Past Imperfect - Recap

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At the Union Station in Denver, Colorado, Myka watches the terminal while Pete poses as a worker to remove a plaque concealing antique tools. Among them is the Union Pacific’s Golden Spike. As Myka keeps an eye out, she sees a man walking across the floor: Leo Bock, the man who shot her partner, Sam Martino. She tells Pete to hang tight and then goes to find the man. Meanwhile, Pete tries to grab the spike and cuts his glove open. A cloud of rock fumes starts choking him and he calls to Myka for help. She runs back and neutralizes the spike just in time. Once Pete is okay, Myka tells him who she saw.

On a Wisconsin farm, Steve and Claudia meet with Mrs. Hodgson to get a door knob from her dead great uncle’s collection. Once she goes to get iced tea, they look for the artifact doorknob that was part of a sweatshop factory fire. Steve finds the doorknob and cuts open his glove, and is forced to dunk his burning hand in the iced tea that Miss Hodgson brings up. Once they’re done, they head for the car and spot a dog, and someone shoots both of them with tranquilizer darts.

Myka explains that Leo, a master counterfeiter, stole plates from the Denver Mint and she and Sam were after him. They check the surveillance footage and discover that he took a bus from the station. Myka isn’t sure what to do next and Pete suggests that they contact the Denver Secret Service. She points out that she hasn’t talked to her old team since she was transferred and worries that they haven’t forgiven he.

Claudia and Steve wake up and realize that someone has taken the doorknob. They remember seeing a car nearby and then call Artie to tell him what happened. When he realizes they have a dog, Artie tells them to bring it back with them after figuring the dog chased the car.

Pete and Myka go to the Denver Secret Service building and Myka sees a memorial featuring Sam’s photo. She remembers being with him three years ago and having an affair with him a year after he was separated from his wife. Myka’s old co-worker Zach Adanto comes over and explains that he’s the Director of Investigations: the position Sam would have had. They go over the photos and confirm that Leo’s involved. Myka tries to work out why Leo came back and notes that he’s not wearing a suit this time. They realize he’s wearing a tourist’s outfit and plans to get into the Denver Mint by taking a bus tour. Myka takes command and they head for the bus he must have taken.

As the bus pulls up, Zach complains to his fellow agent Jim that Myka is still impulsive, much to Pete’s surprise. Leo spots them and jumps off the top of the bus, and then runs into a dead-end alleyway. By the time Pete gets there, Leo has disappeared. Myka turns on her partner and angrily blames him for letting Leo get away. Afterward, Zach assures Myka that Jim is fine and advises her not to take out her frustrations on Pete. She goes to see Pete, who is trying to figure out how Leo escaped. He explains that he’s trying to think like her because she’s too emotional, and suspects that Leo used a truck to jump over the wall. After synchronizing their watches and timing the scenarios, they realize that Leo couldn’t have made the jump in time. Myka concludes that Leo must have used an artifact then as well as three years ago to evade her and Sam.

In the warehouse, Artie finds a pair of fezzes that an entertainer, Mr. Mental, used to read his monkey’s mind. As they get out the fezzes, Artie warns that there’s one downside.

Back at Sam’s office, Myka goes through Sam’s files and finds an appointment book with a note that he was going to meet her for dinner. She remembers Sam meeting with her and telling her that he’s found a game changer, a card. Zach comes in and tells them that they’ve spotted Leo at the National Building, and Sam agrees to take Myka as a partner. Jim comes in and Myka asks him what Sam might have had in the envelope. He suggests that the card might have had a key for Sam’s apartment so Myka could move in with him. Jim also confirms that all of Sam’s personal possessions went to his wife, Allison.

Myka and Pete go to see the widow and Allison asks Myka what is going on. The agent asks to see Sam’s box of personal items and Allison notes that it contained a photo of Sam and Myka together. She admits that she was angry because Myka was proof that Sam had moved on. Allison finds the card and gives it to Myka on the condition that the agent find the killer. Outside in the car, Myka opens the envelope, which contains a Congratulations musical card for a new car with no writing.

The agents get a call that a security detail spotted Leo at the train station. They get there and meet Zach and Jim, and Myka says that they’ll move straight in. She has Pete stand guard and explains that she can’t stand to lose another partner. Pete reluctantly agrees and tells her to take Leo down fast. Myka, Zach, and Jim approach Leo, and a gun suddenly appears in the counterfeiter’s hand. Zach shoots and kills him before Leo can shoot. As Pete arrives, Myka warns him that they still need to find the artifact.

The agents secure the area and find nothing, and Pete tells Myka to concentrate. She looks at the scene and notices that Leo is holding the gun in his right hand even though he’s left-handed. Myka remembers that Leo looked confused and that the gun suddenly appeared in his hand. Pete gets an idea, tells her to blink, and then slips behind her. He suggests that whoever used the artifact was able to mess with time. They check their watches, which they synchronized earlier, and discover that Myka’s watch is behind by 47 seconds. They call Artie, who checks the files and finds information on the Philadelphia Experiment involving the U.S.S. Eldridge, which caused it to vanish off of radar for 47 seconds. The agents realize that Leo had a partner who set him up to take the fall. After Artie signs off, Myka gives up entirely and tells Pete that she has failed for three years on the case and as Pete’s backup.

Artie, Steve, and Claudia prepare to use the fezzes, and Artie warns that if the fezzes are removed abruptly, it could cause mental damage. Artie dons one fez and Claudia puts the fez on the dog. As Artie tries to get the license plate number, the scarab artifact bursts through the floor and runs off, and the dog chases after it. Claudia and Steve chase after the dog, leaving a dazed Artie behind.

Pete goes to see Myka as she sits in the car. He asks her what Sam would say, and Myka admits that her lover would have told her to stay focused and not get emotional. Pete echoes her first partner’s advice and Myka realizes that the card is significant. She figures that Sam left the card and would have forced her to listen to the end. They listen to the entire card and hear Leo talking to a Secret Service agent about how Sam is closing in, and he wants his partner to take care of Sam. Myka points out that Jim and Zach were the only other agents working the case and one of the must be involved. She gets an idea and tells Pete it’s time to do something impulsive.

Claudia and Steve search the warehouse for the dog. Claudia spots Pavlov’s Bell on the shelves and reluctantly uses it to summon the dog, despite the fact it causes excessive drooling. The dog walks back, still has the fez on, and has caught the scarab.

Myka and Pete go to the Secret Service building and meet with Jim. The three of them go to see Zach and tell him that they know everything. Zach insists that their crazy and starts to walk off, and Jim whips out the Eldridge’s barometer. He yells that Pete has a gun and activates the barometer, freezing time around Pete and Zach as Zach shoots. Myka grabs the barometer and Jim explains that he set things up so Leo could kill Sam... and Myka would be 47 seconds late. They struggle and Myka drops the barometer. When Jim goes for it, she kicks him up and into the path of the bullet just as the 47 seconds runs out. The bullet hits Jim and Myka explains to the others. When Pete asks if she feels any better, Myka says that she doesn’t.

Later, Myka turns over the recording and admits that she didn’t know for sure that Jim was Leo’s partner until he pulled out the barometer. However, she realizes that Pete figured out Jim was guilty at the warehouse, and let her solve it on her own. Allison comes in and thanks Myka for getting her husband’s killer. Myka gives her Sam’s agent pin and says that it’s from her and Sam.

Artie finishes getting the license plate number from the dog, removes the hat, and notices that Claudia is drooling. As Claudia checks the computer files, Artie explains that they can’t return the dog, Trai, because the bond is now too strong. The car belongs to a rental company and they determine that the renter was Sally Stukowski, using an alias.