Threshold - Recap

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The episode begins with Silas and Nancy waiting to check the balance for LaPlante Industries opened yesterday. He wanted to call it Silation. There's been one deposit for $350,000, they discover. Andy carries his new wife Joanna across the threshold. She's ready to make it official. He thinks she means sex; she instead updates her Facebook status. Now she wants to introduce him to her roommates. Nancy and Rabbi David finish up having sex in a park. She has brought a picnic, but it’s not kosher. She then calls herself a "bad rabbi's girlfriend" and he balks. He notes that her not being Jewish is a problem, but he's willing to find a solution.

He invites her to Sabbath dinner at his house to meet his friends. Doug takes his homeless people to a hotel and distributes snack food. He waits to be thanked. They instead order porn. Angela and Shane hunt down the impounded Ferrari and find a man with his head in another man's lap. He needs to take the car back to the impound lot and she needs her gun back. Shane Tasers them both, in order to get the job done. At home, Silas wants LaPlante money to start growing. But Nancy isn't planning on spending any of it. Angela and Shane hold Gus and Jock at gun point when Gus' girlfriend walks up and wonders why Jock's pants are down. She then in a fit of anger throws a brick at the Ferrari's windshield.

Andy tries to entertain Joanna's roommates, but they're more interested in their Twitter feeds. She suggests they go to a 80s party with day glow and bad music, because all of that was the essence of the 80s. Andy though, is aware of their age difference. At dinner with David's friends, they seem to like her immediately. They mention a new sushi place with just one option, and rave about the idea of not having to make choices and just knowing you're getting something good. They invite her to their cottage next weekend. David tries to find an out for her, but she accepts. She goes for wine and sees a picture of him and his wife on the fridge.

A guest comes in and explains that the picture is from two years ago and Nancy is the first woman he's dated since his wife died 15 months ago. Silas packs up his plants from Smith Johnson, but gets busted walking out. He's fired. Shane and Angela drive the car back to the lot, but he get pulled over for speeding. Nancy hides out in the kitchen. David finds her. She excuses herself from the cottage because she can tell he doesn't want her to go. She mentions how recently his wife died and then tells him she doesn't think he's ready. She can't remember how long it took her to get to where she is after Judah. He tells her he took her showing up in her pool naked, as a sign.

He points out he doesn't even know where she's from or what she does. "Detroit. And I sell pot," she tells him. She then excuses herself and leaves. Back home, Andy tries to convince himself that he hasn't made a huge mistake, saying they still have things in common. Like children. "Yea, as long as someone else is growing them," Joanna cracks. She says she wants children in like "a bajillion" years, eight or 10. She's only 22; she's not ready to be a mom, she tells him clearly. She married him because she thought it'd be "fun" and Andy reminds her of her dad. At the hotel, Doug leads the homeless in a therapy session, including some "healing yells". Monica the hotel manager comes by to check on the noise. Doug invites her to join them. Silas tells Andy about getting fired.

"I got married this morning," Andy shares. Nancy comes home and sees Joanna in her tub. She introduces herself as Andy's wife. Nancy goes outside and kisses him congratulations. Andy then explains his marriage. "Fresh blueberries and young eggs; I completely ignored the 22 miles of railroad between us. She's hopping aboard and I'm already at the second stop, ticket punched. Two trains, even if they're on the same track, they will not meet," he explains. Nancy later tells them she may have broken up with a rabbi tonight, she isn't clear. She also tells them about confessing to selling pot. Silas points out, she doesn't anymore. "You're half pharma rep, half quasi-managerial hanger oner with a tobacco company. There's no pot selling there," he says. "Eff that," Nancy says, walking away with purpose.

Silas worries it means she's thinking. Andy Googles his old rabbinical teacher girlfriend, Yael. With his new bride asleep in bed, he pauses to enjoy her photos by unzipping his pants. The next morning, Silas comes downstairs. Nancy gets off the phone and announces she just quit Smith Johnson. Silas then tells Nancy he was fired. She reveals that, she has been thinking about the tobacco money. She doesn't think they need to use all that to make tobacco happen, and feels they are missing out on the money to be made in retail.

She also doesn't like dispensaries. Instead, she wants to open somewhere bright and cherry with just one brand, theirs. Silas thinks the idea is not terrible. "It's good. Have faith," she tells him. The episode ends at this point.