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Sister Act - Recap

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The episode begins with Fiona telling Shevaun her sister, as to how she is feeling. Fiona tells her how she has been feeling with Kip’s campaign, and everything else surrounding it. She then talks about her childhood, and tells Shevaun how she had a great childhood and was loved and adored by her parents. Shevaun then reminds her that, their mother hated Fiona. She states an example to illustrate this. Fiona though seems in denial. Shevaun then asks Fiona how she can help her, telling Fiona she is there for her. Fiona then asks Shevaun to fill a form, so she can get accredited for her web therapy. Shevaun who is a psycho therapist herself, in turn asks Fiona, why she needs accreditation for giving therapy on the web.

Fiona clarifies that many therapists do that nowadays, so she too needs to get accredited, if she has to continue giving therapy online. She further explains to Shevaun how Kip’s campaign manager has informed her that it would be technically illegal for her to hold therapy sessions online, without proper accreditation. An agitated Shevaun tells Fiona that she won’t sign any form, as she thinks Fiona’s patients are freaks. Fiona then asks Shevaun if she is so stressed out because she had to move in with their mother because of her husband’s unemployment and also because she had to file bankruptcy. Shevaun reprimands Fiona for being sarcastic. Fiona tells Shevaun she wasn’t being sarcastic, but merely showing concern. Shevaun then tells Fiona how erratically their mother has been behaving.

Shevaun then asks Fiona to take their mother to stay with her (Fiona), for as long as is humanly possible by Fiona. Fiona agrees, but in return asks for Shevaun to sign the form. Shevaun in turn tells her that, if she is going to sign the form, Fiona should really have sessions with her. Shevaun tells Fiona that her goal through this is for Fiona, to truly benefit from some long term analysis. Fiona reluctantly agrees but tells Shevaun that the sessions would have to be on the web. Shevaun agrees, but tells Fiona that each session would be 50mins long. Later, Fiona talks to one her patients, Gina. Gina tells her how its sucks not having a job, and how she is being questioned by the SEC, as she used to work for a firm that was involved in securities fraud.

Gina then tells Fiona how the SEC officials were asking Gina questions about Fiona, wanting to know about her. She tells Fiona that she is talking to everyone about her, as she is looking for a job all over town. Fiona is worried on hearing this, and offers to find Gina a job instead. She asks Gina to stay put in her house until then. Shevaun later talks to Fiona and tells her that, this despite being their 13th session, Fiona is unable to come to terms with many aspects of her life. Shevaun tells her that, she is in a state of denial. Shevaun then sights examples from their childhood to confirm her theory. Stating how Fiona was the black sheep in her childhood. Fiona though claims that, she only has happy memories of her childhood. Shevaun then recounts to her each negative incident from Fiona’s childhood, and how in contrast Shevaun herself was a winner, as a child.

It is gradually seen that although Fiona is calm, Shevaun is losing her composure, while recounting these incidents. It is also revealed that Kip was seeing Shevaun before he started dating Fiona. Also, one of their uncles sexually abused Shevaun as a child. Shevaun though projects the whole thing as if she was chosen to be sexually abused by this uncle over Fiona, because Fiona was unappealing and ugly. Fiona though, at the end of all the ranting is still unmoved. Shevaun in the end gives up, as it’s anyway time for their session to end. The two then discuss about a red jacket Fiona is wearing. While discussing about it, Fiona seems to make a breakthrough and is about to get in touch with her emotional side, but Shevaun reminds her that the time for their session is up. Fiona then insists on opening up, but Shevaun mutes her.

Later it is seen that Fiona is in tears and is looking terrible, while talking to Jerome. Jerome tells her that he is in the process of getting rid of all her red garments. Fiona though is in tears and is barely able to talk. She wonders how long she shall be in this state. She tells Jerome that her sister did this to her on purpose. Jerome tries to explain to her that she was probably just trying to help. Fiona though feels otherwise, and once again manages to convince herself that, all she is going through is her sister’s fault, and that she isn’t to blame for any of it. Fiona feels none of it had anything to do with her, but the whole thing was about Shevaun trying to destroy her. She then decides to teach Shevaun a lesson, for doing this to her, and also tells Jerome that she is going to keep all her red garments, as red is her color.

Later Shevaun tells Fiona that she is going to sign the form, as she feels that she has had enough sessions with Fiona. She tells Fiona that, she feels Fiona has made progress thanks to her sessions. Fiona smiles and pretends to agree with her. Shevaun then faxes the signed form to Fiona. Shevaun then brings up the topic of their mother staying with Fiona for a couple of months. Fiona in turn tells her that, because Shevaun told her that their mother wasn’t any more of a sound mind, she got their mother with the help of an attorney to sign over their mother’s power of attorney for all of her holdings, over to Fiona.

She shocks Sehvaun further by adding, that this also includes the house where Shevaun is now staying. Fiona explains that she did so keeping in mind their mother’s fragile state of mind. Fiona then adds that it would probably be in the best interests of their mother, if Shevaun and her family left the house and found another place to live. Fiona also tells her that she is planning to sell the house. Shevaun then lashes out saying “you are a horrible, horrible person”. Fiona agrees, saying it might be possible, as she did have a horrible childhood. The episode ends at this point.