Qualitative Spatial Reasoning - Recap

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The scene opens and Nancy has advertised her weed selling business to rich businessmen. They can be great prospects for her, and she is excited. Although her business starts picking up, she has to order for an arrest of Emma over an SEC problem. Nancy’s brother-in-law Andy hates that. He is livid with Nancy, and comes back home and expresses shock. Just like Silas says, everything is up for grabs. Soon after Nancy’s business starts looking good, Andy begins to spoil her repute with clients. He says things to get the clients on his side, but Nancy tries just the same thing when the client is already irritated.
Although Andy wants to play it hard, Nancy makes sure she plays safe. She wants to do everything that will safeguard business. Meanwhile, Nancy’s younger son Shane has been unaware and awkward about the circumstances. Later, Andy finds support in the elder son Silas. Nancy, who has been considering a hedge-fund support, thinks it will make her self-sufficient. Moreover, she operates on her own, and the fund support will mostly be on paper. That also proves she can take care of her baby Steve. Meanwhile Doug gets to work. He has to distract an SEC official when it comes to saving Nancy. She is about to make a pitch, and wants Doug to do his work effectively. Models will be delivering the stuff to customers under the cover of a posh club. As a result, the investors will be able to get flirting with the supermodels as well. After a while, Doug seems to have pulled it off quite well.

Shane is growing slightly distant from Nancy, and he might just be feeling the need of parental company. Otherwise, he is happy to keep himself occupied for most of the day. He decides to set up a reunion between Detective Oulette and his son. He is kind of estranged, and remains a track-runner. While Shane fills up with pride at the success of being able to orchestrate it, but Nancy’s focus is her baby’s custody. Silas wonders how insensitive his family has been, especially with sending Emma to jail. Moreover, he wants to make up with her, and find a way for restoring the old bond. After all, they had enough between them to move in together.

While Nancy makes improvements for business with new items, Silas wants to remain focused on his dealings. He has already sided with his uncle Andy, and is making moves for better flow of money in the near future. A while later, the two decide to meet Demetri. They get a patient hearing, and Andy makes his speech in his own classic style. What they do not know is Nancy is right there and is listening to them from Demetri’s closet. Heylia and Dean are getting ready to send a supply. They feel apprehensive about attacks and seizure of their weeds. While Heylia has a confidence about taking out the most straining of obstacles, Dean is afraid about powerful people who seize the stuff to make up their own stash.

It turns out that Dean is in the hospital after a while, and Andy can hardly imagine the consequences. He is tense, and sitting silently with Heylia. They are by Dean’s bed in the hospital. Someone calls Andy, as if to speak in his head. It turns out to be a cancer patient whose wife had slept with Andy long before. He might be dead by now, but Andy is now doubting whether he should take sides in matters of family business. Heylia might be making a mistake as she is in a daze. Nearly confused by the turn of events, she hastily decides to defer the supply to Silas. Although she does not intend to wait very long, it should definitely be nearly a week.
Nancy and Demetri are about to make love, but in almost no time, she finds out that he has stolen from Silas and Co. She cannot let it happen, and tells Demetri to return all of it. However, Demetri challenges her commitment. Nancy gets even more firm, and demands that the stolen money should come back. Later, Nancy communicates to Silas that they need to meet. She will text him an address, and they can meet in the morning. She wants to end whatever has been happening, and admits that there has been a gaffe.

While Nancy hopes her son will check the messages, he is not doing it. Instead, he has been sulking at the thought of his mother hijacking trade. A while later, Nancy attends her lawsuit for child custody. She manages to impress the judge with her preparation. Moreover, she also has an apartment for the kid and her now. Judge Franklin decides to give her the custody of baby Steve. While all this makes her happy, and the dropping of a voice message has brought some hope, she hardly knows what’s coming her way. Emma is with Detective Oulette, and she wants to strike out. She does not see Nancy as a happy mother, but a competitor who needs to be dealt with in a stiff manner. She also forgets her connection to Nancy through young Shane. She sees Nancy as a shrewd opponent capable of fooling the police. Later Silas gets to the airport for a hopefully happy reunion with Jill Price-Gray. As it turns out, she will have to drop some bad news, and it might just affect business. The episode ends.