Do Her/Don't Do Her - Recap

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Nancy walks in to her place shocked to find her sister wearing her shoes, with legs up on the table, and mailing herself some filed from Nancy’s office computer. Meanwhile, Silas is giving grief to Andy, who is not getting the gravity of the fact that Nancy sent armed men to jack her son Silas’s weed supply. Soon they agree that Silas does not need his mom’s permission in order to be his own person. However, the fact remains that he fucked up with the weed. While there is already enough trouble with the custody battle between the two sisters over Nancy’s smallest kid, Andy believes she will get alright with everything – after all he expects Nancy and her sister to talk it out like adults.

Meanwhile, the two sisters are filling their living room air up with four letter words in all parts of speech. They both want custody, but Nancy is only getting threatened to be put into jail. Before it is long, Haley arrives with her armed bodyguard, and wants her drugs back. However, Nancy doesn’t have it, and realizes what she has put herself up against. Haley promises to hunt her down and kill her if she is not able to get the drugs back. Moreover, she is upset with Nancy having made an aggressive move on their package in the last episode. Back at Andy’s place, things get a little calmer when Andy decides to take Silas to a funeral. And meanwhile, the two sisters are on their way to Dmitri’s place, where Nancy hopes to get back her stash.

While her sister is indiscreet about the drug thing with dozens of co passengers listening to their conversation, Nancy is already beginning to panic. Their tense situation gets even more gripping when they only have each other to hold on during a power break in the underground rail system. In the mean time, Doug Wilson has reached his office, and as he struts in with his top management partner, everyone in the office gives them the odd stare. Doug’s assistant is taken by surprise at their nonchalant attitude, and the partner tries to clear off the air with a smart comment. However, what he can’t see, and the rest can, is Dough and his assistant getting wildly carnal behind the glass door!

When Nancy reaches the place in Queen’s, where she hopes to find Dmitri and the drugs, she meets with exactly what she hoped against. Nerdy looking stoners, dressed far from smart, and all the same way, are gorging on sandwich, and are saying that that Dmitri is in the bread. Exasperated with the raunchy humor, Nancy walks in calling out for Dmitri. However, the fooling around continues, as the guys are unable to decide whether to do Nancy, or her sister. They argue. Meanwhile, Andy is loving the spectacular funeral that is taking place with mime artists doing some odd act of death, and a transvestite doing the speech. He learns more about the funeral from the family therapist. Silas can’t get over the fact that he and Nancy are at each other.

Back at Dmitri’s place, Nancy’s sister tries convincing the guys that she is the wife of a Mexican drug lord, but the boys laugh it off. In an effort to prove her tattoo is from a Mexican prison, they end up hinting at the boys that she might be the girl from a favorite video – which also means they need to see her ass. Reluctantly, Nancy ends up pulling down her jeans. Later, a fat man is giving Shane a world of grief, calling his mother a middle class drug dealer and their home a drug den. Although he means to lay in with all his might, he cannot control the tears bursting out of his angry eyes.

Before he knows it, he is shouting about his direct involvement in drugs when the police academy letterman comes at the door. Nancy has gotten what she intended and she gets to the hospital where Heylia is looking after an injured Dean. She is still pissed at Nancy, and asks her to leave when she shows all that she could get back of her stash. Meanwhile, Doug and his partner are about to celebrate a deal they think they have scored, but they both end up sorry faced when the assistant tells them one of them has to lay low for a while because of what came out in an article a few weeks back – a month at tops.

Later, when Nancy and her sister catch a train to get back home, they both have a tough time agreeing with each other over the custody issue. While Nancy’s sister claims to have bathed the baby’s balls and read him stories till her eyes bled, Nancy is not game about any legal decree about giving up her little baby boy to her sister. They soon get loud enough for heads to turn in the train, and Nancy makes a few more heads turn when she is not game about having to fuck every colored dick in the rainbow of this world.

Later, after they get back home, Andy wants a word with Nancy’s sister, and Nancy and Silas get back to doting each other after he apologizes for being angry. Before long, Andy announces an unconventional family meeting. Scene shifts two months into the future in Connecticut, where Nancy introduces Silas to his own space. However, when she is giving her speech, someone is behind the bushes with a sniper. Nancy ends her speech and gets playful with the kids, but before long, the screen goes black, and bang goes the gun! The episode ends.