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Lost & Found - Recap

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At the B&B at night, Myka is looking through websites about ovarian cancer, hoping to find some sign of hope for her own condition. Pete comes in and Myka hastily shuts down her browser. Her partner asks what she's doing up and Myka talks about how she's glad that she got to see all of the wonders. Pete realizes that something is wrong and Myka imagines all of his possible reactions if he told her. She tells him that she's just thinking about stuff and they go to get his sandwich.

Claudia and Nick sneak in and Myka and Pete run into them. Artie arrives to tell them that they've got a ping on an old case that he's been waiting on for years, and then notices that Nick is there. He hustles the teenager off to bed and Nick goes up. Once he leaves, Artie complains that Claudia hasn't found a place for Nick yet and tells her to get onto it. When Myka and Pete wonder if they could wait until morning, Artie explains that they have the perfect opportunity to recover the stolen warehouse artifacts taken by Roaring Dan Seavey.

At the warehouse, Artie explains that during the transition from Warehouse 12 to Warehouse 13, the HMS Avalon was attacked by pirates lead by Dan Seavey. Seavey vanished for a hundred years and no one has found the artifacts he stole. Artie has half of a puzzle box built by Seavey. When they put the two halves together, they will have a lead to Seavey's horde, and Artie has found a black market dealer with the other half. However, they have to meet the dealer in the next five hours or the deal is off.

The next morning, Claudia comes in and finds Steven hard at work on the backlog of mission reports. She complains about how he was texting her the previous night when she was out night, and Claudia says that she took Nick to a concert. Steven complains that she didn't call and Claudia realizes that something is wrong. Her friend explains that in the three days that Nick has been there, he hasn't heard one honest word from him. Claudia points out that Nick is off the streets but Steven insists that she be careful around the teenager. She reluctantly agrees and goes to get some coffee. Meanwhile, Nick secretly watches them from the next room. He then goes out and meets with Charlotte. She gives him a disposable cell phone and a dart gun and says that she'll text him when it's a go. Nick calls her mother and leaves.

In Buffalo, Artie, Pete, and Myka go to a diner and look for the dealer, Mr. Lars Fisher. They spot him at the end of the counter and he goes out the back, and the trio follow him.

At the B&B, Nick approaches Steven and apologizes for lying. He claims that he's used to stealing and living on his own, and that he just wants a normal life. Steven can tell that Nick is telling the truth, and Nick hugs him and offers to buy him lunch. The agent begs off, admitting he has lots of paperwork, and goes back to work.

The trio meets Lars in the kitchen, but are surprised when Charlotte steps out. She explains that she wants the other half of the puzzle box, and is well aware that Artie stole it from the Smithsonian. Artie insists they won't sell their half and Charlotte offers to combine their halves and split the treasure. Before Artie can accept the deal, Pete and Myka pull him back and warn that it's too dangerous to let Charlotte have a chance to get the artifacts. Artie is eager to make the deal and figures that the treasure is somewhere near Buffalo, and assures the agents that Charlotte won't be with them for long. He then goes back and shakes hands with Charlotte on the deal.

Charlotte gets a text from Nick saying he's about to start, and that one's down. While Myka, Pete, and Lars look on, Artie and Charlotte combine the two pieces Pete casually notes that he can't do without her and Myka gets upset, and she imagines her partner's reaction again. She assures Pete that everything is fine just as Artie calls them over to look at the assembled box. They trigger a hidden switch and the box briefly into a star with longitude and latitude and then reverts back. The switch doesn't work a second time but Myka has memorized the coordinates.

The two teams are soon off to Drummond Hill Cemetery and pin down the location to within a hundred yards. They split up and Myka finds a tombstone of Seavey's first mate. The tombstone is made of molded concrete and Artie uses an artifact to reveal the true shape within. There's an electric meter with the letters NFPC on it. As Artie plans to abandon Charlotte, Charlotte and Lars double-back and taser them all unconscious.

Claudia is in her room looking for youth shelters for Nick when he comes in and complains that he had a fight with Steven. She promises to handle him and gives Nick a hug.

When the trio wakes up, they realize that NFPC stands for the Niagara Falls Power Company. It was built in the same period when Seavey was active. They arrive at the power station and find meters like the one in the tombstone. One has been activated and when Myka triggers it, a secret door opens..

Claudia finds Steven and demands that they talk. He doesn't know why she's upset, and before she can explain the intruder alert on her laptop goes off. It's from the warehouse and they head off to investigate.

Pete, Myka, and Artie descend down a stairway and find Lars dead, his neck forcibly snapped. As Myka looks at the corpse, she appears shocked and Artie asks her what's wrong. She avoids his question and points out that Lars is holding a dagger, and that he and Charlotte turned on each other. Pete wonders how Charlotte took out Lars and Myka points out that he was running up the stairs when he died. They figure an artifact is responsible and move on.

As they head into the warehouse, Steven suggests that Nick is the only one responsible. Claudia doesn't want to consider it but admits that the power would have to be out in Artie's office for the alarms to shut down. They arrive at the office and discover the lights are off. She brings the power back up and checks the warehouse for thermal heat signatures. Steven figures the Bronze Sector is the only spot where Nick could hide and tells Claudia to stay there and watch his back on the monitor while he investigates. Claudia reluctantly agrees and gives him her Tesla.

Artie is eager to rush ahead despite Myka's warnings. When Artie jokingly comments that nothing there will kill her, Pete comments that he knows what she's thinking. However, he just figures she's thinking about Charlotte. Artie finds an underground chamber filled with a replica of Seavey's ship, the Wanderer. Pete finds Seavey's skeleton on the bed and Myka goes out to search the hall while Pete and Artie check the room.

Steven calls Claudia to have her check the thermal imaging in the area behind him. She spots someone approaching and Steven tells her to get out of the warehouse. He then says to his assailant that Claudia killed him and the signal goes dead. Claudia runs to the floor and finds Marcus Diamond waiting for her. He easily disarms her and she runs off.

Myka searches the power hallway and hears someone moving. Charlotte steps out and attacks her with a pipe, and Myka manages to disarm and subdue her. She demand answers and Charlotte says that someone else is down there and killed Lars.

In the cabin room, Artie suggests that there is an escape hatch that leads to a cargo hold below. As they look around and Artie moves some coins aside, a black cloud forms and the temperature drops. The smoke attacks Artie, shoving him up against the wall, and Pete's Tesla has no effect on it. The creature knocks Pete down and chokes Artie, and Artie kicks over a copper bell. The ringing sound drives the smoke creature off and Pete realize that noise drives it off. The two men bang on the walls until the smoke creature disappears beneath the carpet on the floor.

Myka calls to tell Pete and Artie and tells them that Charlotte said the smoke creature killed Lars. Artie tells Myka to bring Charlotte in.

Marcus chases Claudia into a dead end and she demands to know what he did with Steven. He says that he bronzed Steven and Claudia snatches up a small wooden disk with a clown face on it and throws it. Marcus easily catches it but it explodes into light and confetti in his hand, giving Claudia the chance to run past him.

Charlotte explains that the smoke creature killed Lars when he picked up the dagger. Artie realizes that the creature attacked when anyone threatens the treasure. Pete figures that the smoke creature went beneath the floor where Seavey's treasure is hidden. They pull up the carpet and find a hatch, but Artie is unable to open it. They look around for a switch and Pete spins a ship's wheel, opening the hatch beneath Artie.

Claudia gets to the Bronze Sector and tries to open Steven's container. As she tries to bypass the spit lock, Marcus comes in behind her... and his face shimmers and reveals that he's Nick.

Artie and the others enter the treasure hold and find the crates of missing artifacts. First they look for the artifact that activates the smoke creature and check the manifests on the crates. Charlotte secretly picks up half of a geode and then sends a message to Nick saying she only has one half. Artie notices that she's up to something and realizes that she's been after the artifacts that she knew about it. She picks up a goblet and the smoke creature attacks it. The others make noise, trying to drive it off, but it doesn't work and the creature breaks Charlotte's neck and fades away.

Myka is clearly upset about Charlotte's death and Artie and Pete both wonder what's up. They try to figure out what drove the smoke creature off the first time and Artie realizes that they need the bell that they used upstairs. They realize the smoke monster was a psychic projection of Seavey and try to check the manifests without touching anything. Pete finds an empty box that contained a hexagram amulet belonging to Aleister Crowley. Artie works out that Crowley believed in using astral projection to carry out one's will, and was a frustrated tenor who could never reach High C. The bell was the perfect pitch, and Myka realizes there was a hexagram in the skeleton's hand upstairs.

Claudia activates the debronzer but when she reaches into her pocket, she finds a small glowing rectangle. She realizes that the artifact has been making her see Nick as Steven, and that she was the one who brought him into the warehouse past the security systems. She quickly neutralizes it and discovers that someone else she doesn't recognize is in the Bronze Chamber. Claudia calls Steven, who is working at the B&B and insists he has a huge backlog. When he shows her the empty table on his Farnsworth, she realizes that he's been whammied and tells him to bag the artifact in his pocket. Once Steven does, the illusory paperwork fades away and Claudia realizes that they're Franz Mesmer's Magnets.

As Claudia works out who is in the bronzer chamber, Nick steps out with her Tesla and shuts off the Farnsworth. He insists that she wouldn't believe what he's after and wishes that he didn't have to lie to her. Claudia insists that the man who was bronzed is dangerous, but Nick says that he needs him. Nick goes to the control panel, which says "Paracelsus – 1541", and activates the debronzer. Claudia tries to attack him and Nick is forced to stun her and then finish releasing Paracelsus. Paracelsus steps out and has Nick confirm that it's 2013, and then laughs in triumph and embraces the teenager. Nick explains that they're in the warehouse and says that Claudia is no threat. Paracelsus doesn't believe it and insists on dealing with her.

Artie prepares to grab the amulet while Pete uses the bell and Myka bags it. The smoke creature attacks both men and Artie drops the amulet. When Myka tries to grab it, the smoke creature pulls her away Charlotte comes up from below and Myka tells her to bag the amulet. She does, destroying the creature, and Seavey's bones disintegrate. Charlotte explains that she is the Countess St. Germain, the wife of St. Germain.

As Pete hauls the artifacts up, Myka realizes that St. Germain faked his death in Paris. They wonder why Charlotte came back to save them and she explains that they were the first ones who risked their lives to save her. As she turns to go, Artie asks what she was looking for. Charlotte reveals that she has the geode: the Philosopher's Stone, capable of turning base metal into gold. It also prevents aging and Charlotte says that she needs to find the other half so she can become mortal. Pete and Artie don't understand and Charlotte explains that immortality means a lifetime of solitude as everyone around her dies. She mentions that her only child has gone through the entire thing and they realize that Nick has been a teenager for over 500 years. Charlotte has been trying to release him from the prison of immortality so he can have a real life. Myka asks if Charlotte realizes that her son will die and warns her that it's not pretty, breaking into tears.

Myka walks away and Pete goes after her and asks what's going on. He insists that she tell him the truth and Myka finally tells him that she has cancer. When she wonders if he's going to yell or cry, Pete hugs her.

Steven arrives in the Bronze Sector and discovers that Paracelsus has been released, and that he's destroyed the bronzer.

Charlotte explains that Nick is at the B&B to get something she didn't think they would give her. Steven calls and tells them that Paracelsus escaped, and that he has no idea where they've gone. Charlotte insists that Paracelsus and Nick were supposed to wait there for her. Meanwhile, Steven tells Artie that Paracelsus destroyed the bronzer... after using it on Claudia.