Personal Effects - Recap

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Steve packs up and prepares to leave his room in the dead agents’ vault, and looks at a photo of himself and Claudia together. She comes in and comments on the photo, and then they leave together for a briefing at Artie’s office. Pete is complaining about the hot water when Artie interrupts to give them the real briefing. He informs them that they’ve had a ping from Devil’s Lake, North Dakota. A cleaning lady showed all the symptoms of a spider bite but no bite itself. Steve identifies the symptoms immediately and explains that the artifact responsible is a small wooden token that Sykes stole. He says that Sykes stored them in crates and moved them after Steve died. They figure that Marcus took them to Devil’s Lake and they check the residences that the housecleaner went to. One was the Mazzanti residence, and a Mazzanti was the original illustrator of Collodi’s Pinnochio. Artie figures that it’s a safehouse for Sykes’ artifacts and sends Pete and Myka to round them up.

In Devil’s Lake, Pete and Myka break into the Mazzanti house and find fake photos of families on the table. The agents realize that the entire thing was just a cover and search the house. Pete finds fresh cinnamon buns on the table and eats one, only to discover that it’s fake as well. He hears something moving in the basement and goes to investigate. Myka finds the spider token on the floor of the dining room and collects it with a neutralizer cloth. Pete calls to her from the cellar and shows her the empty crates.

At the local pawnshop, Jesse Ashton sells the owner Kev the junk he found in what he claims is his grandmother’s basement. The pawnshop owner goes to check his price guide and Jesse notices a pipe with a windmill carved on the side. When he smokes it, it generates a wind. The owner offers Jesse $640 for the lot, and Jesse insists on keeping the pipe.

Pete and Myka call in to the others, and they realize that whoever took the contents knew the security code for the house. Claudia identifies the address of the security company and the agents head out to the office. They ask the clerk, Roy, about the break-in at the Mazzanti residence and he goes to get his supervisors. When they follow him back, they discover that Roy is trying to crawl out the window. He says that the whole thing was Jesse’s idea and that he has no idea who Sykes is. Once the agents have the address of the pawnshop where Jesse was going to sell the stuff, they go there... just as a huge explosion erupts from inside.

Later, Leena, Artie, Steve, and Claudia arrive to check out the wreckage. Leena starts collecting the artifacts and Artie explains that he brought her so she could use her powers on it. One of them is Mrs. O’Leary’s cowbell, which caused the Great Chicago Fire and the explosion in the pawnshop. The owner is singed but still alive. Steve tells them that there were more artifacts and the owner has told them that he already sold six of them. Myka checks the credit card records and warns the others that Jesse kept the smoking pipe. Artie suspects that it may be Admiral Byrd’s pipe. Claudia and Steve go after half of the artifacts, Leena and Artie the other half, and Pete and Myka go after Jesse and the pipe.

The agents go to Jesse’s apartment and Pete breaks in, Tesla drawn. They discover that there is a huge hole in the ceiling.

Claudia and Steve go to a lingerie shop where the new owner of the sunglasses works. As they go in, Steve worries about what the downside of the metronome that is keeping alive may be. Claudia tells him not to worry about it and asks the clerk about Jordan, the man who bought the sunglasses. The clerk admits that she heard someone sneeze earlier and things have been falling off the shelves. Claudia checks her database and confirms that the sunglasses can make someone invisible. A woman runs out of the dressing room, screaming about an invisible man, and Claudia and Steve realize why the sunglasses' new owner came there.

Pete and Myka talk to the landlord and confirm there was a large crash an hour ago. Myka spots what looks like lightning strikes and tries to work out where a thief with a powerful artifact would go. They find Jesse’s laptop and check the browser history. Jesse was online an hour ago and looked up the location of the nearby ATM.

Leena and Artie go to the music school where Tia Lilly, the girl who bought the violin, attends classes. As she starts playing, lightning shoots through the halls. Artie and Leena grab the artifact and say that they’re from the CDC collecting an infected object to prevent an outbreak. As they leave, Artie confirms that the violin belonged to Napoleon and would have caused outbreaks of violence. Next they head off to a country club to collect the golf clubs.

Pete and Myka go to the bank and discover that Jesse has already robbed it. Even though it’s June, it’s snowing, and they figure it’s a residual effect of the pipe. They talk to a witness who says that the bank was hit by a rogue tornado. The ATM was ripped out of the booth, and the agents figure that Jesse is learning how to control the pipe.

Jesse goes to a warehouse with his money and figures that it’s not enough. He notices a forklift nearby, takes out the pipe, and creates a tornado to lift it up into the air.

Myka and Pete go to see Mrs. Ashton, who admits that Jesse has always had a bad temper. As they talk, Myka notices some paperwork from the bank that Jesse robbed. Myka has Mrs. Ashton get her a cup of tea and then checks the papers, and confirms that they’re bills. The bank was foreclosing on Jesse’s home and they wonder where Jesse will go next. Pete suggests that they predict the weather rather than Jesse’s next target and start to leave. Mrs. Ashton comes back in and asks them not to hurt her son.

At the lingerie store, Steve watches on the dressing room monitors while Claudia goes looking for their target. Steve sees Jordan on the monitors but Claudia can’t, so Steve uses the camera on his iPad to trip the man, bumping him with his shoulder. They remove the sunglasses while Jordan realizes that he’s blind. Claudia explains that he’ll be blind for twice as long as he wore the glasses. As they go, Claudia clutches at her shoulder but says that she has just been exercising too much.

At the country club, Leena and Artie look for Hank Conway, the man who bought the golf clubs. They find them discarded on the floor of the club but Hank has disappeared. Artie confirms that the clubs belong to Bobby Jones, who lost his temper in 1921 and threw his clubs all over the green. They realize that the 9-iron is missing and Leena finds Hank sitting nearby. He has a bruise on his head and is just waking up with a headache.

Pete and Myka drive through town and Pete figures they can track Jesse on weather radar. They get a low-pressure sighting and go to the warehouse. They find an armored truck guard handcuffed to the railings, and he tells the agents that Jesse will never get it open. The agents go into the next room and find Jesse summoning a major thunderstorm to crack the armored car up. They order him to raise his hands but Jesse tells them that he’s running out of time and needs it. When the agents say that someone could get hurt, Jesse admits that it could be them. They look up and spot a hole in the ceiling, and jump out of the way just as the armored car falls back down. By the time the agents recover, Jesse has escaped and taken all of the money with him. Myka remembers that Jesse had a bandage on his arm like the one someone gets when they take a blood test. Pete remembers there was an anatomy book at Jesse’s apartment, and the agents figure that he’s sick.

Hank tells Artie and Leena that he bought the golf clubs for his wife Janet, who wanted to go golfing with him. He didn’t want her to go golfing because he wants the time alone. Artie realizes that the 9-iron will aggravate her rage and asks where they can find Hank’s golfing buddies. Meanwhile, elsewhere in the club, Janet attacks two of the golfers.

At the Vineyard Bird Sanctuary, Claudia and Steven are busy when Pete calls for the encryption code so they can get into the hospital. Claudia emails him the codes and whispers that the birds have gone berserk. Steve has the bird cage and is covered with birds. He throws it to Claudia, who runs with it out to the car and puts it in a neutralizer vat. Claudia complains about her shoulder again but Steve can’t find any injury. However, he notices that a bird pecked his shoulder in the same spot.

Janet continues to attack the golfers as Artie and Leena come in. He insists he can handle her and tells her Hank is behind her, and then grabs the club from her. Leena tells him to hand it over but Artie, under the influence of the club, talks about how he’s suffered so much and can’t even tell anyone that he saved them all. Leena sprays the club with neutralizer and asks him what he was saying, but Artie dismisses it as his typical anger and leaves.

Pete and Myka go to the hospital and find Mrs. Ashton with Jesse’s younger brother, Ronnie. She tells them that they’ve been getting anonymous donations because the brothers have a rare blood type. Ronnie has myocarditis and has gotten worse in the last few days. Pete tells her that Jesse is robbing banks and Myka warns that people are getting hurt.

Jesse goes to the head doctor, Garner, and gives her the money that he stole. Dr. Garner warns that they need to find a suitable donor and the money isn’t enough, but Jesse tells her to fix his brother. He takes out the pipe when she refuses and drags her out.

Pete gets a sudden vibe and tells Myka that Jesse is in the hospital. Storm clouds gather overhead and they realize that Jesse is on the roof.

Atop the hospital, Jesse is summoning the lightning as Pete and Myka arrive. Jesse knocks the Tesla out of Pete’s hand with a bolt of lightning, and Jesse demands that they make the doctors cure his brother. He refuses to give them the pipe, insisting that he’s in control for once, and says that the doctors have one hour to fix Ronnie before he destroys the hospital. Jesse then blasts all three of them back through the door and closes it.

The agents try to get all of the staff and patients into the hospital, but Dr. Garner warns that they can’t get everyone there. She tells the agents that Ronnie needs a new heart transplant and that they’re still looking. Steven and Claudia arrive and the agents bring them up to speed. Claudia suggests that they may have a solution.

Myka goes out on the roof, unarmed, and says that she just wants to talk. She tries to get closer to him but Jesse drives her back with a lightning bolt and insists that they have to operate on Ronnie immediately. Meanwhile, Pete dons the artifact sunglasses, turns invisible, and sneaks out on the roof. However, a tarp blows off a generator and hits Pete, entangling him, and Jesse knocks the sunglasses off of him. Pete grabs Jesse and knocks the pipe out of his hand, and the storm dies away. Myka explains that they need a perfect match for the transplant. He tells them to tell Ronnie that he wishes he’d been a better brother, and then grabs the pipe and kills himself with a lightning bolt. Dr. Garner runs out and Myka has her confirm that Jesse is a match for Ronnie. As Garner goes to get the operation room ready, Pete and Myka realize that Jesse saved his brother after all.

Later, Pete gets his bruises tended to and the surgery goes as planned. They figure that they’ve seen the last of Sykes, and Artie and Leena are taking the artifacts to the warehouse. As they go, Steve gets an idea and jabs his finger with a pin... and Claudia complains that her finger hurts.

Back at the warehouse, Artie is preparing to open a filing cabinet when he hears Leena approaching and closes the door. She asks him about what he said earlier and doesn’t believe his denials. Leena says that she’s been seeing something different in his aura ever since Sykes attacked the warehouse. She tells him that he doesn’t have to carry his burden alone and leaves, and Artie then removes the astrolabe from the filing cabinet. He then makes a call and says that there’s something that he needs done and can’t ask anyone else. The other person agrees and Artie asks him to find the dagger... before it finds him.