Fingers Only Meat Banquet - Recap

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The scene opens with Doug’s boss talking about the problems with other companies and says that they are better, smarter and richer. He shows a new thing that they are doing and Nancy rolls out Vehement Beefsteak. Nancy calls Dmitry and leaves a message. Nancy’s lawyer comes in and says that Nancy has a custody battle hearing and that she has 48 hour fore low to go to the hearing. She asks what she needs to bring and he says that she should bring a character witness and says that one of her son’s will do. Nancy asks to talk to Silas and sees that he has guy’s pictures on the fridge. Silas says that he is reviewing his competition out in the modeling agency which has dealers. Shane tells that he has money for plane tickets and says that he would be a better character witness. However, Nancy says that he needs to go to college. Silas asks if Nancy really wants him to go on record and talk about her mothering skills in court. She says that she does.

Meanwhile, Andy and Charles talk about how Andy should take charge and says that Maxine is taking a liking to Andy. He says that he has taken a liking to them too and suddenly Charles starts to go unconscious. Andy, who is stoned, calls an ambulance. They tell him that he has to give CPR to Charles. After breathing in his mouth, Andy revives Charles. On the plane, Nancy asks what Silas is going to say and he says that he is going to wing it. Nancy says that he needs to know what to say. He says that she called him last minute to do this and to let him say what he has to say. Doug calls Nancy and says that he thought that she was kidding about the two day thing. He says that if there is a Gyro on his desk then he will forgive her. At the courts, Nancy is calling for the Gyro to be delivered when her lawyer comes up and says that they postponed the hearing for two months. She is upset and her lawyer tells her to vent out her anger. Silas tells that he shouldn’t have given her that and Nancy goes to Jill’s gate and rings the buzzer. She yells for Jill to come outside.

Back at the courts, Nancy’s lawyer sees Judge Franklin, the judge that allowed the postponing of the hearing. Silas goes up to him and asks about the Nancy Botwin hearing. He says that is a problem. Nancy continues to try to get into Jill’s and Scott comes out to see her. He lies and says that Jill took Stevie somewhere, but Nancy says that he is lying. Jill tells her to leave and Nancy screams that Jill kidnapped her son. Jill tells that neighborhood security is on their way. The security arrives and Nancy attempt to climb the wall. However, she tells that she is coming down and the security guard handcuffs her. Silas sits down with the judge and he tells that Silas has until he finishes his sandwich to convince him. Silas stumbles through telling that Nancy is a good woman and that she loves them. He finishes his sandwich and says that he is still hungry and and says that he will look at her file. Doug goes in to see his boss and asks if he checked the earnings report. He tells him that things are not adding up and that things are calculated wrong. His boss tells him that he wants to take him somewhere.

Shane goes into a college class and says that he wants to enroll in a class. He says that he will pay cash for the professor’s book and the professor welcomes him to Applied Criminal Justice. Back at Jill and Scott’s and Scott brings a charger for the security guard and brings Nancy her purse. He says that he will make sure that Stevie video conferences with her and says that he says that it sucks for her not being with Stevie. Silas and Nancy’s lawyer arrive and Scott tells the security guard to uncuff her. Silas says that the judge wants to talk to her. Meanwhile, Doug is getting a sexual massage with his boss. The girls tell them to relax. He says that Doug needs to cook the books. The girls take their tops off to try to get them off, but they are talking business.

Andy goes into to find Maxine reading Edgar Alan Poe to Charles. He asks if he is doing better. Maxine jokes with Andy and he says that it is a heavy weight to bear. He says that he can’t really be a polemicist and she tells that she understands. Nancy goes to the judge and he says that he isn’t going to grant her custody right now and he isn’t going to grant Jill custody right now either. He says that she needs to maintain employment and to make sure that it stays. He also tells that she doesn’t want to re-invent herself. Nancy has Silas drive to an old friend’s home and Silas tells her to know. A woman from Nancy’s past answers the door with a shotgun and aims it at them. She is not happy to see them at all.