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Infanticipation - Recap

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The episode begins with Jerome calling Fiona. Jerome as it turns out, has booked himself for a full session with Fiona. He then with a smile on his face tells Fiona that, he is going to be a father. He also informs her that, he and Haley are planning to renew their marriage vows after the baby is born. Jerome then introduces Fiona to a woman named Tammy, who is carrying for them and is basically the surrogate mother. Fiona is then surprised to know that Jerome is having triplets. Fiona asks Jerome, as to why Tammy is a part of the chat. Tammy in turn tells Fiona that, she needs Jerome to drive her home and hence she is there asking him to do so.

Fiona during their conversation is then shocked to know that, Jerome got the babies online, and they aren’t Haley’s eggs. Jerome then elaborates saying “they are my sperm, and we were able to get some eggs online”. Jerome then proceeds to drop Tammy home. Fiona though isn’t happy about it, and warns him that it shouldn’t affect his work. Later, Fiona has a chat with Ben. Fiona it turns out is at a show that has decided to bump her, right before she was supposed to go on. Fiona tells Ben how unhappy she is about this. Ben in turn tells her “I am the one who made it happen, and I am the one who undid it”. He then elaborates that Fiona has something that is opposite of a Midas touch, calling it a ‘Diaper Touch’. “Everything that you touch, turns into something in a diaper” he adds.

He then tells her how she is giving Kip a hard time, which has resulted in him ageing more quickly. He says he had to hold Kip in his arms and console him, as he needed a shoulder to lean on. Fiona finds this statement of his odd and asks “so has Kip made advances?” She then elaborates, asking Ben if Kip has made sexual advances toward him. Ben though is outraged at this question and tells Fiona that neither is Kip gay and nor is he, hence there isn’t any question of Kip making sexual advances at him. Fiona in turn says that she has been married to Kip for 17 years and can prove to Ben that Kip is gay. She then tells him about this woman Kip had met, and was about to sleep with, but in the end he couldn’t go through with it, when he discovered that the woman wasn’t a transvestite.

Therefore Kip couldn’t have sex with the woman, as he was disappointed that she wasn’t a man. Ben though is still standing his ground, trying to argue that Kip isn’t gay. He then sights a few examples of the things he has done with Kip, just to prove to Fiona that Kip isn’t gay, but they all sound like things a gay couple would enjoy doing together. Fiona on hearing all of it, looks even more convinced that she is right. Fiona then taunts Ben about the things he and Kip do together, insinuating the fact that they are gay. Ben though is adamant that he isn’t gay and neither is Kip, and tells Fiona that she is an awful person. He in anger then adds that he is quitting the campaign and hangs up.

Later, a visibly concerned Kip asks Fiona where Ben is. He says that he texted Ben asking him where he is, and he replied back “ask your wife”, and hence he is asking Fiona about it. Fiona reveals to Kip that Ben threw a “hissy fit” and quit. Kip with desperation in his tone, tells Fiona “I want him back”. Fiona though assures him that Austen will find him a fitting replacement. Kip though will hear none of it, and asks Fiona to make it right. Later, Jerome tells Fiona that he Tammy and she should discuss how, the babies would impact all their lives. Jerome then shows Fiona a picture of Tammy’s sonography. He points out his three kids from the picture, to Fiona. Fiona suggests that Jerome decide to let go of one or two of them.

Jerome though makes it clear that he wants to have all the three babies. He then brings in an artificial baby, so as to practice getting a real baby to work each day. Fiona then asks Jerome “how are you going to pay for all these babies?” Jerome asks Fiona to help him out, as he works for her. Fiona though isn’t very forthcoming, and gives him a pile of excuses to not help out. Later, Ben informs Fiona that he is back on the campaign. He also tells Fiona how he and Kip have a lot in common, and enjoy spending time together.

He then admits to Fiona that he had sex with Kip, but that it only happened now and not earlier, when Fiona had accused him of it. She then warns Ben about Robin Griner, and tells him how Robin is keeping a close watch on them; hence he and Kip need to for now remain in the closet. She also adds that she shall be the one calling the shots of the campaign from now on. The episode ends at this point.