Fractures - Recap

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At the warehouse, Steve is doing research on the database to find information on the metronome. Artie suggests that he work with Claudia but Steve warns that she'll try to stop him if she knows the truth. Steve admits that he's stressed out and Artie promises to help him when they come back. Claudia comes in and points out that Artie has a girlfriend since he's going to meet Vanessa Calder. Pete and Myka arrive with a bicycle bell and he explains that it's a gift, not an artifact. He admits that he's considering asking Vanessa to move in with him and they tell him that it's a good idea.

In Rapid City, Kristen is at St. Mary's Thrift Shop after helping Father Mitchell with the clothing drive. She goes to find a donation package in the backroom and finds a full-length mirror. There's a flash attachment next to it with the sign "Click me" on it. When Kristen clicks it, she temporarily blinds herself and hears a girl giggling and then asking for help. The image of a girl appears in the mirror and then reaches out and transfers herself into Kristen's body.

When Father Mitchell goes to investigate, Kristen comes out, giggling. She asks for L'etoile and then kisses him, much to his surprise. She looks at the time and says that she can't be late, and then stabs the father and knocks him out. Kristen then drives away in a van, going through red lights. When she unbuttons her sweater to show some cleavage, a van broadsides her.

Pete and Myka are called to the hospital where Kristen is screaming after they restrain her. The injured father suggests that she might be possessed and admits that they have a lot of old objects at the thrift shop. They go in to talk to Kristen, who calls them by name and alternately flirts with them and taunts them. Pete and Myka head for the thrift store

Artie arrives at Vanessa's hotel room and she gets ready to go out to dinner with him. he draws her into a brief dance and they take off.

At the warehouse, Steve is going through the records when Claudia wonders why he didn't want to go out on the case. He insists that he's not hiding through anything and says that they should both take it easy. Claudia disagrees and wonders if he's worried about dying again, and Steve admits that it's not what he's afraid of but doesn't tell her anything further.

That night, Pete and Myka go to the store and spray neutralizer fluid to find the artifact. They make their way to the back room and find broken glass covered in blood. Pete finds the flash attachment and sets it off, while Myka realizes that it's mirror glass. They realize that the mirror is the Lewis Carroll mirror that they dealt with in a previous case and that Alice Liddell entered Kristen's body and is free again, despite the fact they put the mirror in the Dark Vault.

An orderly tends to the possessed Kristen and he tells her where she can find L'etoile. He gives her directions and Kristen flirts with him, convincing him to release her. Once she's free, Alice knocks the orderly out, grabs a piece of mirror glass from her possessions, and runs off.

The agents get back to the hospital and discover that Alice is gone. They have the orderly shut down the hospital and then try to figure out where Alice is going next. Myka figures that since Alice is still a child, she'd act like a child, and spots her footprints. They run outside and find Kristen laying in an alleyway with no memory of what happened. They confirm that Alice is no longer in her and Kristen says that she doesn't remember anything since she unwrapped the mirror and triggered the flash. Myka figures that Alice is in someone else, just as Alice drives off in a stolen ambulance.

Claudia tracks the ambulance's GPS and feeds the tracking signal to Pete and Myka. Steve and Claudia try to work out how to reconstruct the mirror and go to the Dark Vault to discover how the Dodgson Mirror was removed. They find a black diamond and Steve remembers that he and Artie saw it the other day. He tells her about the stolen artifacts and realizes that Artie didn't tell her when he said he would. As Claudia goes to check the security feeds, Leena arrives and tells them that the artifact they need is in the traps section.

Pete and Myka track the ambulance and discover that Alice has abandoned it. The possessed EMT is getting gas at a nearby station and uses the mirror shard to take over a driver. He ignites the gasoline and drives away and the agents put out the fire before the station explodes. Realizing they're in over their heads, the agents call Artie.

At dinner, Vanessa is talking about her childhood bicycle and Artie points out that she's told him the story before. He then suggests they meet each other more often and starts to give her the bicycle bell gift. Pete calls, interrupting, and mentions L'etoile, and Artie realizes that it's the restaurant that they're at. A waitress brings them wine and Artie sees Alice's reflection in the serving tray. Artie avoids giving himself away and tells the agents to hurry and join him. He notices that Alice has a knife and shoves her away and runs with Vanessa. As they get to the door, Artie sets off the fire alarm, causing the people to leave and covering their escape.

The agents arrive and Artie calls them over to explain what happened. When Myka wonders how she got out of the warehouse, Artie says that they'll worry about it later. Vanessa wonders what Alice wants and Artie realizes that she's hunting him.

Leena takes Claudia and Steve to the trap section and explains that warehouse agents wrote Alice in Wonderland and incorporated artifacts into the narrative. One of the artifacts was a hookah that could draw a spirit out of a body and trap it. They need to find it to trap Alice, and start searching through the unstored artifacts. Claudia spots the hookah at the top of a pile of crates and starts climbing. She knocks over a crate, causing a lightning rod to fall and shoot lightning at Steve. Electricity shoots through him and Claudia flinches briefly as Leena returns. Claudia says that she's fine and figures that Steve is worrying about her because of her phantom pains. However, as Claudia leaves, Leena tells him that he saw their auras swap and warns that the only other time she saw it happened, it didn't end well.

The agents figure that Alice is hiding in the crowd and use a pair of mirrored sunglasses to try and spot Alice. Myka wears the sunglasses while Pete checks the reflections, while Artie mutters that Brother Adrian won't catch him by surprise. A fireman walks away with an axe and heads toward Artie, and Myka shoots it out of the hand. The possessed fireman runs and then Alice jumps into another person. By the time they catch up to her, they discover that Alice has jumped again and that she could be anyone, anywhere. In the crowd, Alice watches them from the body of a possessed businessman.

Pete and Myka go back to Artie and Vanessa, and they realize that they should set a trap. Artie knows just the bait and they head back to the hotel where Claudia and Steve are waiting with the hookah. They cover the exits while Artie stands in the middle of the lobby and uses the reflections of the mirrors and marbles to spot Alice. He figures that once they extract her spirit, they can put her back in the Dark Vault. As the others leave, Steve tells Artie that he was right and he should tell Claudia about the metronome. Artie tells him that they'll talk about it later and then tells Vanessa to leave. She insists on staying as part of the team and because she cares about him. Artie reluctantly gives her a mirror and sends her to watch the elevators.

As the agents take up position, Myka admits to Pete that while she was trapped in the mirror for a few hours, Alice was inside for over a century. Pete points out that Alice was already a homicidal maniac but Myka explains that Alice was at Charles Dodgson's home for a tea party and found his handgun. When her mother tried to take it away, it went off and Alice watched her mother died in front of the mirror. Pete says that it was tragic, but he doesn't have much sympathy for her. Myka points out that the warehouse has a habit of turning people psycho.

Alice in the businessman's body approaches a bellboy and confirms that he knows what room Artie is in. A minute later, Steve and Artie find the businessman's unconscious body. Alice in the bellboy's body grabs Vanessa and threatens to cut her throat, and then backs into the elevator. Artie realizes that Alice is after Vanessa and they run up to Vanessa's room. Pete stuns the bellboy but there's no sign of the mirror shard... and the possessed Vanessa holds the mirror to Artie's throat. She threatens to cut her throat before they can shoot, and Artie tells Alice to let Vanessa go. Vanessa says that it's about more than him and drags him into the bedroom, locking the door behind her.

As the agents try to break in, Artie realizes that Brother Adrian released Alice to get revenge on him for refusing to undo the astrolabe. Alice promises that she will occupy the body and do unspeakable things. As the agents burst in, Artie elbows Vanessa, knocking her back. The agents use the hookah, but Alice uses the mirror shard and jumps into Claudia's body. She smashes the hookah and charges a Artie with the shard, but Steve leaps in the way and takes the blow. Alice clutches at her shoulder in pain and Myka holds her long enough for Steve to use the shard to force Alice out. They toss the shard into a neutralizer bag while Claudia wakes up and complains about her shoulder. Myka says that she needs to talk with Steve, while Artie tells Vanessa that it's over.

Once everything is tidied up, Pete wishes Artie and Vanessa goodnight. However, Artie prepares to go with them. He tells Vanessa that what he hoped for was a mistake. After seeing her life threatened because of him, he can't go through with it. Vanessa objects, insisting that it's worth the risk, but Artie says that it isn't. She refuses to let him quit, pointing out that anyone connected to the warehouse is in danger. Artie can't explain everything and simply says that he can't have a relationship right now. As he starts to walk away, Vanessa tells him to call her once he realizes that he's making a mistake. As she walks, away, Artie contemplates the gift he was going to give her.

Later at the B&B, Steve tells Claudia everything. He admits that he was hoping to disconnect himself and Claudia assures him that she can withstand a little pain. Steve reluctantly accepts her decision and they go meet with the others. Meanwhile, Myka talks to Pete, who explains that Artie didn't want to talk to him about what happened. Claudia and Steve arrive and explain about the black diamonds and the thefts. They figure that Artie is trying to protect them, but wonder who he's protecting them from.

In the Dark Vault, Artie figures that Adrian is in the warehouse somehow and insists that the Brother is the one cutting him off from his past, not himself. He removes the astrolabe from its hiding place and makes sure that it's there, and vows to stop Adrian no matter what. Once he leaves, Leena emerges from hiding and looks nervously around.