Object Impermanence - Recap

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The scene opens with Hilya with a gun and Nancy tries to talk to her. However, she doesn’t want to talk and shoots out the window to their rental car. Dean comes out and grabs the gun. He asks what she is doing. Nancy shows herself and he asks if Shelia is with her. She tells that she isn’t and that they want to talk. Hilya grabs a hatchet and chases after Nancy. She tells that just wants pot and they have money. Hilya asks how they found them and Silas says that Conrad is on Facebook. Meanwhile, Doug tells Andy that he is didn’t want to be in that relationship. Andy says that he wants to start up a business to do the Copenhagen Wheel in New York. Andy asks Shane to front him $80,000 from his fake college loans. He says no and Doug says that he can talk to his boss and see if he can’t sit down with him. Andy thanks him and tells Shane that he is mean.

Back at Hilya’s place, Nancy talks to Hilya and she tells that she thought that Nancy was going to come out with a 5-year-old that was calling her grandma. Nancy sees Hilya’s pot farm. Inside, Silas is smoking with Dean and Silas says that the weed seems familiar and Silas says that he was in Denmark. Dean talks about the sexually transmitted diseases he got and Dean calls him a wimp and Silas tells him to man up. Back in the field, Nancy compliments the growth. Nancy says that Hilya has changed. Hilya says that people change and Nancy asks her to sell to her. Nancy says that she is sorry that Hilya is alone and Hilya says that it is Nancy’s fault. She tells that Nancy needs to walk away from her children before she drags them down with her. She asks Hilya how she does that and Hilya leaves her in the field full of traps hidden.

Shane is in class and the guest speaker comes in and tells that he was walking when he picked up a crook for rape. The guest speaker is a Detective. However, Shane sees that the “crook” has a gun on his leg. The Detective is impressed with Shane’s attention to detail. Nancy tries to make it through the fields without getting killed and is almost shot when she almost trips a wire. Hilya gets inside and Silas asks why Conrad left. She says that he ran off with a Chinese girl and that he wanted more of a cut, but she told him that he isn’t allowed in her home anymore. She tells that he knew better then to mess with her. Silas says that he knows that she is growing MILF. She tells that he better put the seeds back. He says that just because she kicked Conrad out doesn’t mean that it is her weed. Hilya tells that Silas is brave after finding out that his father isn’t really his father. Meanwhile, Andy displays the Copenhagen Wheel video and the investors laugh at the idea and tell that they are not going to invest in it at all. Andy feels defeated.

After the class, Shane goes up to the Detective and asks about the cases about how the crime rings would use fronts to hide their business and and shows interests. The Detective gives Shane his card and tells that he will show him around. Silas finds Nancy in the field and says that the weed is MILF. She tells that she knows. Silas brings up his birth and asks if she ever told Juda that he wasn’t his son. Nancy makes up a story and Silas says that isn’t good enough for him. Dean comes out of the woods and steps into a bear trap. Later, Shane brings in Andy on his business front for the Weed business. He says that he is going to show that Nancy needs him. Andy says that he didn’t want to be fronted the money in this way. Shane says that it is going to be fine. Nancy tells Hilya that they will supply to New York and Hilya says that she wants Silas to help with the harvest and he says that he will stay and do it so that for them so that they have a supplier. Nancy says that it is good only if he thinks it is. The episode ends with Nancy and her lawyer on a plane going back to New York. He asks her to tell him a story and they show Nancy hugging and kissing Stevie at the Planetarium. The episode ends.