Insatiable - Recap

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In Ithaca, NY, Amy and Paul are making out on Lover’s Lane. Paul hears something in the woods and goes to investigate, and something lunges out of the woods at him. He runs back to the car but the thing behind him throws him against the car and attacks Amy when she runs to her boyfriend’s side.

At the warehouse, Pete is angry at Artie for letting his mother Jane go, but Artie insists that he has no control over the Regents. Pete wants to protect her from Walter Sykes and keep him from getting the Collodi Bracelet, but Artie tells Pete and Myka that he has a case for them and sends them to Ithaca. Leena arrives and does a diagnostic on the warehouse security, and asks what happened in Atlanta. Artie admits that Steve was stripped of his rank and that he’s given Claudia a few days off to deal with it.

Claudia is playing guitar at the Univille coffeehouse for open-mic, and the lead singer for Dead Rent, Dwayne Maddox, comes over and introduces himself. He wants her to replace their rhythm guitarist who has split and Claudia accepts. Dwayne invites her to his garage to rehearse the next day at noon and she agrees. Claudia then calls Steve to share the good news but gets his answering machine.

Pete and Myka go to the Ithaca hospital and talk to Amy, who says that whatever attacked them bit both of them and run off into the woods. Myka checks Amy’s bite wound on her neck and Pete points out that they’re human bite marks. She doesn’t believe in supernatural creatures but Artie points out that artifacts can do a lot of things. The agents go to Lover’s Lane and Pete insists that they stay together. When they explore the woods, they find a white-skinned man chewing on a dead deer and Pete figures that he’s a zombie. The zombie comes at them but then cowers as they shine their lights and aim their guns. Pete wants to shoot it in the head but Myka tries to get through to the man. He attacks them and Myka stuns him with the Tesla. She examines him and confirms that his body is ice-cold, and that his wallet identifies him as a local resident, Kevin Monroe. There’s no sign of an artifact.

The agents take Kevin to the hospital and Artie confirms that some artifacts can simulate the conditions of the living dead. Kevin wakes up and says “Peas, elk, bison,” shivering with cold. Artie tells them to check out Kevin’s house while he flies to Ithaca to help them, leaving Trailer the dog behind.

Claudia is going to rehearsal when Artie calls to have her do research on living death artifacts. Back at the warehouse, she calls Steve and finally gets through to him. He isn’t interested about her life and says that all they ever were was co-workers, and now they’re nothing. Steve tells her to lose his number and hangs up. As Claudia snaps at the phone, a nearby Sultan Sallah fortune-telling machine activates and a card pops out. It tells Claudia that she’s going to die that night. As she walks away, a gargoyle statue falls from an upper shelf and almost hits her.

Myka and Pete go to the Monroe house and discover that Kevin had the heat turned up on high. They hear a noise from the closet and find a young boy, Danny Monroe, inside. The agents realize that Kevin was saying “Please help my son” earlier. They take Danny to the hospital where Artie is waiting for them. Danny goes to his father and Pete takes him to get a candy bar. Artie tells Myka that Amy and Paul haven’t developed any symptoms but that the police have received a 911 call from a fraternity that one of the members is eating a squirrel. He’s not sure how Kevin is connected to the frat house but tells them to check it out. When Pete returns, Artie tells the agents to check out the frat house and Pete says that he’ll have to watch over the boy and get him to open up about what he saw.

At the frat house, Myka talks to the house president, Fenton Wallis, who says that one of their members, Moose Mulder, freaked out after coming back from a burrito run and started biting people and then ran down to the basement. The agents go downstairs and find the tacos from the burrito run all over the floor. Moose, his skin pale, is chewing on a live rat and complaining about how he’s cold and hungry. He attacks Myka but Pete manages to stun him with a shovel. When one of the frat brothers emerges from hiding, he distracts Pete and Moose bites the agent’s arm.

Outside, the medics treat Pete’s wound while Myka gives Artie an update. Artie says that Amy and Paul haven’t displayed any symptoms and admits that he has no idea if Pete will display symptoms. He warns Myka to be careful and signs off, and Myka talks to Fenton. There’s no indication that Moose and Kevin were connected. Pete asks Myka to kill him if she has to and she jokingly agrees, and they go over to the nearby taco truck so Pete can get a taco. He talks briefly with the owner, Manny, and has Myka pay for the food.

Artie tries to chat with Danny without success and checks on Kevin. The man’s temperature keeps dropping and the doctor warns that at the rate that Kevin’s systems are shutting down, he’ll soon be dead.

At the warehouse, the air tube system malfunctions, pulling Claudia in until she shuts down the system. Artie calls in and asks her for the research, and she snaps at him over the Farnesworth. She insists that nothing is wrong and gives him a list of potential artifacts. Artie tells her Kevin’s symptoms and she says that she’ll cross reference them when the system stops dragging. Once Artie signs off, Leena calls to tell Claudia that Dwayne is at the B&B. Claudia goes there and apologizes for missing the rehearsal, and says that she’ll join him as soon as she takes care of one more job-related thing. As she goes to get her guitar, she trips and knocks Dwayne back against a wall switch. It shorts out the chandelier and Claudia shoves Dwayne out of the way as it falls, just missing him. Dwayne is thrilled to have Claudia on top of him, but she tells him to stay away from her because she’s marked for death.

When the doctor leaves the room, Artie puts a pair of glasses belonging to Alfred Butz, the inventor of the thermostat, on Kevin. As Danny watches, Kevin’s body stabilizes and Artie learns that Paul and Amy were discharged. He realizes that something else is causing the zombie plague. Moose breaks loose as Myka and Pete arrive. They corner him in the cafeteria as Myka complains about the cold, and Pete is forced to stun Moose when Myka can’t bring herself to shoot. Moose keeps coming but dies before Pete has to shoot him with his revolver. Artie confirms that Moose has died of hypothermia and starvation, but points out that Pete is fine. However, they realize that Myka is now suffering from the same disease.

Myka gets worse and Pete tells her that he’ll find the artifact. Artie tries to get Danny to talk since the boy hasn’t said anything yet, and talks about how his father was sick once. He tells the boy that if he tells them what he knows, he can save more lives. Danny finally speaks, asking about the glasses, and then tells them that Kevin got tacos from the taco truck. Myka didn’t eat any tacos and Pete did, so they’re still not sure what the artifact is. Pete confirms via Twitter that the taco truck is at a construction site and prepares to leave. Myka insists on going with him despite her worsening condition while Artie assures Danny that eventually his father got better.

Claudia goes back to the Sultan Sallah machine and it continues to predict her death. She sprays it with neutralizer fluid and walks away, but a leaking drum spills brandy on her and it comes to life and tries to drown her.

As the sun sets, Pete and Myka arrive at the construction site and spot the taco truck. The disease finally overwhelms Myka and she attacks her partner. The construction workers run out and attack the SUV, and Pete shoves Myka out the door. When he tries to drive away, he discovers that the car keys are on the ground outside.

Leena returns to the warehouse office and sees the security alert, and goes to free Claudia. Claudia complains that her life is in ruins and nothing is okay, but Leela tells her that Sultan Sallah always predicts death. The artifact instills a feeling of dread and the victim has to actively ignore him. Pete calls and has Claudia hack into the Ithaca power grid and turn up the site lights to full. The zombies are blinded and collapse in agony, and Pete runs to the taco truck and discovers the tire is flat.

As Pete tells Manny to let him in, the circuits blow and the zombies run for the truck. Manny finally lets Pete in and the agent starts searching for the artifact. He finds Manny’s tip jar and realizes that everyone who put money in it has become a cannibal. Pete doesn’t have a static bag so he shatters the jar on the floor. Myka and the others revert to normal, and Artie calls to tell them that Kevin has recovered as well.

Later, Artie takes the shattered jar pieces to the warehouse and explains that it came from the Donner party, who resorted to cannibalisms when they were stranded in the mountains in the 19th century. They buried their money in the jar for safekeeping, so putting money in the jar triggered the zombie plague. Artie and the others go to meet Pete, who is treating them to all-you-can-eat pancakes at the local diner.

Danny is singing at the coffeehouse when Claudia comes to see him. She admits that a lot of strange things happen to her but that it puts her life in perspective. Claudia then kisses Dwayne and tells him she wants to perform with the band. As he goes to finish his set, Claudia texts Steve with the good news. He’s sitting in a bar drinking and has run out of money when his credit card is declined. Marcus Diamond comes over to pay his tab and Steve realizes that Marcus was Sally’s partner in Atlanta. Marcus points out that Steve is out of work because of his scruples, and that he and his people are just defending themselves from the Regents. He offers Steve a job and says that they’ll appreciate his talents. Marcus starts to leave but Steve pushes out a stool and invites him to sit down and tell him more.