Pinwheels and Whirligigs - Recap

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The scene opens with Caesar in the hospital and two people want to know where Nancy is. He doesn’t know. Meanwhile, Nancy, Silas, Shane, Doug, Andy, and Stevie are on the road to nowhere and Nancy tells Andy that she will listen to his advice now and calls him the Guru of going into hiding. He gloats of his ability to “go of the grid” and tells that no one will find them if they keep driving for another 24 hours. Nancy asks how Silas is doing with Stevie on his lap and he tells that he is fine sarcastically. She tells that they will stop only for lunch. They go to the “Hungry Kuntry Buffet” and Silas gets messages from Kimmi asking where he is and he deletes them. They are waiting for Nancy who is in the bathroom changing her clothes. She passes by an advertisement for the Montana “State Fair” and shows it to the family. Andy asks what part of “going off the grid” she doesn’t understand. She tells that they need this and that they are going.

They get to the fairgrounds and Andy tells Nancy not to take off her hat because they don’t want to arise any suspicion. Silas talks with Shane and Shane talks about how he held the gun on Ignacio and Silas tells that no one cares. He tells that Nancy loves him more. A vendor asks if they want any Pinwheels or Whirligigs and they tell that they are not interested. They walk by a motor home that could be won by a butter carving contest. Nancy tells Doug to watch the baby. They walk inside and they love the entire thing. Meanwhile, Doug is in a tent getting high around the baby and tells that they need to have a relaxing time. Nancy and Shane walk around the fairgrounds and Shane asks her what it was like shooting a guy. She tells that it was not fun at all and that he needs to be a good boy and not a psychopath like her. He tells that she and him are the same, but she doesn’t want that.

Andy and Silas go into the butter carving contest and they find out that it is not a Carving contest, but an eating contest. They are going to have to eat what they carve. He tells that the contest starts in 20 minutes. Shane and Nancy are in line and a family gets behind them and the child spills soda on her foot. They get upset and they cut everyone. Nancy tells that they are going to have to ignore it, but when they are told that they cannot ride the roller coaster, Nancy goes up to the cutter and tells him to get out of line. He tells her to get lost and Nancy gets a strong man to talk to him. He tells him to get to the back of the line and they start to fight. Nancy and Shane go to the front of the line during the commotion.

Doug is with Stevie and he gives him a piece of cotton candy followed by an ice-cream cone. He tells that they are having fun now. Meanwhile, Andy and Silas are in the same tent as Doug was and are smoking pot as well. Andy asks if Silas is hungry yet and he tells that he is not ready to eat all that butter. Silas tells that he wants to play things right and that he was enrolled in college. They laugh about one of the questions of an ethical dilemma and he tells that he doesn’t want to turn out like Nancy and Shane and do things right. They are called to the Dairy platform. The eating contest commences and it is a challenge to the last person standing after eating so much butter. Doug is still watching Stevie and Nancy and Shane ride the roller coaster. Doug takes Stevie on a roller coaster and back at the eating contest, after people have passed out, thrown up, and had heart attacks, Silas wins. But, all of it was for nothing when the guy asks for a Social Security number and they can’t get the motor home.

Doug gives Stevie back to Nancy and she sees that the bottle of formula is still full. She calls Doug irresponsible and tells that Stevie is a baby. Shane thanks Nancy for a fun day and she tells that it is nothing. Andy is on the hood feeling sick and they drive off. In the car, Andy is giving Nancy the silent treatment and tells that she needs to listen to his advice. She tells that today was something she needed to do. Andy tells that he will find a new route. They look beside them and see that the Motor Home that they could have won is riding along side them and they all look at it in envy.