Messy - Recap

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The episode begins with Andy telling Nancy to keep lying where she is, while she talks to him asking him to help her up. Turns out, Nancy has been shot in the head, and her head is all bloody, but she hasn’t realized it yet. The shooter who is wearing a hooded shirt, speeds away in a car before Shane can chase him down. Later Nancy is shown being rushed to the hospital in an ambulance, with Silas accompanying her. Nancy then tells Silas that she realizes she is being rushed to the hospital because she has been shot in the head. Nancy then passes out, although Silas try to keep her awake. Jill meanwhile tells Andy to quickly gather the clothes Nancy might need, so they can rush to Nancy at the hospital.

Doug too accompanies them to the hospital. Shane meanwhile tells the cops to check for the shell casing of the bullet that hit Nancy and also to check out the tire imprints of the shooter’s car. The cop meanwhile offers to drop Shane to the hospital so he can find out how his mother is doing. Andy and Doug sitting at the hospital, wonder as to who could have shot Nancy. Doug feels it’s the Mexicans. They then discuss where they should bury her, in case she dies. The doctor meanwhile tells them that Nancy is in a medically induced coma, to bring down the swelling, and once it comes down she will be brought out of the coma. The doctor also tells them that the amount of brain damage Nancy has suffered has to also be assessed.

The doctor in the end tells them that, the bullet is still lodged in her head and that they will leave it in there for the time being. Silas then goes in to see her. A woman in the meanwhile comes in and asks the rest of them, how they would like to pay the hospital bill. Doug reluctantly offers to pay, as he is the only one with any money. Later Silas and Shane sitting by Nancy’s bedside, discuss about all that have just transpired. Shane during their conversation tells Silas that he has joined the police academy. Silas is incredulous when he hears this, but Shane tells Silas that he is serious. He then shows Silas a badge to prove what he just said. Silas reminds him that crime is their family business, and asks Shane what he was thinking when he took such a step.

Shane tells Silas that he likes the whole thing about being a cop, and wants to be one. The two then discuss as to who could be the one that shot Nancy. The two comes up with plenty of possibilities, and conclude that she has made a lot of people angry. Andy meanwhile is busy telling a cop to provide Nancy with security, as the shooter might come back to finish the job. Later, Doug feels up Nancy while he is alone with her in the hospital room. Later Andy and Jill discuss how all that is happening is so surreal. The two then begin making out near Nancy’s bed, and ultimately end up having sex by her bedside. Jill then leaves to take a shower, and tells Andy to come home when he is ready. Later Andy chats up with a guy called Dave in the hospital cafeteria.

Dave shows concern and asks Andy if he is ok. Andy asks Dave to stop, as he feels Dave is hitting on him. Dave assures Andy that he is straight, and tells him that he is asking only because they are in a hospital and hence it’s the right thing to do. Andy then confesses to Dave how he had sex with Jill in Nancy’s room. He then describes to Dave how it felt to have sex with Jill. Andy then reveals to Dave how she likes Nancy, and how his life revolves round her. Dave then reveals to Andy that he is a part time chaplain, but is actually a rabbi. Dave then tells Andy that it’s his job to listen and also that he doesn’t judge, and even if he does, he keeps it to himself.

Andy then tells Dave that he doesn’t know if he believes in God. Dave tells Andy that believing in God makes the world a little less lonely and a little less scary. Andy then quotes Jill and says that, if there is a God Nancy wouldn’t probably survive, because of the sins she has committed. Dave then tells Andy that he will say a prayer for Nancy, just in case. Tim, who is the one who actually shot Nancy, pays her a visit in her hospital room. He confesses to an unconscious Nancy that, he had thought shooting her would make him feel better but it’s not. Nancy’s pulse in the meanwhile is shown shooting up rapidly. The episode ends at this point.