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Adaptation - Recap

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The episode begins with Fiona talking to Kirsten. She tells Fiona that she has taken down some of the racier fantasies on her blog. Fiona then tells her how she knows that, TMZ has picked up Kirsten’s blog. Later after all the things have cleared up between the two, Kirsten asks Fiona if she would be willing to do a live chat for her blog. Fiona in turn tells her that she would love to. Fiona then informs Kirsten that Austen has bought BlogSpot, which hosts Kirsten’s site, and has taken down her blog. Kirsten is shocked when she is informed of this, and realizes the whole thing was Fiona’s doing. She then angrily tells Fiona that, she can’t stop her. Fiona though is no more interested in her ranting and mutes her.

Later, Fiona thanks Allegra for her check, clearing. Allegra then tells Fiona how she is ready to dig into her life, so she can immerse herself in the character. Allegra then proceeds to ask Fiona about her marriage. She asks Fiona if she is sexually satisfied in her marriage, and Fiona immediately replies “everyone is satisfied”. Allegra then tells Fiona that she spoke to her sister Shevaun. Fiona isn’t too happy to hear this and tells her that Shevaun is not even in the book. Allegra though justifies her actions by telling Fiona that, she and Shevaun share the same DNA. Turns out, Shevaun revealed to Allegra some embarrassing details about Fiona’s past, which Allegra questions Fiona about, in great detail. Fiona though tries to justify herself, all the while looking visibly uncomfortable.

Fiona then takes to criticizing Allegra’s acting in some of the movies she has done. Fiona then tells Allegra that she will send over to her a few movie DVDs of some great movies that have featured some great actresses, so she can take a few pointers, in order to better her acting. Allegra though tells Fiona that, she is her own inspiration and hence doesn’t need anyone else to inspire her. Allegra then asks to meet Fiona in person, so as to “get a sense of you”. She tells Fiona that although she is an actress, she doesn’t connect too well through the camera. Fiona agrees to fly down to LA in order to meet Allegra. Later Jerome tells Fiona that, Haley too would be flying to LA with her, as her favorite actress of all time is Allegra, and she is desperate to meet her.

He also tells her how Allegra and Haley hit it off, when he called Allegra so Haley could talk to her. Fiona though isn’t at all happy with Haley being a part of the whole thing. Jerome though is busy telling Fiona how he surprised Haley by buying her a business class ticket, to meet Allegra. He then informs Fiona much to her irritation that, he could only manage an economy class ticket for her. He then asks Fiona to surprise Haley with the ticket and doll of the character Allegra had played in a popular TV show when she was a kid. He basically wants Fiona to slip the doll and the ticket into Haley’s carryon, along with a note from Jerome. Fiona though not very happy with the idea, agrees to do it. Later Fiona has a chat with Gina, who tells Fiona that she is looking beautiful.

Fiona in turn tells her how she just got back from LA, and maybe the sun there did her some good. Fiona then lies to Gina that, Austen doesn’t have a job for someone like her, as she doesn’t have any secretarial skills which most jobs that he has, would require. Gina though tells Fiona “I got bedroom skills”. Fiona then tells her that she has a job for her in Alaska, in a cannery, where they can tuna. Gina tells Fiona she is “allergic to shellfish”. Fiona in turn tells her tuna isn’t a shellfish, hence she has nothing to worry about. Gina though doesn’t seem too excited, but when Fiona tells her that she might be the only woman in the whole company, if not the whole town, Gina immediately tells her “I am in”. Later, Fiona tells an unhappy looking and angry looking Allegra that she agrees her visit, wasn’t really a great experience. Allegra in turn tells her “I wish you had stayed home”.

She then tells Fiona how it was wrong of Fiona to allow her to drink. In fact Allegra accuses Fiona of encouraging her to drink. She then tells Fiona that, after drinking she couldn’t stop laughing, and behaving oddly. This was then recorded by numerous people with camera phones. It turns out, Allegra is a recovering alcoholic. Fiona then tells Allegra that she can’t tolerate liquor and hence she can’t blame anyone else for what has happened. Allegra then tells Fiona that she won’t be playing her now, as there isn’t going to be a movie anymore, as she is “done in Hollywood”. Fiona though tells her that she has received a call from Lifetime, and they are planning to go ahead with the movie, but with some other actress. She also informs Allegra that, she will herself be writing the script version of her book. The episode ends at this point.