Unfreeze - Recap

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The episode begins with Nancy and Silas getting ready for work. She’s wearing a strapless mini dress and stacked heels. Silas on seeing her tells her she has to dress appropriately, so she borrows Jill’s cardigan. Andy and Jill meanwhile, go through the fridge cleaning out sprouts and goat cheese and Nancy realizes what that means. She’s incredulous. Later, at Smith Johnson Pharmaceutical, Nancy watches a training video. Meanwhile, Deb the saleswoman is angry that Nancy didn’t have to go through the three week training and got a break. She then sends Nancy to a tough doctor’s office for her first sales call.

Meanwhile, in the lab, Silas checks on the plants and meets Craig, the over eager lab guy. Meanwhile, Zachary as it turns out, doesn’t let people talk too loud because it might hurt the plants. Meanwhile, Andy meets with Rabbi David, looking for a job. He mentions he’s going to be a father. David assumes he’ll be getting married and thinks that’ll settle things with Nancy. He has a job in mind and asks if Andy likes kids. Later, Andy goes into afternoon discussion time, as the new Director of Spiritual Life. The little boys then immediately pepper him with questions about their former director, generally giving him a hard time. He responds by blocking the doors with chairs and grabbing a flag from a pole to defend them from an unnamed menace.

Nancy goes to the doctor’s office, bearing muffins. The receptionist thanks her warmly, and then shuts the window in her face and puts up a sign saying no drug reps. Dr. Cornish then comes by and also ignores her. The receptionist tells her a second warning is trespassing. Nancy though responds by prying open the reception window with a pen, leaning across the counter and grabbing the muffins out of the nurse’s hands, lecturing them on manners. Meanwhile, back in afternoon discussion, Andy tells the guys they need a defense plan. He also tells them their former instructor was Mossad and a killing machine. He warns them they have claws but tells the boys he’ll keep them safe. While he has their total attention he has them pull out their lessons and teaches them one about children being mauled by bears for being bullies.

They figure out he was teasing before with locking the doors. He says that was to get their attention, so they’re going to focus on the lesson, not being bullies, and then he’ll show them some krav maga moves. He in this manner apparently manages to win them over. Meanwhile, at the police recruit’s graduation ceremony, Angela introduces Shane to her mother, who is less than polite to him. Angela tries to invite him to dinner, but she says it’s impossible to change the reservation. Shane meanwhile, plans to work private security for a year until he meets the police age requirement. Also, he as it turns out didn’t tell his family about the ceremony because he thought they might not come. Det. Ouelette meanwhile, tells Shane he has a job for him.

Doug goes to a NASA inventory liquidation auction, where a comb and scissors from Neil Armstrong goes for $24,000. Doug bids on a space suit and is wearing it when they run his credit card. It’s declined and the company tells them to seize it. Meanwhile, Nancy finds Dr. Cornish’s dirty car in the parking lot. Meanwhile, Doug follows up his canceled credit card and is informed that the States Attorney is looking into his bogus charity and he has 48 hours to prove he’s actually helping the homeless with his charity status. Meanwhile, Dr. Cornish heads to his car in the parking lot and finds that Nancy had it cleaned and she has also brought lunch. She then asks for three minutes of his time.

Later, in the car, he shovels food and she blames breaking his window on her lack of impulse control from getting shot in the head. He asks her about the FDA approved uses of the drug and then calls her on it when she promises more than she’s allowed to sell it for. He helpfully tells her it’s against the law to do that and then suggests she find a new job before the pharmaceutical industry steals her soul. She’s moved by his honesty and concern and asks how long he has for lunch. Later, her leg is shown sticking out the window and the car rocking back and forth in the spot, as she closes the sale. Meanwhile, Silas goes out for happy hour with his fellow lab mates.

Later, while Silas is waiting in line, a young woman thinks she recognizes him from school. He’s then makes polite conversation, when Zachary comes back. She’s as it turns out, is his girlfriend. Strike two, Zachary then tells Silas. Meanwhile, Detective Ouelette takes Shane to the impound lot. He then pronounces a rundown trailer with a fat cop inside ‘the inner circle’. Meanwhile, back at the pharmaceutical HQ, the boss is thrilled that Nancy landed Cornish. Later, back home, Nancy presents Jill with a stuffed koala bear.

The kids then tear through the kitchen as Jill is making dinner, breaking a bowl. Nancy then shouts at them to freeze. The smoke alarm goes off and Andy smashes it. Shane comes home in his police uniform and Silas comes in, demanding wine. Apparently, it’s time for family dinner. As a result, “Unfreeze” says Nancy. The episode ends at this point.