Dearborn-Again - Recap

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The scene opens with the RV arriving in Nancy’s hometown. Andy tells that they are in the town because of the easiness it is to sell Hash to the Arabs and that they do fake passports. Silas wants to get to the bathroom, but Doug is inside getting high. Nancy tells that they are going to hide out at her friend’s home, but when they pull up to the house, it has been replaced by a strip club. Shane suggests that they go visit Mr. Schiff, the Math teacher Nancy lost her virginity to. Nancy tells that she did not, but remembers the address. Nancy walks up to Mr. Schiff’s door and he remembers her. He tells that she can come in and she tells that she is not alone.

Inside, Mr. Schiff tries to get all the names of everyone down and tells that they can stay at his place. He tells that he buys everything at SkyMall magazines when they see the massage bed. Doug tells of his bad experiences with SkyMall and Nancy tells Doug to sell the RV. Mr. Schiff senses that Nancy is in trouble and he tells that they can hide out at his place for the time being. He makes a comment about how Nancy lost something at his place and the rest of the group is disgusted. Nancy visits with an Arab who laughs at the fact that Nancy is trying to sell Hash and tells that nobody does it anymore. He tells that he needs an upper and not a downer. Meanwhile, Andy visits a Mosque to get in touch with a Muslim to give him fake Passports, but fails to do so inside the Mosque.

At Mr. Schiff’s, Shane is trying to do a telekinetic activity and Silas asks what their mother was like when she was younger. He shows a yearbook to them and there is a guy that has his face scratched out. Mr. Schiff tells that it was one of Nancy’s many boyfriends, but Lars was the one that she dated for a while. Silas asks what Lars looked like and Mr. Schiff says that he looked like Silas. Meanwhile, Nancy goes to the graves of her parents and talks to their headstones. She leaves butterscotch candies on the headstone when suddenly a man comes up and asks if she has a map. He recognizes Nancy’s voice and introduces himself as Elis Tate from High School. He tells that he was a Freshman when she was a Senior. He tries to ask her out but she tries to leave. He gives her his number for just in case. At the same moment outside the Mosque, the man that told Andy to get out tells that he knows someone named Sam. He tells that he is his uncle. Doug pulls up and tells that he couldn’t see the RV. Andy forgets the number to the address but Doug remembers it. They pull up to it and it is the immigration office. Andy now gets the Uncle Sam reference and realizes that he was scammed out $100.

They start to leave when they hit someone’s car. After a long argument, the man they hit has no job or a place to live. He shows that he has a family and Andy trades the car that they hit for the RV. They take them up on it. Back at Mr. Schiff’s Nancy sees the yearbook and tries to look up Elis Tate, but he was absent during school pictures. She needs a way to transport the hash after they make a drink and looking at Stevie’s bottle she gets an idea. Meanwhile, Silas and Shane get the address to Lars to see if he is really Silas’ father. They pull up and Shane rings the doorbell. Lars comes out and asks if they are interested in the car. Silas lies and says that he is. At the house, Andy is making a new drug and mixes drinks together and puts hash and his super secret ingredient that turns out to be Mr. Schiff’s prescription of Methylphenidate. He gives it to Doug to test out.

Back at Lars’ house, he tells that the car is what it is and that his girlfriend is making him sell it because of all the girls he had sex with in it. Shane gets back from using the bathroom and Lars tells that Silas that he has convinced him to keep the car after Silas tells that he cannot buy what he does not really want to sell. Shane tells that Lars is Silas’ father and Silas tells that they can’t know that for sure. Shane pulls out a hair brush and says that they will let the lab tell them. Back at the house, Doug is tripping off of the new drug and they are happy. Nancy takes it to the Arab and gets him to buy a lot of it. Meanwhile, pictures of Nancy, Andy, Silas, Shane and Doug are scattered on a bed and Elis is on the phone with someone and says that he has found her.