See Blue and Smell Cheese and Die - Recap

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The episode begins and Nancy comes downstairs to find Andy on roller skates and Steve entertaining himself with the fly swatter. This goes great until he tries to swat his mom in the head. Jill bought Nancy a lot of blueberries as a recovery food, but so far everything tastes like black liquorice. Nancy is impressed with Jill's grasp on a domestic routine. Jill blurts out that she and Andy are sharing the room at the top of the stairs. But Nancy doesn't hear her because she's reading the card from Shane: "Mom, found him. Soon all will be settled. Don't be mad." Meanwhile, the SEC guy Melnick comes in angry at Doug for the lousy performance of their hedge fund.

He offers to let him sign over the fund and have someone else manage it in exchange for not getting prosecuted. Doug signs the papers. Meanwhile, Silas goes through Shane's internet history and finds he Google mapped an address in Pennsylvania Dutch country. Silas offers that at least Shane knows what he's doing. He tells Nancy about Shane joining the police academy. They find Tim Scottson's Facebook page. Nancy tells him to print the address. At the twin's roller derby, Andy acts as coach and gives a pep talk. Their dad Scott is in the stands going bananas and calling for blood. Taylor rips out a girl's hair extension and Andy sits her down over Scott's loud objections. When she gets back in she throws a girl over the side.

Meanwhile, Nancy and Silas drive after Shane. Silas thinks Shane might just torture Tim, not kill him. After the bout, Andy's peppy even thought they lost. The girls are angry and bitter. Scott takes them to lunch. Meanwhile, Silas and Nancy knock at Tim's door. He's at work but his very off girlfriend lets them in. Their place smells and he has boxes of 12 dead rabbits -- all named Peter. She mentions that one of Tim's new friends stopped by in the morning and she let him borrow Tim's gun to go hunting. They find this odd, but she does not. She says he looked like all of Tim's other non-albino friends "Shifty, quiet, dead eyes, trustworthy." She asks how they know Tim and Silas freely offer that Tim shot Nancy in the head two months ago. They ask again where Tim works.

Meanwhile, Andy gives Taylor a DVD of a roller derby movie, but she busts him because she's Shayla. They're both rocking dreadlocks and eyeliner. And they're burning his shoes in the oven. Jill suggests he just buy their love. Meanwhile, at a sandwich shop, Tim looks up from behind the counter and finds Nancy waiting to place an order. His manager hovers and Tim makes a panicky sandwich. When he's done, she puts it straight in the trash. She tells him to get in her car before she calls his mother. Back at work, Whit tries to guess what Doug has in store for them. Doug leads them to an empty office with only a phone inside. The answering machine says it's the home of the Doug Wilson Foundation, a charity. He doesn't know what it does, but last week Vehement donated a huge amount of money to it.

In Nancy's car, Silas explains to a terrified Tim that Shane took his gun and he's killed before. Nancy calls for Shane in a parking lot. Meanwhile, Tim is bitter about his dad ending up in a drain pipe. Nancy points out she didn't even kill his dad, it was the Armenians and Heylia. "Do your homework," she says. He gets angry that she can't even say she's sorry. Nancy hauls him out of the car and tells him that growing up without a father is no excuse for being a psychopath. She gives him a lecture on pulling himself together. At the house, Andy creeps into Taylor's room and snips off her red dread. He's busted by Scott and Jill. Jill tries to sew the dread back on and Scott gets aggressively defensive of the girls. The girls cheer for him to fight Andy, but Scott taunts Andy saying he's too scared to fight.

They get in a slap fight. The girls continue cheering for blood until they say they hate them both. Scott and Andy both start addressing them. Andy's diatribe is about forging Raquel Welch's signature on the DVD and Scott's is about what ungrateful brats they are and how they're going to send up selling their virginity to "ethnics." He goes too far, telling the girls they never wanted twins and should have aborted. Scott seems to hear what he's saying and says he needs to go back to India. Jill will be hearing from his lawyer and in the mean time, they're supposed to listen to Andy. Back at Tim's house Nancy tries to get him to pack up and go back to California.

There's a knock on the door. Shane busts in with the investigating officers in a police windbreaker. He arrests Tim. Nancy tries to cover for Tim, saying he has an alibi, etc. But they have the gun and it matches. Nancy mouths to Tim that she's sorry and he says thanks. Shane reads him his rights. A cop tells Nancy to smile, Shane's trying to impress her. The episode ends at this point.