Bags - Recap

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The scene opens three years later. Nancy comes into a parole board hearing and one of the parole board members is not happy that Nancy only served 3 years of her sentenced before getting paroled. They tell that she is going to go to a half-way house to serve out her remainder of the sentence or until she can prove that she has been rehabilitated. Nancy asks about the Witness Protection that the FBI promised. They tell that there is no record of it. She gets dragged back to her cell with her telling that it is not fair. Her cellmate is there and she tells that it will be alight because there has to be a mistake. She loses it and her cellmate kisses her. The officer comes up and tells Nancy to get her things. Her cellmate gives her mitts and tells her to make a plan for herself and her. The officer says that Nancy’s cellmate will be released soon, but Nancy says that she isn’t. Nancy catches the bus into town.

Meanwhile in Coppenhagen, a woman named Renata, throws things out at Shane. He tells that he can’t handle things like this. She tells that Shane won’t puppeter in the town again. Shane passes an ad of Silas. He is a model and his manager tells him to go home and get some sleep. However, Silas says that he is fine. Gunder, the manager, tells him that he has a zit and need to go home. In a market, Andy and Doug are tour guides and Andy talks about the city. Doug comes up to Andy and tells that his luck with woman is limited to tourists because they are all for having sex with tall strangers. Nancy arrives at the halfway house and registers. The front desk tells that she has a visitor. Nancy sees that it is Agent Lipshitz and tells that he promised her protection. He tells that they found Estaban’s body in the corner of a prison yard. He says that everything is closed and the world keeps turning. He says that the halfway house is the best he could do for her. Nancy changes clothes and Lipshitz tells that he has paperwork for her and she is on her own now.

Counselor Ed comes in and takes Nancy on the tour of the place and tells her the rules in a rythmical tone. She asks if she can go out and go to the store. However, Ed tells that Nancy has the freebie-jeebies and that she will learn to adjust. She manages to convince Ed to allow her two hours to get something to eat. She goes out and finds a store that has Internet. She conferences with her sister and tells that she is in Manhattan. She asks to see Stevie and she tells that he is watching TV. Stevie shows himself and calls her Aunt Nancy. Her sister turns the computer around and tells that she has to go. Nancy’s sister calls Shane, Andy, Doug and Silas. She tells that Nancy is out in Manhattan. Shane searches for Nancy and Andy asks what he is doing and asks why Nancy doesn’t want them to know and Silas says tha that he has stopped trying to figure Nancy out. Meanwhile, Nancy goes to a Sauna and a lady there tells that Nancy sweats good. She tells Nancy that she could take her towel off. Nancy picks up a rock and finds a key that her cellmate left behind.

Shane packs up and tells that he is going to New York to find Nancy. Andy says that he should go with Shane and says that he is not going because he has a campaign to run. Shane tells that he bought a plane ticket for everyone besides Silas. Shane tells that Silas is fine in Copenhagen. Silas warns that Nancy will just mess him up again, but Shane tells that she has been rehabilitated. However, back in Manhattan, Nancy opens a trunk of a car that the key belongs to and finds bombs and ammunition in the trunk and walks away. The episode ends.