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Series 6

81 :06x01 - Series 6, Episode 1

Karen Fisher arrives at the school as the new head teacher. She is determined to bring change to the school making it a safe and vibrant place to learn.In her personal life though she is dealing with a recent tragedy. The finds her first challenge is dealing with the arrival of the the Kirbys, sixth former Jonah and 13-year-old genius Ruth who were both previously home-schooled by their father. Ruth ends up running away and the police launch a search for her. Chris Mead finds himself in the middle of a professional crisis after meeting a girl at a club who turns out to a sixth-form student and Karen's daughter.
Guest Stars: Ian Puleston-Davies as Charlie Fisher | Alycia Booth as Little Bex | Kaye Wragg as Hannah Kirby | Fiona Dolman as WPC Nichols | Wil Johnson as Marcus Kirby

82 :06x02 - Series 6, Episode 2

Karen's husband, Charlie joins her at the school when he starts work as a supply teacher. Harry thinks his father is having an affair after seeing a strange message on his phone. Harry is surprised when new Spanish teacher Cesca answers the phone when he dials the number. Karen refuses to believe Harry when he tells her his suspicions. Jess isn't happy when Chris avoids her.
Guest Stars: Ian Puleston-Davies as Charlie Fisher | Ralph Ineson as John Fry | Lisa Brookes as Truancy Officer | Natasha Symms as Doctor | Don Gayle as Police Driver

83 :06x03 - Series 6, Episode 3

A new sexual health initiative is run at the school which includes a confidential emergency contraception service. Some of the staff and parents aren't happy with it though. Ronan and his girlfriend, Sarah, are worried as the condom they used split as they had sex, but while Ronan wants Sarah to take the morning-after pill, she's too scared to ask the nurse for the pill. When Jess also needs the pill she ends up persuading Vicki to get it for her. After the nurse refuses to give Vicki the pill when she realises it is not for herself, Vicki and Jess end up in an argument and Vicki blurts out about Jess sleeping around in front of Chris. Karen and Charlie acknowledge his affair and Charlie wants to try and save their marriage.
Writer: Liz Lake

84 :06x04 - Series 6, Episode 4

The Fishers find it hard to stay united on the annual celebration of Bex's birthday. The arrival of a new, gay student causes confrontation and ends up unearthing some difficult truths at the school. Ruby and John discover that they are running out of options and turn to interviewing potential surrogate mothers. When hope seems to running out they are surprised by the identity of the final applicant.
Guest Stars: Susan Cookson as Maria Lucas | Mark Tristan Eccles as Boyfriend
Director: Roger Goldby
Writer: Philip Dodds

85 :06x05 - Series 6, Episode 5

Janeece and Ruby end up coming to blows over the subject of motherhood. Marcus's first day at the school nearly ends in disaster when his approach to teaching ends up uncovering a shocking secret about Ronan's home life. Tom sees his son being picked on by Finn and he is able to persuade him to help out at his lunchtime self-defence class which just ends up adding to Josh's humiliation. Josh is later able to confront Finn alone and hopes they can be friends again.
Guest Stars: Wil Johnson as Marcus Kirby | Martin Kemp as Mr. Burley | Ian Puleston-Davies as Charlie Fisher
Director: Julie Edwards

86 :06x06 - Series 6, Episode 6

Cesca finds herself being drawn into a complicated situation that could put an end to her career. Ruby is concerned about Grantly's slovenly behaviour. Ruby is also facing her own problems as Janeece and John's friendship blossoms.
Director: Julie Edwards
Writer: Paul Logue

87 :06x07 - Series 6, Episode 7

Harry's bulimia condition gets worse with the stress of being bullying and his parent's separation. The tension Jneece and Ruby increases. The school stages the Interschool Debating Contest.
Guest Stars: Susan Cookson as Maria Lucas
Director: Joss Agnew
Writer: Ellen Taylor

88 :06x08 - Series 6, Episode 8

Vicki's home life continues to get out of control. Grantly's stubbornness ends up compromising his abilities as a teacher. Janeece begins to reconsider her decision concerning the baby.
Director: Joss Agnew

89 :06x09 - Series 6, Episode 9

A CCTV classroom scheme ends up backfiring when the cameras are turned on the teachers. Grantly finds himself being helped by a familiar face. Janeece finally ends up confronting Ruby with the truth.
Special Guest Stars: Denise Welch as Steph Haydock
Director: Dermot Boyd
Writer: Neil Jones

90 :06x10 - Series 6, Episode 10

The final day of term arrives at the school and a mysterious hooded figure shows up at the school which ends up having dramatic consequences for the Fisher family. Grantly ends up reaching breaking point as he makes a big mistake in the classroom and learns the cost Fleur's care will be.
Special Guest Stars: Denise Welch as Steph Haydock |
Guest Stars: John Barnes as Himself
Director: Dermot Boyd
Writer: Nick Hoare

91 :06x11 - Series 6, Episode 11

There are new staff and students as the new school term starts as well as the launch of a controversial scheme to separate the boys and girls. Bex Fisher continues to keep secret the details of her disappearance as she returns to school.
Guest Stars: Lizzie Roper as Jackie Stack
Director: Jill Robertson
Writer: Ann McManus

92 :06x12 - Series 6, Episode 12

Janeece finds herself becoming caught up in a complicated mother-and-daughter struggle at the school. An attraction begins as Cesca teaches Jonah Spanish. Grantly's appearance causes attention among both the staff and pupils.
Guest Stars: Nadine Mulkerrin as Billie Taylor | Jo Hartley as Laura Taylor | Tilly Moore McCarthy as Baby Brooke | Georgia Dougdale as Baby Cheryl | Holly Dougdale as Baby Cheryl
Director: Jill Robertson

93 :06x13 - Series 6, Episode 13

Karen tries to piece together the mystery surrounding her daughter's disappearance. Cesca continues to test the professional boundaries with Jonah. Nate ends up feeling the wrath of his father over his friendship with Josh.
Guest Stars: Reece Dinsdale as Matthew Gurney | Ciaran Griffiths as Dylan Hodge

94 :06x14 - Series 6, Episode 14

Ruby's political views find her in trouble after a new Polish caretaker arrives at the school. Cesca is finding it even harder to resist Jonah's charms. Janeece and Ronan clash over a stolen test paper. Bex attempts to return to normality despite Hodge being around.
Guest Stars: Radoslaw Kaim as Lukas Wisniewski | Kieran Hardcastle as Martin Dowling | Neil Fitzmaurice as Dave Dowling | Ciaran Griffiths as Dylan Hodge
Writer: Paul Logue

95 :06x15 - Series 6, Episode 15

Harry's need for attention ends up veering out of control after he steals Karen's phone and causes problems among the staff. Chris and Karen have their hands full with a business initiative contest. Tom struggles to readjust after he returns to work.
Guest Stars: Emil Marwa as Han Nichols | Ciaran Griffiths as Dylan Hodge | Kelly Wenham as Anna Thorn
Writer: Nick Hoare

96 :06x16 - Series 6, Episode 16

The truth about Bex's disappearance is finally revealed after another pupil discovers a shocking secret. It ends up sending shockwaves around the school and Tom's recovery is tested to the limits when he's forced to deal with the follow on from what has happened. Jonah issues Cesca with an ultimatum.
Guest Stars: Qasim Akhtar as Wayne Bodley | Ciaran Griffiths as Dylan Hodge
Director: Robert Knights
Writer: Ellen Taylor

97 :06x17 - Series 6, Episode 17

The school is buzzing with talk of Finn and Ronan's up coming illegal party. Cesca ends up making a life-changing discovery that ends up turings her world upside down. As Bex makes plans to run away with Hodge, her sister pleads with her not to go.
Guest Stars: Ciaran Griffiths as Dylan Hodge | Greg Kelly (1) as Gav
Director: Jon Sen

98 :06x18 - Series 6, Episode 18

There is excitement at the school as the fashion show gets under way. Ronan's attempts to improve Vicki's self-confidence take an unexpected twist. Cesca and Jonah end up making a decision which will change their lives. Grantly and Ruby end up forming a creative partnership.

Guest Stars: Will Mellor as Dan Hargrove
Director: Jon Sen
Writer: Liz Lake

99 :06x19 - Series 6, Episode 19

Cesca hands in her resignation to Karen. Adanna reveals her latest plan to unite the sexes at the school. Denzil takes part in a life-threatening stunt. Ruby and Grantly's writing partnership is under threat from creative differences.

Guest Stars: Wil Johnson as Marcus Kirby
Director: Julie Edwards

100 :06x20 - Series 6, Episode 20

The day of the school pantomime arrives and there ends up being drama both on and off-stage when Finn gets Kyle kicked off the cast on purpose. Cesca and Jonah decide to get married. The latest stunt pulled by Denzil ends in tragedy.
Guest Stars: Robert McCafferty as Registrar | Lizzie Roper as Jackie Stack |
Uncredited: Patricia Winker as Tourist
Director: Julie Edwards
Writer: Philip Dodds
Classification: Scripted
Genre: Drama
Status: Canceled/Ended
Network: BBC one ( United Kingdom)
Airs: Thursdays at 08:00 pm
Runtime: 60 Minutes
Premiere: March 09, 2006
Ended: April 02, 2014
Episode Order: 20
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