Season One
Weeds is about a single mother named Nancy (Mary-Louise Parker) who sells weed for a living. After the death of her husband Judah (Jeffery Dean Morgan) she had no source of income and decided that was it. To make sure she can continue to do this she buys a shop, which sells "cakes" so her real business is no longer under threat. This idea was brought to Nancy's attention from her pot smoking accountant, Doug (Kevin Nealon). Nancy has two kids, Silas (Hunter Parrish) and Shane (Alexander Gould). Their uncle Andy (Justin Kirk) also lives with them to help support them, although he does a poor job. At the end of the season Nancy meets Peter and after spending the night with him finds out he works for the DEA.

Season Two
Nancy Botwin secretly married Peter who happens to be a DEA Agent. She married Peter (Martin Donovan) as a safety net, when the family found out they were angry with her because it was a dishonor to Judah and they did not like the guy. When things turned out bad and they broke up Nancy had to give Peter some money. Heylia (Tonye Patano) and Conrad (Romany Malco) have a gang of Armenians kill Peter for a price. Nancy and Conrad were about to score a deal with a man named U-Turn (Page Kennedy) and with that money pay the Armenians. However U-Turn put the guns on Nancy and Conrad to take their money. As Nancy went to get the pot it was gun as Silas had stolen it.

Season Three
In the 3rd season, Nancy has Silas selling for her now and U-turn is on her ass 24-7. After the death of U-turn, Nancy was able to work for herself again. She quit her job as Sullivan's (Matthew Modine) assistant who she's been sleeping with behind Celia's back. When Celia finds out she threatens to shut Nancy down unless she lets her in. Nancy also seeked out protection from Guillermo (Guillermo Diaz) as her business was being threatened by a biker gang. This lead to the town in flames causing everyone to evacuate and the grow house to be discovered. The grow house being under Sullivan's name claims he knew nothing about it, and it was all Celia who then blamed Nancy while her and the family left Majestic.

Season Four
In the fourth season Nancy finds herself relocating to the fictional town of Renmar, after Majestic; formally known as Agrestic burns down. To begin Guillermo has Nancy smuggling drugs across the border, until he introduced her to a new job working as the manger of a maternity clothing store. Only shortly after she discovers Guillermo's new way of trafficing, and their Mexican drug lord boss. Meanwhile Shane explores his sexual lifestyle, Silas lands a new relationship, Doug and Andy become Coyotees, Celia fights the drugs, and Isabelle (Allie Grant) deals adjusting to a new home. This season also marks the return of Dean Hodes (Andy Milder), Quinn Hodes (Haley Hudson), Sanjay (Maulik Pancholy), Pam (Becky Thyre), Lupita (Renee Victor) and Captain Roy Till (Jack Stehlin) and introduces Lisa Ferris (Julie Bowen), Esteban Reyes (Demian Bichir) and Lenny Botwin (Albert Brooks).

Weeds is a dramatic comedy broadcasted on Showtime Monday Nights at 10:00pm. The series has been renewed through it's sixth season.

Episode Info

Prev: 8x13 -- It's Time, Part 2 (Sep/16/2012)

In the series finale, the Botwins, Andy and Doug all reach a crossroads, romance-wise and professionally.

Mary-Louise ParkerMary-Louise Parker
As Nancy Botwin
Elizabeth PerkinsElizabeth Perkins
As Celia Hodes
Elizabeth PerkinsElizabeth Perkins
As Celia Hodes
Tonye PatanoTonye Patano
As Heylia James (S01 - S03)
Tonye PatanoTonye Patano
As Heylia James (S01 - S03)
Romany MalcoRomany Malco
As Conrad Shepard (S01 - S03)
Romany MalcoRomany Malco
As Conrad Shepard (S01 - S03)
Hunter ParrishHunter Parrish
As Silas Botwin
Alexander GouldAlexander Gould
As Shane Botwin
Alexander GouldAlexander Gould
As Shane Botwin


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8x13: It's Time, Part 2 recap: Silas says Lenny died a few years ago. Andy as it turns out has shared custody of kids but is not married. The next morning Nancy comes downstairs to find Andy making breakfast, much to her surprise. The bar mitzvah is shown. Stevie takes the podium and reads a speech he wrote the night before. He tells everybody who his father really was and says he isn't actually Jewish based on his heritage. He calls the entire bar mitzvah a bunch of "bullshit" and says he wants to go to boarding school, much to everyone’s shock. At home Nancy tells Stevie she's not mad. He wants to know why she never told him about his real father, and looks visibly angry about it... read more.

recap: The episode begins with Nancy in a debate with a parent over soccer headgear. During the conversation two men in the audience discuss Nancy and it is revealed that after Andy left she married David and raised Stevie Jewish, as it turns out. But David has since died in a car crash, as is revealed. Nancy's now is a very wealthy legitimate businesswoman, and owner of dozens of Good Seed stores, and doing rather well for herself. She loses the debate and afterwards Stevie who is being bar mitzvah'd, says he wants to go to boarding school, much to Nancy’s surprise... read more.

8x11: God Willing and the Creek Don't Rise recap: The episode begins and Nancy knocks on Conrad's door. Andy and Silas check out a local exhibit: "Agrestic/Majestic/Regrestic: 20 years on The Fortitude of the Dessert: From Dream to Reality to Ash to Rebuild!" Andy is over his wife Joanna and looking forward to seeing Yael, his ex. He thinks there's a reason Silas needed to go back to get seeds from Conrad, who is now living in Agrestic. He thinks getting with Yael is the reason. Silas thinks there's nothing there for him. Then he sees who's working behind the museum counter: his old girlfriend Megan. Conrad tells Nancy he has no old MILF seeds, but she doesn't believe him. He's on to juice cleanses now... read more.

8x10: Threshold recap: The episode begins with Silas and Nancy waiting to check the balance for LaPlante Industries opened yesterday. He wanted to call it Silation. There's been one deposit for $350,000, they discover. Andy carries his new wife Joanna across the threshold. She's ready to make it official. He thinks she means sex; she instead updates her Facebook status. Now she wants to introduce him to her roommates. Nancy and Rabbi David finish up having sex in a park. She has brought a picnic, but it’s not kosher. She then calls herself a "bad rabbi's girlfriend" and he balks. He notes that her not being Jewish is a problem, but he's willing to find a solution... read more.

8x9: Saplings recap: The episode begins and Nancy comes downstairs to find Silas talking to Crick Montgomery, who is from a tobacco company. He wants Silas to grow for him. Silas though is reluctant about the lab work after seeing a machine eat his plant at Smith Johnson. Crick leaves two first class tickets to North Carolina, as part of the deal. It is then seen that Silas and Nancy are on a plane. He's excited to be recruited. He envisions his weed being sold commercially and wants Nancy's backing. She agrees. Back home, Angela and Shane get ready for work, she calls him "her little parking attendant". At the Temple, Jonah and Matthew fill Andy in on the gossip about Rabbi David "boning" a "goy"... read more.
Recurring Guests

Andy Milder as Dean Hodes (62 eps)
Demian Bichir as Esteban (45 eps)
Renee Victor as Lupita (43 eps)
Guillermo Diaz as Guillermo Garcia Gomez (40 eps)
Maulik Pancholy as Sanjay (38 eps)
Enrique Castillo as Cesar (36 eps)
Indigo as Vaneeta (29 eps)
Jennifer Jason Leigh as Jill (24 eps)
Bruce Nozick as Whit Tillerman (23 eps)
Michael Harney as Det. Mitch Ouellette (23 eps)

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Network: SHOWTIME ( USA)
Type: Scripted
Genres: Comedy, Crime, Drama
Status: Ended
Airs: Sundays at 10:00 pm
Runtime: 30 Minutes
Premiere: August 07, 2005
Ended: September 16, 2012
Episodes Order: 13
• Erva (Used In Portugal)
• Weeds - Kleine Deals unter Nachbarn (Used In Germany)
• Косяки (Used In Russia)
• העשב של השכן (Used In Israel)
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