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Waterloo Road

Waterloo Road Cast

Name (Sort)   Character (Sort)
Jason DoneplayedTom Clarkson (English Teacher (Series 1-8); Head of Pastoral Care (Series 3-4); Head of English (Series 5-7); Deputy Head (Series 7-8) [2006-2013]) (136Eps.)
Philip Martin BrownplayedGrantly Budgen (Head of English (Series 1-4); English Teacher (Series 1-9) [2006-2013]) (136Eps.)
Kane Tomlinson-weaverplayedHarley Taylor (Pupil (Series 7-present) [2011-present]) (45Eps.)
Heather Peace (1)playedNikki Boston (Head of English (Series 7) [2012]; Head of Pupil Referral Unit (Series 8) [2013]; Head Teacher (Series 8) [2013]; English Teacher (Series 8-present) [2013-present]) (25Eps.)
Melanie HillplayedMaggie Croft Budgen (Senior Canteen Assistant (Series 7-present); House Mistress (Series 8-present) [2012-present]) (34Eps.)
Georgie GlenplayedAudrey McFall (History Teacher (Series 8-present) [2012-present]) (24Eps.)
Kirstie SteeleplayedImogen Stewart (Pupil (Series 8-present) [2012-present]) (27Eps.)
Laurie BrettplayedChristine Mulgrew (English Teacher (Series 8) [2012]; Acting Head Teacher (Series 8-present) [2013-present]) (27Eps.)
Marlene MadengeplayedLula Tsibi (Pupil (Series 8-present) [2012-present]) (22Eps.)
Rebecca CravenplayedRhiannon Salt (Pupil (Series 8-present) [2012-present]) (25Eps.)
Shane O'mearaplayedConnor Mulgrew (Pupil (Series 8-present) [2012-present]) (26Eps.)
Adiza ShardowplayedLiberty Gordon (Pupil (Series 8-present) [2012-2013]) (17Eps.)
Tommy Knight (1)playedKevin Skelton/Chalk (Pupil (Series 8-present) [2012-present]) (20Eps.)
Victoria BushplayedSonya Donnegan (School Secretary (Series 8-present) [2012-present]) (19Eps.)
Abby MaversplayedDynasty Barry (Pupil (Series 8-present) [2013-present]) (17Eps.)
Brogan EllisplayedKacey Barry (Pupil (Series 8-present) [2013-present]) (17Eps.)
Carl AuplayedBarry Barry (Pupil (Series 8-present) [2013-present]) (17Eps.)
Taylor RhysplayedJack MacAllister (Pupil (Series 8) [2013]) (16Eps.)
Zoe LuckerplayedCarol Barry (Parent (Series 8-present) [2013-present]) (4Eps.)
Angus DeaytonplayedGeorge Windsor (Head of Modern Languages (Series 8-present) [2013-present]) (1Eps.)
Richard MylanplayedSimon Lowsley (Deputy Head (Series 8-present) [2013-present])
Caitlin GillespieplayedLisa Brown (Pupil (Series 9-present) [2013-present])
Alec NewmanplayedMichael Byrne (Head Teacher (Series 7-8) [2011-2013]) (47Eps.)
Daniela Denby-AsheplayedLorraine Donnegan (Investor (Series 7-8) [2012-2013]) (29Eps.)
Daniela NardiniplayedEsther Fairclough (Acting Head of Science (Series 8) [2013]) (3Eps.)
Jody LathamplayedSteve-O Malone (Dynasty's Ex-Boyfriend (Series 8) [2013]) (4Eps.)
Richie CampbellplayedNdale Kayuni (Handyman (Series 8) [2013]) (7Eps.)
Jaye JacobsplayedSian Diamond (Deputy Head, Science Teacher (Series 7-8) [2011-2013]) (39Eps.)
Katie McGlynnplayedJodie 'Scout' Allen (Pupil (Series 7-8) [2011-2013]) (44Eps.)
Mark BentonplayedDaniel 'Chalky' Chalk (Maths Teacher (Series 7-8) [2011-2013]) (48Eps.)
Paige MeadeplayedJade Fleming (Pupil (Series 8) [2012-2013]) (17Eps.)
Kaya MooreplayedPhoenix Taylor (Pupil (Series 7-8) [2011-2013]) (30Eps.)
Alex NortonplayedGerard Findlay (Head of Havelock High School (Series 8) [2012]) (5Eps.)
Benjamin GurplayedAngus 'Gus' Hancock (Pupil (Series 8) [2012]) (6Eps.)
Chelsee HealeyplayedJaneece Bryant (Pupil (Series 1-4); School Secretary (Series 6-8) [2006-2009; 2010-2012]) (103Eps.)
Georgia HenshawplayedMadi Diamond (Pupil (Series 7-8) [2011-2012]) (26Eps.)
Naveed ChoudhryplayedTariq Siddiqui (Pupil (Series 7-8) [2011-2012]) (27Eps.)
Ron DonachieplayedBilly Byrne (Michael's Father (Series 8) [2012]) (7Eps.)
William RushplayedJosh Stevenson (Pupil (Series 5-8) [2009-2012]) (61Eps.)
Alex WalkinshawplayedJez Diamond (Head of PE (Series 7) [2011-2012]) (18Eps.)
Amanda BurtonplayedKaren Fisher (Head Teacher (Series 6-7) [2010-2011]) (27Eps.)
Aryana RamkhalawonplayedTrudi Siddiqui (Pupil (Series 7) [2011-2012]) (20Eps.)
Ayesha GwiltplayedAmy Porter (Pupil (Series 5-7) [2009-2011]) (41Eps.)
Ben-Ryan DaviesplayedRonan Burley (Pupil (Series 6-7) [2010-2011]) (31Eps.)
Ceallach SpellmanplayedHarry Fisher (Pupil (Series 6-7) [2010-2011]) (17Eps.)
Chris GeereplayedMatt Wilding (Head of Music & Drama (Series 3-4; 7) [2007-2009; 2011-2012]) (39Eps.)
Darcy IsaplayedLauren Andrews (Pupil (Series 4-7) [2009-2012]) (76Eps.)
George SampsonplayedKyle Stack (Pupil (Series 6-7) [2011-2012]) (27Eps.)
Holly KennyplayedSambuca Kelly (Pupil (Series 4-7) [2009-2011]) (51Eps.)
Hope KatanaplayedRhona Mansfield (Pupil (Series 7) [2011-2012]) (29Eps.)
Jack McMullenplayedFinn Sharkey (Pupil (Series 5-7) [2010-2012]) (48Eps.)
Lee AbbateplayedZack Diamond (Pupil (Series 7) [2011-2012]) (19Eps.)
Linzey CockerplayedJess Fisher (Pupil (Series 6-7) [2010-2011]) (21Eps.)
Millie KatanaplayedShona Mansfield (Pupil (Series 7) [2011-2012]) (28Eps.)
Oliver LeeplayedAiden Scotcher (Pupil (Series 7) [2011]) (10Eps.)
Poppy JhakraplayedEleanor Chaudry (English Teacher (Series 7) [2011]) (10Eps.)
Rebecca RyanplayedVicki MacDonald (Pupil (Series 6-7) [2010-2011]) (30Eps.)
Reece DouglasplayedDenzil Kelly (Pupil (Series 4-7) [2009-2012]) (63Eps.)
Robson GreenplayedRob Scotcher (Site Manager (Series 7) [2011]) (10Eps.)
Sarah HadlandplayedLinda Radleigh (Head of English (Series 7) [2011-2012]) (9Eps.)
Shannon FlynnplayedEmily James (Pupil (Series 5-7) [2009-2012]) (56Eps.)
Shifaa ArfannplayedNaseem Siddiqui (Pupil (Series 7) [2012]) (9Eps.)
William AshplayedChristopher Mead (Deputy Head, Science Teacher (Series 5-7) [2009-2011]) (44Eps.)
Anna JobartehplayedRuth Kirby (Pupil (Series 6) [2010-2011]) (6Eps.)
Elizabeth BerringtonplayedRuby Fry (Head of Food Technology (Series 5-6) [2009-2011]) (37Eps.)
Karen DavidplayedFrancesca 'Cesca' Montoya (Head of Spanish (Series 6) [2010-2011]) (20Eps.)
Lucien LaviscountplayedJonah Kirby (Pupil (Series 6) [2010-2011]) (11Eps.)
Scott HainingplayedNate Gurney (Pupil (Series 6) [2011]) (8Eps.)
Sharlene WhyteplayedAdanna Lawal (Head of Pastoral Care, English Teacher (Series 6) [2011]) (9Eps.)
Tina O'BrienplayedBex Fisher (Pupil (Series 6) [2010-2011]) (9Eps.)
Angela GriffinplayedKim Campbell (Head of Pastoral Care, Art Teacher (Series 1-2; 4-5) [2006-2007; 2009-2010]) (50Eps.)
Dean Smith (5)playedPhillip Ryan (Pupil (Series 4-5) [2009-2010]) (32Eps.)
Denise WelchplayedSteph Haydock (Head of French (Series 1-4); Finance Director (Series 3); Head of Pastoral Care (Series 3-4); French Teacher (Series 5) [2006-2010]) (77Eps.)
Elaine SymonsplayedRose Kelly (Parent (Series 4-5) [2009-2010]) (33Eps.)
Eva PopeplayedRachel Mason (Head Teacher (Series 3-5) [2007-2010]) (52Eps.)
Jenna-Louise ColemanplayedLindsay James (Pupil (Series 5) [2009]) (9Eps.)
Jessica BaglowplayedKarla Bentham (Pupil (Series 3-5) [2007-2010]) (33Eps.)
Kay PurcellplayedCandice Smilie (Senior Canteen Assistant (Series 3-5) [2007-2009]) (16Eps.)
Lauren Thomas (2)playedAleesha Dillon (Pupil (Series 3-5) [2007-2010]) (37Eps.)
Lucy DixonplayedDanielle Harker (Pupil (Series 3-5) [2007-2010]) (40Eps.)
Phoebe DynevorplayedSiobhan Mailey (Pupil (Series 5) [2009-2010]) (20Eps.)
Richie JeevesplayedLuke Pendle (Pupil (Series 5) [2009]) (7Eps.)
Sarah-Jane PottsplayedJo Lipsett (Head of Modern Family Languages (Series 5) [2009-2010]) (18Eps.)
Sophie McSheraplayedRos McCain (Pupil (Series 5) [2009-2010]) (19Eps.)
Tachia NewallplayedBolton Smilie (Pupil (Series 3-5) [2007-2010]) (40Eps.)
Thomas MilnerplayedPaul Langley (Pupil (Series 3-5) [2007-2010]) (46Eps.)
Tom ChambersplayedMax Tyler (Executive Head (Series 5) [2009]) (10Eps.)
Zaraah AbrahamsplayedMichaela White (Pupil (Series 3-5) [2008-2010]) (68Eps.)
Adam ThomasplayedDonte Charles (Pupil (Series 1-4) [2006-2009]) (47Eps.)
Christine TremarcoplayedDavina Shackleton (School Secretary (Series 2); Teaching Assistant (Series 3-4) [2007-2009]) (29Eps.)
Ellie PaskellplayedMaxine Barlow (Pupil (Series 2-4) [2007-2009]) (17Eps.)
Elyes GabelplayedRob Cleaver (Head of PE (Series 4) [2009]) (10Eps.)
Katie GriffithsplayedChlo Grainger (Pupil (Series 1-4) [2006-2009]) (47Eps.)
Katy CarmichaelplayedMelissa Ryan (Head of Extended Services (Series 4) [2009]) (11Eps.)
Luke BaileyplayedMarley Kelly (Pupil (Series 4) [2009]) (20Eps.)
Neil MorrisseyplayedEddie Lawson (Deputy Head, Maths Teacher (Series 3-4) [2007-2009]) (39Eps.)
Reece NoiplayedEarl Kelly (Pupil (Series 4) [2009]) (8Eps.)
Sadie PickeringplayedFlick Mellor (Pupil (Series 4) [2009]) (19Eps.)
Jason MerrellsplayedJack Rimmer (Head Teacher (Series 1-3) [2006-2007]) (26Eps.)
Lauren DrummondplayedMika Grainger (Pupil (Series 1-3) [2006-2008]) (18Eps.)
Tom PayneplayedBrett Aspinall (Pupil (Series 2-3) [2007-2008]) (32Eps.)
Camilla PowerplayedLorna Dickey (English Teacher (Series 1-2) [2006-2007]) (18Eps.)
Craig FitzpatrickplayedLewis Seddon (Pupil (Series 1-2) [2006-2007]) (11Eps.)
Jamie GloverplayedAndrew Treneman (Deputy Head, English Teacher (Series 1-2) [2006-2007]) (20Eps.)
Jill HalfpennyplayedIzzie Redpath (Drama Teacher (Series 1-2) [2006-2007]) (20Eps.)
Judith BarkerplayedEstelle Cooper (School Secretary (Series 1) [2006]) (6Eps.)
Rhea BaileyplayedYasmin Deardon (Pupil (Series 1) [2006]) (5Eps.)
Warning: Waterloo Road guide may contain spoilers
Classification: Scripted
Genre: Drama
Status: Returning Series
Network: BBC one ( United Kingdom)
Airs: Thursdays at 08:00 pm
Runtime: 60 Minutes
Premiere: March 09, 2006
Episode Order: 30
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