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The Big Snag - Recap

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Myka and Pete are in the warehouse collecting errant static electricity using an artifact elephant statue. Several of them move in at the same time and Pete manages to catch all four. A blast of electricity goes into the nearby books and blank pages fall down on the agents. Suddenly the agents find themselves in black and white, wearing 1940s clothing, They look out the windows of the office they're in and realize that in Chicago. Myka checks one of the pages that fell with them and discovers that it's the title page for an unfinished novel by Anthony Bishop. She remembers that Bishop had writer's block, went insane, and killed himself... turning his manuscript into an artifact.

Artie is playing the piano at the B&B while Claudia and Steven come up with a plan. They come in arguing about a case about missing classic cars, and whether it's an artifact or a normal thief. Artie finally tells them to check it out on their own, so they keep arguing. They keep going and Artie demands the file, and then tells them that he's going out on his own. Claudia suggests that they go with them so they can learn from the master and for safety in numbers. Artie finally gives in and says that they'll take his new car, Scarlett.

Chapter 1: The Client

Pete goes outside and runs as far as he can, but the black-and-white world extends as far as he can go. A blonde, Rebecca Carson, comes in and tells Pete that she's heard that he's the best in town. She explains that her husband has disappeared and shows them a photo of him holding the elephant statue. Rebecca assumes that Myka is Pete's secretary and asks for coffee, and Pete plays along. The client says that her husband Oliver is an archaeologist and was afraid that the jade elephant statue he found in India had magical powers. He was worried that it would fall into the wrong hands, and then he disappeared. Myka, listening in, insists that Pete can handle it and draws her partner to the side. She figures that the statue was pulled in with them and they were all adapted into their roles. They figure the only way to escape is finish the story, even though they don't have any tools or resources.

Artie, Claudia, and Steven go to the car dealership and go over the list of stolen cars. All of them are there. The salesman, Amy, comes over and they finally convince her to take them to the owner, Lambeth. They ask him how he's stealing cars but he refuses to cooperate. Artie takes out his tesla and shoots a water cooler, and Lambeth admits that he has a procurer that can get him any car he wants. The thief sends him anonymous emails and hasn't withdrawn any of the money that Lambeth has paid him. Steven suggests that they get the thief to come to them and has Lambeth make a request for Artie's car, Scarlett.

Chapter 4: The Ambush

As they go to check out Oliver's office, Pete narrates out loud. Myka is eager to participate in an Anthony Bishop novel. When they open the door, a man steps out and punches Pete in the face. When Pete wakes up, he and Myka are tied to chairs and sitting in an expensive club. The club owner, Caspian Barnabas, welcomes them to the Indigo Club and asks why they were in Oliver's office. Myka notices the bartender watching them and realizes that Caspian is also looking for Oliver and the jade elephant. She offers to tell Caspian a secret and he comes over, and tells him that his thugs should have tied her ropes tighter. She knocks him back and takes out the thugs in short order, and then grabs a gun and orders Caspian to free Pete. As he does, Caspian explains that he procures rare artifacts. He hired Oliver to find the Jade Elephant but the archaeologist kept it for himself. Caspian pays Pete to find the Elephant and Myka immediately agrees.

The agents go back to Oliver's offices and discover that Caspian's goons have already tossed the place. She finds a matchbook for the Kristie Anne Hotel and remembers that Bishop's mother's name was Kristie Anne. Myka figures that it's a clue that Caspian wouldn't pick up on it and they head to the hotel. After paying off the clerk for the ledger, they discover that someone has erased one name: Augustus Pitt Rivers in room 204. Pete recovers the name and Myka says that Rivers is a real archaeologist. As they get in the elevator, a nearby lamp shorts out and they figure the Elephant is nearby.

When they get to the room, they find Rivers dead on the floor. The killer jumps out the window and fires an electrical blast from the elephant. Myka confirms that the dead man is Oliver and they realize that if they don't solve the murder then they'll be trapped forever.

Steven puts up a news article for Scarlett and makes sure that its location is clear in the background. Artie is working on one of Claudia's Tesla grenades and boosts it, but she says that it's too dangerous. She has a GPS tracker built but the blast from the Tesla disrupts it, and Claudia goes back to work repairing it.

Chapter 9: The Wife

Pete and Myka drive to the Carson home to tell Rebecca that her husband is dead and see if she can tell them something significant. A brunette woman answers the door and says that she's Rebecca Carson. She lets them in and tells the agents that her husband took her money and ran off with a blonde he met at the Indigo Club. Pete and Myka go back to the club and try to work out why the blonde would hire them to solve the case if she was the one who stole the Elephant and then killed Oliver. Myka notices that the bartender is glaring at them again. The blonde comes out to sing and Myka say they'll grab her after the song. Pete starts dancing with her to blend in with the other dancers, and Myka congratulates him on his talent. She spots Caspian having a drink, while Pete notices that the bartender is watching the blonde carefully. She spots them, finishes the song, and runs off-stage.

The agents catch up to her in back and take her to the dressing room. She says her name is Lily Abbott and insists that she didn't kill Oliver. Myka figures her for a small-town girl in over her head working for Caspian. She asks for the details and Lily explains that Caspian put her close to Oliver. When Oliver double-crossed Caspian, Lily hired them to keep Oliver safe. She plans to run away with her own man once she can get clear of the club owner, but Myka tells her to tell it to the police.

As Claudia plants the tracker in Scarlett, she complains about Artie. The thief comes in and Claudia hides in the trunk, but Artie goes after the thief. Steven warns him that he's been overreacting all day, but Artie ignores him. The thief drives the car through Artie and into a wall. As they prepare to track Claudia, Artie angrily tells Steven that he's not going to let anyone else die on his watch.

Chapter 14: The Boyfriend

The agents go back out to the club and Pete figures that Lily is telling the truth. A waiter approaches Pete and gives him a message saying to meet the sender in the back. They go out and find the bartender waiting for him. He talks about how they got in there and Myka realizes that he's Anthony Bishop, the author. Bishop draws a gun and tells them to drop the case for good. Myka explains that she recognized the handwriting on the note because it matched the note on the title page. The author explains that he dedicates all of his books to his wife, and she died of a fatal illness. After that, Bishop threw himself into a new novel but couldn't finish it because of his wife's death. He imagined the world and one day he found himself in his own creation.

Myka explains that they have to finish the story to escape and asks him to tell him the solution, but Bishop refuses to let them destroy his world. They realize that Bishop has been behind the whole thing, and that Lily is based on his wife. Myka explains that in the story, Lily will die in a final shootout just like an innocent dies at the end of all of Bishop's books. Bishop intends to save her no matter what it takes. Pete slaps the gun out of his hand and points out that he's a writer, not a killer. Bishop concedes the point but runs off, vowing that he won't let them finish his story.

While the agents go to question Caspian, Bishop goes backstage and tells Lily that they need to leave town. He suggests that they go to Bora Bora and Lily reminds him that they need a lot of money. Meanwhile, the agents look for Caspian and a coat check girl tells him that he got a call and left. Pete calls the operator, Doris, and convinces her to tell him what she overheard on the last call from that phone.

The thief drives Artie's car to a garage and removes a pair of artifact gloves. Once he leaves, Claudia climbs out of the trunk and prepares to grab the gloves. However, Amy comes up behind her and knocks the gun out of Claudia's hand.

Chapter 18: The Double-Cross

Pete and Myka drive to the 4th Street Bridge where Caspian was going to buy an elephant. They find the club owner, electrocuted. There are scratches on his face that look like they were made by a woman, and Pete finds a long brunette hair. They figure that Rebecca is the guilty party and head for the car, but Rebecca is waiting for them. She blasts Pete with lightning from the Jade Elephant and admits that she killed Oliver and Caspian. Caspian decided to take the Elephant so Rebecca figures that he deserved to die. She fires at Myka, who ducks, and then runs off as the police arrive. Myka goes over and applies CPR to Pete, reviving him. They figure that Rebecca will go to the club to take Caspian's money so she can leave town and drive off.

At the club, Bishop robs the till for the money they need to get to Bora Bora. Rebecca comes in and fires a warning blast, and tells Bishop to get her the money or Lily dies.

At the garage, Claudia and Amy fight. Amy insists that that people who keep cars locked away don't deserve to have them. She knocks Claudia down, leaps into a car, and drives off through the garage door. All of the doors are locked, but Claudia reveals that she snagged one of the gloves. Artie gets into another car, puts on the glove, and drives through the wall without them.

Chapter 23: The Big Snag

Pete and Myka run into the club and find Rebecca holding Lily hostage. As they prepare to shoot Rebecca, Bishop fires a warning shot and tells them that he won't let the agents risk Lily's life. Pete tells him that it has to end, and Lily says that she won't let Bishop hurt someone just to save her. Bishop stares at her and admits that she's just like his dead wife, and Lily punches Rebecca. While they hide, Pete manages to get close enough to grapple with Rebecca. The killer knocks him down and prepares to blast him, and Myka has Bishop confirm that Rebecca isn't another real person. The agent then shoots Rebecca in the chest, killing her and ending the story.

As Artie drives after Amy, Claudia calls him on the Farnsworth and tells him that the gloves belong to stunt driver Corey Loftin, letting him make any stunt in one take. When Amy crashes through a barrier, Artie realizes that the gloves only work once on any given car. He tells Claudia and Steven that he has a plan and pulls up next to her. She brakes to a halt and Artie swings around, and Amy backs her car up. A truck cuts her off and she guns the engine and drives straight at Artie. He charges Amy and figures that she'll break. She finally swerves at the last second and blows out a wheel. Once Claudia signs off, she tells Steven that Artie is fine but clearly doesn't believe it.

Chapter 27: The Goodbye

Pete and Myka leave the club and wonder why they're still there. Once he gets a vibe, Pete uses the Elephant on a nearby fog bank, creating a portal. Bishop and Lily come out of the club and Bishop tells Lily that he can't stay because he comes from a different world. Lily begs him to stay with her, but Bishop just tells her to be good and then joins the agents. Myka suggests that that he stay even though they don't know what will happen when the story ends. Bishop considers then says that one more second would be worth more than a lifetime without Lily. He goes back to his love and Pete invites Myka to narrate the ending. She describes them walking off into the fog and the agents leave through the portal. Back in the warehouse, the agents realize that all of the blank pages now have writing on them because they finished the story.

Later, Steven speaks with Adwin and admits that he's worried that Artie is endangering his life and those of his team. Adwin agrees and thanks Steven for keeping an eye on Artie. Steven warns him that they need to be there for him rather than imprison him, but Adwin tells Steven to trust the Regents.

Pete and Myka read the story, which describes everything that happened to them. Myka reads the ending, which describes how Bishop and Lily finally got to Bora Bora and had a happy ending. She complains that it isn't an appropriate ending for a crime drama, but Pete suggests that Bishop had writer's block because he didn't realize he was writing a love story.