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Electile Dysfunction - Recap

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The episode begins with Fiona talking to Newell. Newell tells her he was just thinking about her and that is when she called. She asks Newell if he had gone to see the new therapist she had recommended. Newell tells her the new therapist was “unbelievable”. He then describes how the new therapist gave him a cocktail of two or three medications “that made things clearer”. He then says the new therapist is intuitive, funny and “kinda sexy”. It’s then revealed that, the therapist Fiona recommended is Shevaun. Fiona then encourages Newell to make a move on Shevaun and disregard the fact, she is married. She also reveals to him that, Shevaun is her sister.

Newell is then shocked when Fiona tells him that, Shevaun is the one who encouraged Fiona to sleep with Newell’s father, for better grades. She then suggests that Shevaun too might have slept with his father. In the light of these new revelations, Newell says “she is a fucking fatherfucker” describing Shevaun. Later, Fiona has a session with Richard and Robin, just like they had earlier requested. Robin during the conversation tells Richard that, Richard is a rebound from Kip, and she would have been more involved with Kip, if he weren’t gay. Fiona immediately denies the fact that Kip is gay, and Richard too interjects “Kip’s not gay”. Robin then brings up Kip and Ben’s relationship to prove her point to Richard.

Richard still maintains that it’s not true and Fiona tells Robin “you have to stop saying that at the campaign headquarters”. Robin then shocks the two by revealing that she has surveillance tapes to prove her point. Fiona and Richard ask Robin to hand over the tapes, but she is willing to do no such thing. Fiona then fires Robin, despite her threatening to leak the tapes. “You’ll be sorry” Robin tells Fiona and leaves. Richard is heartbroken at Robin leaving and begins to weep. He then discusses with Fiona, as to how Robin has been a negative influence on his life. Later, Fiona checks out headlines and articles on the internet that discuss Kip being gay. A headline also reveals that Kip has dropped out of the race.

Fiona then sees a viral video, which mocks Kip’s coming out of the closet. Later, Fiona calls Jerome, but sees Haley on the other end. Haley is there to make amends with Fiona, for Fiona getting her arrested at the airport earlier and then her in anger throwing a coin tray at Fiona’s face. The two then decide to start over. Jerome comes in just then and reveals that, thanks to Haley; they have able to “salvage the Lifetime project”. The project shall go ahead as a musical with Haley as its writer. Haley then describes to Fiona, her vision of the whole musical. Fiona though isn’t too happy with what Jerome and Haley are describing, as it makes Fiona look like a negative character and really bad person.

Fiona in the end tells them she is ok with the whole thing, as long as she gets paid, but also assures them that the musical “will never fly” and she shall get money for nothing. Jerome then reveals that, Haley shall from now on be working for Fiona, as Jerome has been given a better offer by Dr. Hodge, Fiona’s mother. Fiona on her part reminds him that her mother isn’t a doctor, but Jerome says she shall soon get accredited. Fiona though, doesn’t want Jerome to go and work for her mother and therefore forbids it. Haley in turn reveals that, if she doesn’t want Haley working for her, then she can always go ahead and pitch to Lifetime the other idea that she has, which is about this guy who has a horrible boss.

Jerome elaborates that, it’s inspired from real life, and also that he has all the emails sent by Fiona to him, which would help greatly in this project, as it’s loosely based on his equation with her. Haley basically tells Fiona she shall share this story with the world “if I am not working here”. Fiona on hearing all of it gives in and tells them it doesn’t really matter who works for her, as she shall be with Austen in New York, most of the time. Later, Kip calls up Fiona and tells her, he is going to Mexico with Ben. He also tells her that he is upset and doesn’t want to communicate with her for a little while.

He blames her for the whole fiasco and tells Fiona none of it would have happened if she hadn’t fought with Robin. Kip in the end suggests that the two of them remember all the good times they had together, and leave the negativity behind. The two then try recollecting the good times but don’t seem to be able to recollect any. Later Fiona tells Austen “all of our dreams can come true” as Kip is moving out of Philadelphia with Ben. She tells Austen how excited she is to move to New York with him.

Austen though seems hesitant. She is then shocked to see that Gina is with Austen in his jet. She is shown jumping onto Austen’s lap with glee, pregnancy test in hand. Turns out, she has tested positive. “This is not how it looks” Austen tells Fiona, with guilt written all over his face. The episode ends at this point.