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The Insanity Offense - Recap

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The episode begins with Tammy telling Fiona that Jerome needs a raise. Fiona though doesn’t feel it’s her responsibility to bother about the fact that, Jerome is broke. Tammy then appeals to Fiona’s compassion, telling her she too wants to know people who own private jets, like Fiona does. Tammy then reveals that the sperms used to impregnate her, were bought by her online as she did not want Jerome’s sperms. She also adds that Jerome doesn’t know about this. Fiona then suggests that, Tammy take off with her babies and find them new parents, as she is well within her right to do so, now that it has been revealed the babies aren’t actually Jerome’s. Fiona then threatens to sue Tammy for extortion.

On hearing this, Tammy tells Fiona that she was just kidding about the sperm not being Jerome’s. Fiona on hearing this is extremely agitated and calls Tammy a liar. Fiona while she is at it calls Tammy “fat”. On hearing this Tammy is enraged, and steals some stuff from Fiona’s house and leaves in a huff. Jerome sees her leaving and is baffled by her anger. Later, Fiona talks to her mother, Putsy. Putsy as it turns out, has been admitted into a mental health facility by Fiona. She though tells Fiona, she is absolutely fine and in a sane state of mind. She then shows Fiona a sock puppet she made in her sock puppet class at the mental health facility. Fiona’s mother has named the puppet, Putsy Petit. She introduces her puppet to Fiona, who is completely convinced that her mother has lost it. She tells Fiona how she would go to different rooms in the facility with her puppet, and people derived a huge amount of pleasure from seeing her puppet.

Putsy the puppet and Putsy Hodge, then both talk to Fiona. She as it turns out also used her puppet to acquire the meds of the other patients at the facility, by making Putsy Petite eat them. The meds would then pass through a hole in the sock puppet’s mouth. She describes to Fiona how she had built up a huge stash of medication, this way. She then basically tells Fiona that she would sell the drugs that she acquired, in return for cash. Putsy then tells Fiona that, she needs Kip’s help as she might have killed her roommate Mable. She then describes how she and Mable were play-acting and how as a part of their act, she forced some meds down Mable’s throat and she choked. Fiona then sees Mable lying on her bed, dead “as a doornail” right in Putsy’s room.

Putsy then steals Mable’s iPad, as she wouldn’t need it anymore. Fiona then tells Putsy to not tell anyone about all that has happened, hence even if Mable’s death is discovered it would be assumed that she died of natural causes. Later Conan talks to Fiona and laughs an evil laugh, while the old tree in her yard is chopped down by Conan’s men. Fiona tells Conan he just felled a 300 year old tree. She then tells him that, Jerome was standing right under the tree and it might have fallen on him. Conan is visibly worried on hearing this, and says “no one was supposed to get hurt”. Fiona on seeing that Conan is worried, tries to scare him a bit more by telling him, how bad it would look if the police or the tabloids find out about this.

Conan then begs Fiona not to tell anybody, although she maintains that it’s a crime and hence she has to report it. Fiona also adds that, she has recorded their whole session. Conan on hearing this is all the more worried. She tells Conan, if he doesn’t want anyone to see the video, he shall have to replace her tree. She adds that she would also like to appear on his show, so she can talk about web therapy. Conan left with no other option, reluctantly agrees to both her conditions. He in return wants Fiona to destroy the recording, because if it gets out he would be finished. Fiona agrees to his condition and assures him that she would do as told, and asks him to trust her. “I am an ethical person” she adds. Conan then hangs up. Jerome later comes in and hands Fiona her latte.

Later Fiona receives a call from Newell who apologizes to Fiona for his earlier behavior. She then finds out Newell is standing outside her door, and wants to be let in. Fiona though is in Austen’s private jet, and is shocked to hear that Newell has been standing outside her house for about an hour. Newell then tells her “we need to talk in person”. Fiona by now is absolutely terrified and calls Newell a stalker. She then decides to call the police. Newell on hearing this tells Fiona that he is leaving and asks her to not call the police.

He then asks to be let in once again and tries to then break into her house. Newell then loses it and begins yelling “let me in right now”. He then calls her a “fatherfucker” in an absolute fit of rage. Fiona is baffled at being called that. Just then the cops arrive and arrest Newell. The episode end at this point.