Warehouse 13

D. Brent Mote     Creator100 Eps
Jane Espenson     Creator99 Eps
Jack Kenny     Executive Producer95 Eps
Drew Z. Greenberg     Executive Producer32 Eps
Mark Winemaker     Executive Producer45 Eps
David Simkins     Executive Producer33 Eps
Diego Gutierrez (1)     Co-Executive Producer36 Eps
Drew Z. Greenberg     Co-Executive Producer38 Eps
Dana Baratta     Co-Executive Producer13 Eps
Jace Alexander     Co-Executive Producer4 Eps
Chris Fisher     Supervising Producer27 Eps
Stephen Surjik     Supervising Producer20 Eps
Robert Goodman     Supervising Producer41 Eps
Drew Z. Greenberg     Supervising Producer14 Eps
Benjamin Raab     Producer9 Eps
Mark Winemaker     Producer56 Eps
Stephen Surjik     Producer13 Eps
Deric A. Hughes     Producer8 Eps
Ted Miller (2)     Producer7 Eps
Ian Stokes     Co-Producer8 Eps
Stephen Scaia     Co-Producer17 Eps
Matthew Federman     Co-Producer20 Eps
Paul M. Leonard     Co-Producer20 Eps
Suzanne Lauer     Co-Producer2 Eps
Gregg Tilson     Associate Producer42 Eps
Andrew Seklir     Associate Producer56 Eps
Kenny Micka     Associate Producer17 Eps
Vegard Sorby     Editor2 Eps
Seagan Ngai     Editor4 Eps
Harry B. Miller III     Editor27 Eps
John W. M. Heath     Editor32 Eps
John Peter Bernardo     Editor28 Eps
Andrew Seklir     Editor8 Eps
William Flicker     Editor2 Eps
Julie Tucker     Casting16 Eps
C.J. Molidor     Casting (Canada)14 Eps
Millie Tom     Casting (Canada)17 Eps
Robin D. Cook     Casting (Canada)105 Eps
Shawn Dawson     Casting (Los Angeles) 
Jennifer McNamara     Casting (New York)1 Eps
Suzanne Goddard-Smythe     Casting (USA)74 Eps
Ty Harman     Casting (USA)76 Eps
Ted Miller (2)     Line Producer52 Eps
Ted Miller (2)     Unit Production Manager28 Eps
Lisa Perone     Unit Production Manager8 Eps
Simon Board     First Assistant Director5 Eps
Mark Tataryn     First Assistant Director7 Eps
Pierre Ouellet     First Assistant Director20 Eps
Woody Sidarous     First Assistant Director24 Eps
Libby Hodgson     First Assistant Director6 Eps
Laurie Mirsky     First Assistant Director35 Eps
Neesha Patki     Second Assistant Director1 Eps
David Forsyth (1)     Second Assistant Director30 Eps
Darrin Brown     Second Assistant Director 
Neil Winemaker     Second Assistant Director4 Eps
Tim Singh     Second Assistant Director7 Eps
Karl Irvine     Second Assistant Director25 Eps
Edward Rogers     Music93 Eps
Ben Zales     Music Editor82 Eps
Aimee Bond     Music Supervisor60 Eps
Oliver Hild     Music Supervisor6 Eps
Stacy Wallen-McCarthy     Music Supervisor17 Eps
Alicen Catron Schneider     Music Supervisor90 Eps
Barbara Somerville     Costume Designer2 Eps
Joanne Hansen     Costume Designer90 Eps
Susan Exton-Stranks     Hairstylist14 Eps
Marie Nardela     Make-up12 Eps
Mark Manchester     Key Grip19 Eps
Tim Sauder     Key Grip64 Eps
Jeffrey Orr     Key Grip8 Eps
Carol Lavoie     Set Decorator55 Eps
John Connell (2)     Set Decorator4 Eps
Zeljka Alosinac     Set Decorator32 Eps
Derek Brady     Location Manager35 Eps
Michael Tough     Location Manager5 Eps
Vince Nyuli     Location Manager32 Eps
Alex Makrygiannis     Location Manager 
Andrew Gainor     Location Manager2 Eps
Kerry Spurrell     Property Master78 Eps
Thomas Hidderley     Production Sound Mixer57 Eps
Terri Ann Myers     Production Coordinator4 Eps
Lisa Perone     Production Coordinator51 Eps
Cynthia Hiley     Production Coordinator21 Eps
Stuart Sperling     Assistant Editor3 Eps
Dan Downer     Assistant Editor6 Eps
Vegard Sorby     Assistant Editor11 Eps
Ian Harbilas     Assistant Editor3 Eps
Tom Runquist     Assistant Editor22 Eps
Seagan Ngai     Assistant Editor29 Eps
Charles Ryan (3)     Assistant Editor9 Eps
Michael Lim     Assistant Editor13 Eps
Alan Lakomiskis     Assistant Editor2 Eps
Katie Lilly     Post Production Supervisor38 Eps
Ian Maddox     Post Production Supervisor14 Eps
Daniel Colman     Supervising Sound Editor96 Eps
Jack Levy     Supervising Sound Editor100 Eps
Brian Harman     Re-Recording Mixer1 Eps
Peter Nusbaum     Re-Recording Mixer34 Eps
Todd Morrissey     Re-Recording Mixer2 Eps
John W. Cook II     Re-Recording Mixer57 Eps
Ken Kobett     Re-Recording Mixer22 Eps
Mike Olman     Re-Recording Mixer16 Eps
Sherry Klein     Re-Recording Mixer2 Eps
Michael Galbraith     Gaffer17 Eps
Pete Fausone     On-Line Editor86 Eps
Derick V. Underschultz     Director of Photography20 Eps
Glenn Warner     Director of Photography1 Eps
Michael Storey     Director of Photography5 Eps
David Herrington     Director of Photography15 Eps
Ian Stokes     Story Editor17 Eps
Deric A. Hughes     Story Editor20 Eps
Benjamin Raab     Story Editor20 Eps
Michele Brady     Art Director45 Eps
Cynthia Hiley     Assistant Production Coordinator32 Eps
Eric Gamache     Assistant Production Coordinator21 Eps
Crystal Rose Holmes     Post Production Coordinator9 Eps
Samantha Hollon     Post Production Coordinator50 Eps
Ted Miller (2)     Production Management55 Eps
Robert Goodman     Executive Story Editor17 Eps
Ian Stokes     Executive Story Editor2 Eps
Maria Fermo     Costume Supervisor19 Eps
Maribeth Knezev     Key Makeup Artist17 Eps
Joyce McPherson     Art Department Coordinator9 Eps
Clint Green     Visual Effects Supervisor72 Eps
Tavia Charlton     Visual Effects Supervisor2 Eps
Thomas Turnbull     Visual Effects Supervisor2 Eps
Lincoln D'Souza     Production Accountant9 Eps
Karen Colaco     Production Accountant92 Eps
David Towers     "A" Camera Operator68 Eps
Michael Carella     "A" Camera Operator11 Eps
Brian Gedge     "A" Camera Operator (Steadicam)11 Eps
Lisa Perone     Assistant Production Manager34 Eps
Samantha Hollon     Post Production Assistant1 Eps
Willie Lawton     Colorist5 Eps
Robert Tomaszewski     Colorist86 Eps
Maria Fermo     Assistant Costume Designer16 Eps
Darcy Callaghan     Special Effects Coordinator9 Eps
Daniel Colman     Sound Design71 Eps
Jeff K. Brunello     Sound Design69 Eps
Max Macdonald     First Assistant Art Director10 Eps
Hiep Pham     First Assistant Art Director11 Eps
Russell Moore (1)     First Assistant Art Director6 Eps
Christian Huffman     First Assistant Art Director32 Eps
Rudy Braun     First Assistant Art Director32 Eps
Hamish Buchanan     First Assistant Art Director94 Eps
William Cheng     First Assistant Art Director2 Eps
Tim Sauder     "B" Camera Operator9 Eps
Iain Baird     "B" Camera Operator46 Eps
Dino Laurenza     "B" Camera Operator11 Eps
Michael Carella     "B" Camera Operator8 Eps
Darren Cranford     Visual Effects Director22 Eps
Dennis Temprile     Visual Effects Project Manager85 Eps
Clint Green     Visual Effects Lead22 Eps
Darren Locke     Visual Effects Lead7 Eps
Ira Cohen     Key Gaffer17 Eps
John Botelho     Key Gaffer54 Eps
Marie Nardela     Key Makeup19 Eps
Burton Leblanc     Key Makeup43 Eps
Franchie Pir     Key Hair19 Eps
Rhosael Ciandre     Key Hair10 Eps
Regan Noble     Key Hair40 Eps
Network: Syfy ( USA)
Type: Scripted
Genres: Adventure, Horror/Supernatural, Sci-Fi
Status: Ended
Airs: Mondays at 09:00 pm
Runtime: 60 Minutes
Premiere: July 07, 2009
Ended: May 19, 2014
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