Love Sick - Recap

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In Salt Lake City, doctors tend to another in a series of emergency patients who are transforming into clay. They turn to the CDC expert on the scene, Dr. Vanessa Calder, and she says that she’s going to call in an expert.

Artie prepares to leave and they realize that he has dressed up and showered for the occasion. They quickly realize that he’s going to see Vanessa, the warehouse physician and Artie’s girlfriend. Artie explains that Vanessa has reported an artifact at a hospital and asked him to consult. Claudia insists on going with him, pointing out that he faints at the sight of blood.

Artie and Claudia arrive at the hospital and Artie tries to compliment Vanessa. She shows them the bodies, explaining that each one transformed into clay and they may be facing an artifact outbreak.

Pete wakes up and discovers that he’s in Artie’s bed, naked, with a blonde Myka. They have no idea what happened or why Artie’s toothbrush is in the bed with them. They’re sure that they aren’t drunk.

Artie brings out an original DNA sequencer and makes small talk with Vanessa. Claudia leaves to give them some space and Vanessa says that she enjoyed their walk. Artie admits that he did too and suggests that they go for dinner once they finish with the case.

Pete and Myka scan the bed with the durational spectrometer. They confirm they were in bed but don’t see themselves having sex. However, the spectrometer only has a five-hour range. They do see Pete making a call. Artie calls and asks why Pete called him at 3 a.m. The two agents awkwardly dodge the topic and Artie hangs up. Myka tracks artifact disturbances in the warehouse and finds several alarms in the stacks. As they go, they realize that Steve is missing. When they call him, they discover that he left his cell phone in the office.

Vanessa, Artie, and Claudia examine the victims’ DNA and realize that their carbon cells have been replaced with silicon. Artie finds a computer virus buried in the DNA and realizes that they are facing an artifact that has merged with computer code.

Tyler Stuehl hacks into the webcam of a woman’s computer and watches as she unwittingly undresses for him. A burst of computer code emerges from the screen and strikes the woman, who begins transforming into clay.

Artie calls in Hugo Miller to help, and Hugo is eager to help the friend that helped him. When Hugo spots Vanessa, it becomes clear that they were romantically involved decades ago when they started at the warehouse at the same time. The EMTs bring in the newest victim, the woman from the apartment.

Pete and Myka check out the first disturbed artifact and find an active target coil.


The agents have Steve practice with his Tesla after he tells them that he’s gay. When Steve misses, Pete demonstrates and inadvertently knocks down a box of juggling balls. Pete and Myka catch the balls as they fall balls and then start drunkenly laughing. The agents realize that the balls were W.C. Fields’ juggling balls and they cause drunkenness.


Hugo realizes that the victims have been infected with a communicable computer virus and they need to find the artifact so he can write an antivirus. He sends Artie and Claudia to the woman’s apartment to find the artifact’s whereabouts while he stays with Vanessa. A disappointed Artie walks away with Claudia.

Pete and Myka go to the next set of disturbed artifacts, Marilyn Monroe’s hairbrush and Walt Disney’s paintbrush. They find Steve’s Tesla nearby.


A drunken Myka uses the hairbrush to turn her hair blonde while Pete creates cartoon feet. Steve tracks them down and they accuse him of being a poopy-pants. They insist they haven’t been drinking and Steve suggest they put the artifacts away. Pete distracts Steve and leads him away while Myka steals his tesla and puts it down.


Artie and Claudia search the apartment and Claudia tries to calm down her mentor. She suggests that just because Hugo and Vanessa used to be an item doesn’t mean they will again. Artie finally admits that he had accepted that he wasn’t going to fall in love again. When he met Vanessa, he started to hope, but has realized that it’s final hope. He returns to the search and warns Claudia away from the computer She learns that it was sold by Tiger Direct, a computer chain store. Claudia cross-references the computer purchases of the other victims and determines that they bought from the same store.

Tyler is spying on another woman via her webcam when his boss, Colin Shreve, comes in. He knows what Tyler is up to do and fires him. Tyler goes out to his van and boots up his laptop computer.

The team gets to the store minutes later and asks Colin if they can talk to the technician who serviced all the computers. Colin realizes that it’s Tyler and he just went outside. Claudia goes outside after Tyler, but Tyler connects to the store’s monitors and tells everyone about Colin’s secrets. The ex-employee shuts off the power, leaving everyone in the dark. As he works on his computer, the amulet he’s wearing glows with energy. The monitors in the store glow with the same energy. Artie realizes that it will attack the eyes and covers Vanessa’s face, while everyone is hit by the virus. Hugo realizes that the virus can download itself through the visual cortex. Vanessa has the security guard lock the doors and explains that they have a situation in the store and no one can go.

The CDC arrives and seal off the store, and Claudia comes back to tell Artie that she searched Tyler’s apartment and found nothing. She warns Artie that Tyler used a nasty virus to hack the store’s firewall. One of the employees tells Artie that they can find Tyler at a coffee shop and Claudia goes to get him. Meanwhile, Hugo writes the antivirus but will need the artifact to cure everyone. Vanessa warns Artie that everyone in the store has less than six hours to live, including Hugo.

Myka and Pete check the last disturbance: Richard Nixon’s shoes, which have disappeared. When Myka wonders how they ended in bed, Pete tells her that nothing will change the fact that he considers Myka as his best friend. They both agree to forget it and then find Steve in the Bronze Sector, trapped in metal.


Pete and Myka take Steve to the Bronze Sector. While Myka distracts Steve, Pete puts the Nixon shoes in the bronzing chamber. He goes to get them and they lock him in. Once the bronze Steve, they take pictures of each other with him. They try to change him back but discover that they have to provide a DNA sample and only Artie has valid DNA.


Pete realizes that they need Artie’s DNA from his toothbrush.

As Hugo continues transforming, he coughs up dust. Artie assures him that they’ll figure it out and Hugo explains that when he was in the sanitarium, he drew pictures of a young Vanessa every day. Artie examines the footage of Tyler and realizes he has a necklace charm with the word emet, the Jewish word for truth, on it. The charm is part of the myth of the Golem, and the myth and the artifact merged together creating a computer virus that turns people into clay. Artie passes the information onto Claudia, but Tyler spots her and runs.

Colin panics and grabs the security guard’s gun. He heads for the door and Vanessa tries to stop him. When they make eye contact, the virus transmits itself into Vanessa’s eyes. They realize that the virus has mutated and can be transferred from person to person. If anyone leaves the store, the whole world could be put at risk.

Claudia chases Tyler across the rooftops. When he leaps across an alleyway, Claudia tries to follow and ends up dangling from the edge of the roof.

The customers at the store run for the door but the CDC soldiers order them back. Vanessa gets worse much faster as the virus mutates. Artie tells Hugo to finish the virus and assures him that Claudia will get the artifact.

Tyler comes back and saves Claudia, and insists that he hasn’t done anything major. Claudia says that she needs the necklace and Tyler gives it to her.

Pete and Myka still have no idea why they ended up in bed together.


Myka and Pete go to Artie’s room. She realizes that they’ll forget what happened, including Steve being bronzed. Myka says they have to take off their clothes.


Myka figures that they made it look like they slept together. Then she’d know it would never happen so they would retrace their steps and find Steve. Using the DNA from the toothbrush, the agents free Steve and claim that they have no idea what happened to him.

When Hugo goes blind as his eye transform into clay, Artie has to take over typing. Claudia arrives with the necklace and Artie uses ink from the inkwell of Francois Villon to let Tyler throw it through the window without breaking the seal. As Artie dons the necklace, Hugo prepares to activate the antivirus and warns that they don’t know what will happen to him. Everyone looks at the screens and the antivirus enters through their ideas. Everyone is cured but Artie collapses. When he wakes up, he sees Vanessa and assumes for a moment that he’s in Heaven.

As a police officer takes Tyler away, Hugo informs them that he’s sent the antivirus to the hospital to cure the last victim. He tells them that he’s had enough of Eureka and plans to look for something a little more peaceful. Vanessa comes over and says she has to go. Artie figures she’s going with Hugo, but Vanessa says that she’s going to Atlanta. She explains that Hugo looks at her and sees a young girl, but Artie looks at her and sees who she is now. Vanessa says that Artie owes her dinner and walks away as Claudia gives a brief cheer.

The police officer, Marcus Diamond, puts Tyler in the car and says that he has a friend who can get him some legal help. Marcus tells Tyler that he used to be a cop in a different life. Sally Stukowski gets in the car and tells Marcus to get them to their employer.