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Stalk Therapy - Recap

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The episode begins with Fiona calling Kip. Kip isn’t too happy to receive Fiona’s call. Fiona on her part tells him that she has called to “reconnect”. She informs Kip about the stalker, as a result of which Austen has had to increase her security. Kip lies to her that he is alone in his office, but just then Ben is seen handing him a cocktail. Fiona doesn’t react though, and hangs up. Jerome and Putsy are later seen chatting. Jerome asks Putsy if she has any pictures of Fiona as a child, which can be used for her book. Just then Fiona comes in and Jerome leaves. Putsy then tells Fiona that she is preparing herself “to go to the big-house”. She for that very reason is wearing a uniform of the county jail.

Putsy is confident that, she being the roommate would be implicated in some way, although no charges have been filed against her. Fiona reminds Putsy to not admit anything to the police, “it was an accident” she adds. Later, Fiona has a talk with Gina. Gina informs her, she has gotten a promotion. Turns out, she was promoted by Austen for allegedly saving his life. Also, she is going to London as a management trainee. Later, Fiona receives a call from Richard. Richard is going to a benefit, where Carrie Underwood shall be performing. Fiona is agitated as she has to be somewhere else instead. He has called because; he has feelings for somebody he is working with and wants her counsel. Fiona assumes Richard is talking about her. Richard on his part wants the campaign to be over so he can be with this woman.

Fiona then encourages Richard to voice his “declaration of love” for “this person”, even if it means doing it during the campaign. Richard from their conversation then correctly concludes that, Fiona has assumed the person is her. Robin comes in just then, and Richard clarifies that the woman he was talking about is Robin. Fiona is visibly unhappy with this revelation and is even more flustered on discovering, Robin too is going to the Carrie Underwood concert. Robin on her part suggests, she Richard and Fiona have a group session the coming week, as there are certain “issues” that need to be sorted out. Later, Fiona has a chat with Putsy, who tells her she is happy and ready to live again. Turns out, a suicide note written by Mable was found by Putsy’s sock puppet.

Putsy is unclear if the note was written by Mable, but the feelings in note “genuinely came from Mable’s heart” she tells Fiona. The police too it seems have bought into the suicide story. Fiona is then shocked to know that Putsy has recorded their conversation where she had told Putsy to lie about Mable’s death. Fiona wants to come to Boston and delete the recording, but Putsy makes it clear to her “that’s not going to happen”. Putsy also tells her, she has decided to help people by providing “net therapy”, which is strikingly similar to what Fiona does. The only addition would be that, Putsy would add “sock puppet therapy to her sessions”. Fiona is then extremely upset when she finds out Jerome is assisting Putsy. Turns out, Kip has sent him to her.

Fiona eventually loses it when Jerome assures her that, she has nothing to be threatened. Putsy and Fiona then get into an argument about the whole issue. Later, Fiona has a chat with Newell, who apologizes to her for his earlier actions. “Do you really no remember me?” he then asks once again. “I am sorry I really don’t” she replies. He then reveals, his father professor Miller was at Penn, where he and Fiona were students together. Fiona on hearing this admits “that rings a bell”. Basically he came back from school one day and found Fiona and his father in the bedroom, having sex. He then admits, seeing Fiona and his father having sex, was his “first real sexual experience”.

Later he informed his mother about this, which led to his parents’ divorce and to his mother being institutionalized. Newell as it turns out, has had a string of horrible relationships because he looks for women that remind him of Fiona. He would like to put an end to it, as none of his relationships are working out. He wants to get together with Fiona for the weekend, or for an hour, to act out the things she and his father were doing, just so he can get over her. Fiona on her part doesn’t take Newell seriously and instead tells him, she is busy with the campaign.

Newell though, is persistent. Fiona tells him, he simply can’t fix a situation by forcing himself on a woman. Newell in turn tells her “I am not going to force myself on you, if anything you are going to force yourself on me”. Fiona remains still and says nothing, then assuming that the screen has frozen, Newell hangs up. The episode ends at this point.