pete thanks her.

Myka reports to Adwin Kosan and the other Regents and tells them that she has to fight for what she believes. Myka explains that Geoffrey was secretly dating Amy. When Eric found out, he confronted Amy and things went badly. Sarah thought the memory loss was temporary, but she did it to protect her son. The Regents point out that Myka thought she was protecting all of them by resigning. They ask if she can handle the stakes and Myka points out that she nailed a 1” switch from 20’ away. All she had to do was prove to herself that she can do it. A Regent asks about her relationship with Pete and Myka says that he’s an extraordinary partner... and asks them not to tell him she said that. Satisfied, the Regents tell Myka that she needed to know she could handle coming back and inform her that her trial period is over.

Back at the B&B, Myka joins the others at breakfast.