A Beam of Sunshine - Recap

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The episode begins with it being shown that Nancy has been in the hospital for 77 days, and he total hospital bill has come to around $420,000. Nancy is meanwhile shown talking to the patient in her neighboring bed. The woman then tells Nancy that she knows about her whole family’s story, as it’s the talk of the town. Shane then comes in and Nancy walks out of her room, with the help of a walker. Shane then tells Nancy that everyone thinks they are the actual mafia. Shane then tells Nancy as to who are the people who could have possibly tried to kill her. Her doctor then comes in and flirts with her, much to Shane’s displeasure.

He then tells Shane that Nancy will be missed once she leaves, as she has been a “beam of sunshine”. Shane is surprised to hear that. Nancy in turn tells him that her being shot has changed her as a person. Nancy later tells Shane that whoever did this to her probably now regrets it. Meanwhile Jill’s ex-husband has arrived at her house to see her. He then asks to have dinner with Jill later, and tells her that they have a lot to talk about. Andy tells Jill that her ex-husband probably only wants to talk, so there is no harm in her hearing him out. Nancy meanwhile tells Shane that she was a bad person, and that she doesn’t want to be like that anymore. Nancy delivers mail and goodies to patients, including pistachios and peach schnapps to Gretel, a cancer patient. She wants something from "the clown" before he sells out.

In a room at the end of the hall, Butters the clown takes $20 for medicinal lollipops for patients. Nancy asks Shane if she was like that, a "gouge-y clown douche." "I think I was a bad person, I don't want to be like that anymore," she says. She resolves to be the "After" Botwins. In Doug's office, the hot couriers come by and need the company credit card for Kiki. They also have a business proposal for him; a "tri-kini" involving a bikini and a scarf that can be tied six ways. Meanwhile, Silas spanks a tied up Kiki. She wants to know when Nancy is coming back, she's low on supply. Nancy calls, asking Silas to come by. In the police academy, Silas is hung up on the stat about 85% of offenders coming from fatherless homes. He makes friends with a cadet named Mullen who also lost her dad.

In the hospital, Nancy makes pretty little bags for the pot cookies Silas made. He tries to figure out what to charge, but Nancy says they're not taking any money, as it would be wrong to profit from pain. She remembers that her mom worked in gift wrap at a department store and all presents had to be wrapped perfectly. Meanwhile, Silas wants to at least cover their costs. Nancy tells him to stop thinking like the ‘Before Silas’. Nancy then distributes the cookies to everyone. Meanwhile, Jill gets ready for dinner in Nancy's fancy dress and shoes. She's trying to show Scott that she's doing fine. She promises to bring food home for Andy. He reminds her to agree to nothing, just hear Scott out. Meanwhile, Nancy finds all the patients giggling and wolfing down cookies, happy and pain-free.

Nancy then wakes up to a fat man with traces of clown make-up hovering over her bed and sprinkling cookie crumbs on her. He warns her she's out of her league and to back off. Meanwhile, Nancy's roommate hears and thinks it's the mafia threatening her. Meanwhile, Andy finds the girls packing up in their rooms. They think they're going home. They've seen this many times. Jill gets angry at Scott for being controlling and takes off, she finds a distraction like Rick, Scott gives her some space, he comes back, apologizes, she remembers that he's a good bread winner and they get back together. Last time she got a painting studio out of it. It hasn't happened yet, but they're packing to get a jump start on things. Andy tries to call Jill but gets her voice mail.

Meanwhile, Nancy's hears giggling through the wall and gets up. She finds Butters the Clown about to bend a nurse over. Nancy introduces herself to the nurse as the woman from the Post Road shooting, who's in the Cosa Nostra. The nurse runs off. Nancy later explains to the clown that from now on, people in pain don't pay. She tells him he's got a second chance to be a better person and should use it. At dinner, Jill orders another beer. Scott takes out his prepared remarks, including his desire to start clean and fresh. She chows down on her Chinese food as he explains that he bears her no ill will. He's droning on when Andy comes in. He starts pantomiming behind her. She's charmed but tries to listen to Scott.

He wants them to rejoin for the sake of their beautiful family. Meanwhile, Andy picks up a Peking duck and starts doing something foul with it, distracting her. Cut to Andy and Jill in the shower stall going at it. He tells her he's not a distraction and they're not just having sex, it's something else. Meanwhile, Scott opens the stall door on them. He then tears up his prepared remarks. In the stairway, Nancy meanwhile, makes it to the top of a flight of stairs, victorious. Later, Nancy gets wheeled out. Steven thanks the clown for all the balloon animals. Meanwhile, in the police academy, Shane finds Tim Scottson's webpage. The episode ends at this point.